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Chelsie Ward has a background in applied behavior analysis. Her study of the psychology of the mind has helped her devise successful behavioral intervention techniques to help others succeed in reaching their health and wellness goals. Her career as a nurse (BSN, RN) has given her extensive insight into the conventional Western approach to health care and see firsthand the negative, systemic effects to our bodies caused by the food industry and big pharma.

Chelsie walked through her own experience of enduring a season of prolonged sickness where everything she knew was challenged and nothing she tried worked. Her physicians focused on and treated her symptoms without addressing the root causes of her illness. This sparked an interest in her to find answers, not just treatment.

Chelsie has a passion for natural healing and wholeness. This passion has driven her to intense research into how the body works, how food is medicine, and how God designed our bodies to heal themselves. Her focus is on wholeness—spirit, soul, and body.

An ordained minister with Joan Hunter Ministries, Chelsie believes in the power of supernatural healing and the importance of stewardship over the body as a resource given by God. She is filled with energy, speaks positive words, and lives in joy! Chelsie coaches others into a lifestyle of prayer, quality nutrition, movement, and excercise to walk in wellness and experience wholeness.

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God created your body with an amazing capacity to heal itself when you give it what it needs.

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