5 Simple Steps To Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

5 Simple Steps To Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

With the new year settling in and sugary holidays right around the corner (cough Valentine’s Day), let’s talk about your blood sugar.

Has your doctor ever told you that you are insulin resistant?

Or maybe that same doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes?

Regardless of whether you answered, yes or no, imbalanced blood sugar is no joke.

When I was 7 years old, I occasionally fainted in the middle of a normal task – for what seemed like no good reason. However, one morning, my mom called for an ambulance after seeing me passed out on the bathroom floor while getting ready for school. The doctors diagnosed me with hypoglycemia – or low blood sugar.

While that diagnosis was shocking, what they told me next was even scarier. The doctors told me that I would develop diabetes by the age of 30. My grandmother became a diabetic at age 30. And I watched how it destroyed so much of her life. The doctors didn’t tell her what to do or how to change her outcome. Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t tell me how to avoid diabetes either (and I want to shed light on for you today).

Different Types of Diabetes

Before we move on, you need to know that there are two types of diabetes that may impact you if your blood sugar is unbalanced.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an immune response that kills the insulin-producing cells of your pancreas. In order to survive, a type 1 diabetic is required to take insulin every day. The body cannot produce that hormone – insulin. It’s not to say they can’t improve their life with proper nutrition and lifestyle behaviors, but they will still need medication for the rest of their lives.

Type 2 Diabetes

The other type has received a lot of attention throughout the pandemic in its relation to COVID infections and deaths. Type 2 diabetes – the most common type – is a serious epidemic that affects more than 29 million people in the United States today.

A person gets type 2 diabetes when the glucose in their blood is elevated for a prolonged period of time. As a result, there is a dysfunction in the insulin and leptin hormones.

Western Medicine Says You Can’t Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Both types of diabetes cause issues in every organ system of the body.

Although science has come a long way in helping us understand the cause and prevention, there is still a lot of outdated information circling around out there. And unfortunately, your own doctor may be a culprit of spreading this misinformation. The so-called trusted sources they rely on, like the American Diabetes Association, may also be leading you down the wrong path.

Many are diagnosed with diabetes and are told they have to take medication for the rest of their life.

The truth is, mainstream medicine is getting it all wrong.

Diabetes is a lifestyle condition. While it can get worse as we age, there are also preventive and corrective measures we can take. .

Rather watch a 12 minute video with the same information….

Lies Western Medicine Tells You About Your Diabetes Diagnosis

Here are a few lies you’ve most likely been told about your diabetes diagnosis.

Lie #1: You’ll Need To Take Medications Forever.

One of the biggest lies is that you’ll need medication forever, and you will continue to get worse with age. Why are you told this lie? Medical schools and the American Diabetes Association continue to teach this to the next generation of medical professionals. What is not taught is how taking a functional approach with nutrition, exercising, sleeping, reducing stress, removing toxins, and taking the right supplements can completely reverse diabetes.

Of course, this requires that a person continues healthy lifestyle habits, but it’s much better than being sick with a disease that can negatively impact every organ system in the body.

Lie #2: Diabetes Is Genetic.

Another lie is that diabetes is genetic. While diabetes can run in your family and can play a small role in the diseases we inherit, disease processes like diabetes develop because of environmental factors that run in families. This includes diet, toxic habits, viruses, chronic stress, lack of exercise, or other negative lifestyle factors.

As a health and wellness coach, I work with people regularly who reverse diabetes naturally. And I’m living proof blood sugar balance can happen naturally as well!

Lie #3 Medications Stabilize Your Blood Sugar.

Doctors will tell you that medications can stabilize your blood sugar so it’s nothing to worry about. Medications deal with symptoms of the disease, but they never address the underlying cause. This means they are masking the actual problem.

Has your doctor ever told you to watch your sugar intake and take your medication accordingly? And if your sugar is too high you may need a bigger dose?

Is that logically a way to treat anything?

It’s kind of like approaching it as if it were a headache. Skip your Tylenol if you don’t have a headache. Take it if you do.

But diabetes is much more serious than a little headache in most cases.

You will never resolve the problem by covering up the symptom. This is true for any disease process! And this is why conventional medicine gets chronic disease wrong so many times. Blood sugar imbalance means there is a dysfunction in the body somewhere. When you bring hormones into balance and address things like weight gain, inflammation, and other disease processes, the blood sugar can naturally come into balance as well.

5 Steps To Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If you’ve been told you have insulin resistance or diabetes, where do you go from here?

First, know that when you are taking medication for diabetes, this can cause the body to store extra sugar as fat. This will lead to weight gain and cardiovascular problems as well as other health conditions.

