You deserve freedom and confidence in your health! Illness should not be expected as you age! 

I guide busy professionals who have tried everything for low energy and sluggish metabolism get to the root of their health issues naturally so they can show up and make a huge impact in the world.

You deserve freedom and confidence in your health! Illness should not be expected as you age! 

I guide busy professionals who have tried everything for low energy and slow metabolism to balance their hormones naturally so they can show up and make a huge impact in the world.

Live Happy, Healthy, Whole

Hi, I’m Chelsie!

I know you were created to make a huge impact in this world and I also know it’s hard for you to do that if you’re not feeling up to it.

Do you ever wish someone would take the time to listen to your story? After all, if you’re not being heard, how can you expect to heal?

My passion for natural healing and wholeness started with my own poor health – even as a medical professional. My sickness drove me to do intense research into how the body works, how food is medicine, and how God designed our bodies to heal themselves.

Our bodies tell a unique story, and when we listen, the body tells us what it needs to heal.

Using a mind, body, and spirit approach—we can heal from the inside out.

Experience Optimal Health Now!

Get Your Signed Copy Now!

You’ve likely focused on alleviating symptoms without addressing the root cause.

In Healed His Way, you’ll learn an approach to health and healing that takes into account the entire person.

Timeless principles have helped thousands of others, like you now live a life of health, no matter the illness.

Chelsie’s careful research and experience as a nurse makes her material trustworthy. Her own testimony provides credibility for her health choices, and her clear communication style makes her material approachable.

-Wendy K. Walters

Chelsie is transparent, raw, and real which unlocks major breakthrough.  God has not only healed Chelsie, but has given her countless tools and strategies for your success!

-Hilary Lynne

I have known Chelsie for several years, and she is not only my role model but also my subject matter expert when it comes to clean eating and healthy living. I’m excited that she put her real-life experiences and lessons into this book, so that all who read it can reap the benefits.

-Edie Allen

Work With Chelsie

You want results, and that starts with getting serious about your goals, believing it’s possible for you, getting to the root of YOUR unique problem, and hiring a mentor who was once JUST LIKE YOU!

You’ll learn to:


so it can function at its potential and give you freedom from cravings and uncertainty in what to eat without following a one size fits all approach.



 using advanced test you can do at home to improve hormones, immune health, digestion, lack of energy, sleepless nights, brain fog, bloating, allergies, and much more.


and honor your body’s needs so it will honor you back as well as create peace with your past so you can move forward in joy and happiness.

Praise for Working with Chelsie

Bought my first pair of single-digit jeans in 17 years!

God brought this beautiful lady in my life when I was stuck in my health. I was beginning to feel the symptoms of menopause and my weight wasn’t moving. I read her book, messaged her, and she answered all my questions, and then some. My jean size hasn’t been in the single digits in 17 years, until now! If you feel like this and are struggling with weight and low energy, then she is the answer. I feel better, have more energy, and can even keep up with my teens, and live my dreams. Chelsie is an amazing woman who is patient and is your biggest cheerleader. She will help you and love you through. Reach out to her if you are ready to change your life. You’re the best, Chelsie!


80% reduction in inflammation and no more pain!

When I started with Chelsie, my goal was to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and get rid of joint pain. I have lost weight and kept it off. I no longer have knee pain. My hormones are more balanced and I have 80% less inflammation! My greatest accomplishment has been feeling better and feeling like there is hope in my situation. Chelsie is down to earth, honest, never brutal and always loving! She’ll empathize but challenge excuses – which is perfect. Working with Chelsie has given me the ability to not only gain education but also take action. She gave me a specific plan that was catered to my needs and wants. It is totally worth the investment.


This woman is a true gift.

I can absolutely testify that this woman is a true gift from God. After working with her for a month, I started to see some big victories – down 1 pant size and seeing a weight on the scale I hadn’t seen in a long time. I completely quit sodas, processed food, and I feel BETTER than I ever remember. Has it been easy? No! But change is usually a process. If you’re looking for the missing piece and need a guide, contact Chelsie!


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