Then, diabetic patients spend about $13,000 per year on medical supplies alone. You’re much better off working to heal your body naturally if you’re concerned about the financial impact. So this would be a good time to contact someone like me to allow us to save you a little bit of money this year and give you an opportunity to actually live a healthier life.

1. Consume The Right Types of Carbohydrates

Make sure you’re consuming the right types of carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates and simple sugars (i.e. processed foods) are going to cause your insulin to rise faster.

Foods higher in fiber, like non-starchy vegetables, actually slow the rate at which insulin is raised.

Eating a large meal can also cause a surge in insulin.

When you learn to balance your plate appropriately with the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins for your unique metabolism, you will stabilize blood sugar.

If you don’t have it, download my free guide created to help you learn how to eat right for your unique metabolism. Stabilize your energy, mood, and crush food cravings today!

2. Get In Shape

Have you heard the phrase, New Year, new me? The beginning of a year is one where people usually make a mad rush to the gym.

Why do they do that? Because exercise is good for you. If you want to manage your blood sugar, move your body. Exercise creates healthy stress on the body (as long as you’re not overdoing it). It’s one of the most powerful ways to lower leptin and insulin resistance.

Why is this important?

After you eat, insulin transports blood sugar to your fat cells and activates their metabolism, producing the hormone leptin. Leptin signals to the brain that you are full when you’ve eaten enough. It also tells your pancreas to stop producing insulin.

When there is excess amounts of blood sugar, it will eventually be stored as fat. And you will see an elevation in triglycerides. This leads to leptin resistance – which prevents your brain from getting the message that says “I’m full”. The more you eat, the more your triglycerides increase. And the more weight you gain.

So, start moving your body!

3. Sleep Properly

Get proper sleep. I talk about this a lot, but people think sleep isn’t important. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Your body goes through a natural detoxification process through the night. This is why sleep is so important!

Liver detox starts at about 11 p.m. according to Chinese medicine. When there is an imbalance in blood sugar and fat begins to accumulate, it causes damage to the liver. This fat will clog up the liver’s metabolism and reduce its ability to store sugar.

This results in high blood sugar spikes. Many times, those highs cause you to crash between meals, which also leads to you feeling hangry (hungry and angry). This is also why you can wake up with a very high fasting blood sugar level.

Rest is super important to allow the body to heal itself naturally. Your body will go through natural detoxification processes if you are setting yourself up with good sleep habits.

4. Simplify Your Life

Simplify your life, and take a little time for yourself. Stress reduction practices like taking a walk in nature, hugs, laughter, or nurturing positive relationships will take you a long way when it comes to your health.

How does this balance blood sugar?

Very simple. Stress can actually drive up blood sugar and the body.

So focus on yourself this week and start to reduce your stress.

5. Consume The Right Supplements

Take a good multi-vitamin with minerals and/or a healthy green supplement every day. These minerals and nutrients support healthy blood sugar levels.

You also want to make sure that you’re eating nutrient-dense foods instead of white processed foods. If you’re struggling with that, using something like a delicious green powder to help you get in some additional nutrition can go a long way and even help you fight those cravings that lead to further blood sugar and balances.

Need More Support To Balance Your Blood Sugar?

Balancing your blood sugar is just one part of the equation. As a health and wellness coach, I help people just like you find a path towards healing. If you’re ready to reclaim your life, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.

Have 2021 Weight Goals? Focus On Your Health Instead

Have 2021 Weight Goals? Focus On Your Health Instead

Do you have big 2021 weight goals?

But have you been on a yo-yo diet year after year, gaining a little progress, and then ending up where you started or in a worse place?

You’re not alone.

I have these conversations with my clients every single day.

And believe it or not, I was once in their shoes. I was once a chronic dieter in my twenties (and perhaps even younger) – always reaching for that next diet that would help me lose that extra 10 pounds. There was always a better answer, or so I thought.

I would cut calories, only to end up binging when I reached the point of starvation after so much self-deprivation. I was around for the low fat, no fat movement. And you bet I made all those swaps in my pantry too – falsely believing that eating fat made me fat.

And I would set unrealistic goals for myself to reach a certain body weight by a certain date and would go on these extreme cleanses like the cayenne pepper and lemon water fast. Yuck!

Even when I gave it my best, I would lose a few pounds and gain them right back in less time.

My mind constantly questioned my weight. I didn’t like the way I looked. My thighs were too big. My body was too puffy. And funnily enough, I thought the amount I weighed was important to other people too.

And even worse than that, I didn’t feel good about myself. I lacked confidence. My anxiety about what others were thinking of me kept me under pressure all the time.

I was seeking perfection (which heads up, doesn’t exist).

And honestly, I was never really bad overweight.

Most people would probably tell you I wasn’t overweight at all. And it probably had a lot to do with insecurities. But after battling this for so many years, I finally realized the reason I wasn’t able to manage my weight better had a lot to do with the fact that I was trying way too hard to lose weight.

Weight Loss Is A Side Effect Of Health

If you get nothing else from this blog today, I want you to know that weight loss is a side effect of health.

If we focus on the weight and how to get it off, then we can actually make things worse. We destroy our metabolism in the process with these fads. While they may give us results in the beginning, they turn out to be super unhealthy in the end.

One of the best things I ever did for myself was throw out the calorie counting apps and the scale.

I was so tired of trying to figure out whether or not I was in a calorie deficit, then looking at the scale to see the number didn’t budge after all of my hard work. I started to wonder whether or not I would ever be happy with my weight.

Everyone else counted calories and it seemed to work for them.

How can millions of people have calorie counting apps downloaded and they don’t seem to work for me?

And why am I doing all the right things and the scale seems to go in the opposite direction?

Part of the problem is… You’re focusing on the problem.

I believe wherever you put your focus, it grows. And if you’re constantly focusing on your waistline, then maybe you’re causing it to grow.

While that may be stretching the truth a little bit, it makes you think.

Sometimes, we need to let go of things and relax if we want to see change.

Why Is It Important To You To Lose Weight?

So I want you to ask yourself a question today… Why is it so important that you lose weight?

I remember having this ideal body in mind. I even put photos on my devices of other people with similar bodies to strive towards. And I would go to the gym to half kill myself. Then I ended up sabotaging myself by filling up on food that didn’t really take me closer to my goals.

This is really easy to do when you don’t understand why you’re doing it in the first place.

When I dug a little bit deeper, I found that I was struggling so much because I didn’t really know why I wanted the physique I saw in the photo.

Perfection was part of it.

But I didn’t really understand why it was important to me until I started digging a little deeper. And then I realized, the biggest thing I wanted was confidence. I had been insecure about my weight my whole life, but my weight wasn’t the real issue. It was insecurity in me, and showing myself to the world. I felt like I would have more confidence to be who I wanted to be in front of other people if I could put my best face and my best body forward.

Rather watch a 10 minute video with the same information….
Have 2021 Weight Goals? Focus On Your Health Instead

Underlying Health Issues

I tried everything I needed to get that perfect body! But I didn’t realize at the time that I had underlying health issues that were actually keeping me from reaching my goals.

Stress & Anxiety

I was suffering from stress and anxiety because of the hormone imbalances causing shifts in my mood and energy.

I was holding onto belly bloat and constant tummy issues because I had a sluggish liver, parasites, and bacteria and yeast overgrowth. And I wasn’t consuming the right diet for me. I was focusing on all of the foods that others were telling me I should eat on all these fad diets instead of focusing on the foods that my metabolism needed.

You need a you-centric diet. Not an everyone-centric diet. You are not everyone.

When I began to work on myself from the inside and started to heal some of these underlying health issues, my weight began to stabilize and I was able to maintain a healthy weight by living a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Disorders

The truth is, I even battled with eating disorders. And there was a time when I became so malnourished that I was unable to gain weight.

And you’d think after all those years of wishing I could lose weight that I would be happy. But the problem is, I felt horrible. I suffered from adrenal fatigue, a non-functioning gallbladder, and nonexistent hormones. Yep! I was in perimenopause at the age of 27.

And I was still not maintaining my weight, even with a hypoactive thyroid.

I was always told that it would get more difficult as I got older, but you are not designed to have weight and metabolism issues for the rest of your life. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of time and investigation to figure everything out.

I’ve worked with people who have lost weight without counting a single calorie or spending hours in the gym. Want a sneak peek into what I offer my clients? Access my free food guide here to help you navigate eating for your metabolism.

Investigating Your Health

Finding health all comes down to investigation, using the right lab tests, and identifying where your body is imbalanced. And when you support the imbalance, the body will begin to heal naturally. And weight loss just happens.

Some of the areas that cause people to gain weight are underlying hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy, or nervous system imbalances.

Unfortunately, the standard blood tests your doctor runs will not usually pick up these imbalances because they aren’t looking at what’s happening in the body from a functional level. They are looking to diagnose or treat specific diseases. And if their lab tests don’t reveal enough information to provide you with a diagnosis, then you end up leaving with more questions than you have answers. Those doctors don’t believe you’re sick.

A person’s weight is one thing that can give us insight into how well these systems are working together. When it comes to your weight, there’s much more to the story than diet and exercise alone.

I encourage you to start with a lifestyle of balancing your energy, weight, and metabolism. And when these things are not enough, then send me a message and let me know that you’re ready to dive in to do a little bit of functional lab testing.

5 Things To Meet Your 2021 Weight Goals

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. But I can attest from my own experience that when you focus on your health first, you’ll meet your 2021 weight goals (within reason). In the meantime, here are a couple of things you can do to start heading in the right direction:  

  1. Clean up your diet by removing inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, alcohol, and hydrogenated fats. If you want the secret to feeling satisfied, energized, and uplifted after meals, download my free guide here
  1. Move your body for at least 20 minutes a day. The best exercise is the one you are actually going to do, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do an outrageous workout. 
  1. Implement a 10 p.m. bedtime. Your body needs rest to recover and prepare you for the next day.  
  1. Do something every day to practice mindfulness whether that be prayer, meditation, yoga, or deep breathing
  1. Support your body with a good quality multivitamin that includes antioxidants. 

If you do these consistently for 30 days and you’re not seeing any changes in your body, you may need to dig a little deeper to see what’s going on. I support people just like you with energy, weight, and metabolism issues by helping you gain access to the right lab test and resources. My goal is to see you shine with the confidence and energy needed to live your best life! 

Before you head off to conquer 2021, download my free food guide here.  

Happy New Year! 

The Missing Connection To Your Physical Health

The Missing Connection To Your Physical Health

This time of year, we tend to lose focus on the things that really matter. There are so many other things happening – family gatherings, holiday shopping, closing out the year strong.

But this time of the year is a fantastic time to refocus on your goals.

When was the last time you thought about your goals?

It’s often said, the things you think about regularly become your reality .

Recently, I had to remind myself of that saying because my enemies, negative thoughts, and worries started to creep in.

This happens to the best and worst of us – even if we do practice mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis.

There’s a missing connection to your physical health that you may often ignore.

Your mind.

There’s a reason why I intentionally block out time every morning to meditate and plan out my day to help me reach my goals. It’s also why I’m careful about who I surround myself with on a daily basis. I want to make sure I’m choosing people who live life in a super positive light.

Case Study: The Impact Of Your Thoughts On Your Health

One of my clients started her health journey two years ago. She was sitting on the couch staring into her phone all day long, gaining weight, entering into menopause, and had no energy. It took all her energy to peel herself off the couch to cook dinner for her kids and husband. To be honest, life was looking a little bleak for my client. And her attitude towards life was less than lovely.

Unfortunately, her hormones were out of control and impacted her life greatly. She wasn’t pleasant to live with. But she’s not the only one to experience what that feels like.

Focusing On Your Physical Health

Fast forward to 2 years later… She started focusing on her physical health and is living an amazing life now. She’s lost her excess body fat, working out on a regular basis, eating organic foods, and serving healthy meals to her family with joy. She’s an entrepreneur and ministering to those in need. It truly is a life she could only dream of from her couch just a couple of years ago.

She called me recently and wanted to talk about her health. She’s been on a protocol to help balance a little issue with her gut and hormones. We’ve been using an amazing protocol to shrink some little tumors. What a miracle!

(Want to experience a transformation like this? Schedule a discovery call with me today. )

But a few days before we spoke on the phone, she sent me photos of her weight gain. She even felt like her tumor was growing. It was difficult to tell though because she felt so bloated and distended.

During our call, I could hear the distress in her voice.

Now the cleanse protocol she was on was a doozy! She was getting rid of some pretty nasty bugs, and her body was feeling it.

I had to ask some tough questions.

What do you want?

Do you want your tumors to shrink or grow?

Or do you want to lose more weight and set a new goal for that?

Do you believe you are actually setting yourself up to gain weight when you feel like you’re doing everything right?

And she began to tell me the areas where she felt like she was slacking off. These weren’t major things, but they could have been playing a role.

But the biggest thing I noticed is that she felt defeated. She felt like she had been putting all the right things in, but she just wasn’t making any progress.

Rather watch an 11 minute video with the same information….

Recommendations To Get Mental Health Back Into Health

I see this same story over and over with my clients. Here’s what I recommended: do the things you know to do.

If you’re walking less and it was working for you to walk more, then walk more.

If you slacked off on your water intake, then you know what to do. Drink more water.

And if you’re doing a gut cleansing protocol and you’re not working on your gut from the outside by doing things like castor oil packs and coffee enemas, then hop to it! I know it’s not fun, but it’s a small part of the process that is going to get you amazing results.

But the biggest piece of advice I gave her was this…Focus on what you want; not what you currently have. See yourself without these tumors and these bugs.

Focus On What You Want

What would your life look like if you didn’t have tumors? If you didn’t have the excess inflammation and body fat you want to get rid of?

And when those negative thoughts arise, do you have something you can actually grab hold of and believe in? To replace those negative thoughts?

What is one positive thing you can say?

For my client, she can say…I’m shrinking my tumors every day. I’m getting rid of toxins and inflammation everyday. I am reaching my health goals… Fill in the blank for yourself here. What are the things you want in your life?

Within a few days, she called me absolutely astonished.

There was one day when she didn’t feel her best and felt like she was drained of her energy. But she said she could not believe how many toxins her mind could hold onto in the form of physical toxins in her body. “I’m actually reaching my goals by just shifting my thoughts.”

When you practice managing your mind, you are going to create the future you want.

Here’s the thing…

Your thoughts are going to show up in your life.

And your thoughts determine your beliefs.

Your beliefs determine your actions.

And your actions determine your results.

So if your thought life is not what it needs to be, I want you to practice shifting that today. Because you can have what you believe. And I’ll take it a step further and say you will have what you believe. It’s a well-proven strategy.

Missing Connection To Your Physical Health

If you’re looking for similar results to this in your life, this is the kind of work I do with my clients – helping you find the missing connection to your physical health.

It’s not all about supplements, lab tests, and eating the right foods.

It’s about helping you create your future in your mind so you can have it in reality.

And if that’s your missing piece, then maybe I’m your missing connection. If you think that’s the case, then reach out and schedule a discovery call. I’d love to chat!

We all need people who will call us out when we’re not doing the things we should be; when we’re living too much in our head, worrying, trying to figure out everything logically, it just doesn’t work. We have to set ourselves up for success by managing our minds first. Then we can make those a part of our reality

Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

Your body is an amazing piece of machinery.

It’s composed of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical components that are all interconnected.

You may not be able to see how amazing your body is right now because you’re suffering. Instead, you may see a picture filled with prescription drugs, specialists, and treatments offered by caring medical professionals.

The problem and the fallacy of approved medical protocols is that these medical professionals are not viewing you as a whole person.

Where We’ve Gone Wrong: Not Seeing Our Bodies As Whole

Not only is your physical body not being viewed as a whole by caring and well-intended medical professionals, but they often don’t take into consideration your emotional component. Unfortunately, if your doctor considers the emotional side, they will likely refer you to a specialist, who has little or no communication with your general medical practitioner.

Then there’s your spiritual component. No one in the medical community even starts that conversation or looks down that avenue. It’s almost an alien term to most of the world today; however, it carries a lot of weight in your overall health.

Not seeing our bodies as a whole is why we’ve gone down the wrong path for our health.

Case Study

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, I usually write from a place of positivity and light. However, I wrote this case study from a place of anger, sadness, and disgust.

Over a month ago, a friend went in for a simple one-day procedure. However, days went by where she could not walk, and it was obvious she was being affected neurologically.

She messaged me and told me about her brain fog, constant crying episodes, inability to perform daily tasks, and how humbling it was for someone else to take care of her daily needs.

This was totally unlike her. Before surgery, she was a very independent woman, running a business, and a very successful entrepreneur. This level of function (or inability to function) is now her everyday life. She called her doctor and asked what she should do. They told her to go to the emergency room because she was “likely having a stroke”.

Thankfully, my friend knew that was not the case.

Rather watch a 12 minute video with the same information….

Toxicity From Medicine

What modern medicine doesn’t tell patients is how toxic the medication required for surgery is. As a result, many patients experience toxin burden due to the anesthesia. Medical doctors simply don’t know what effects the toxicity has or what to do about it. They aren’t trained on how to prevent or fix it. They are trained to do surgery – not the follow-up of potential neurological complications.

If your surgery is done by a gynecologist, they have no idea what to do with your brain. So your next step is to visit the hospital again and find a doctor that can help you.

After visiting the hospital, she brought me her lab results. Her liver and kidneys were taxed, her electrolytes were completely off, and even her blood sugar was at rock bottom.

The list of medications from a simple one-day surgery that was pumped into this lady’s body filled an entire page. She was devastated and said, “no wonder I feel the way I do; I was poisoned”. The truth is, she was. And this happens every single day in the lives of so many people.

After a few days of working to detox the body, bind up chemicals, and purge them from the body, my friend’s symptoms began to dissipate. This was not an overnight journey, and there is quite a road ahead for her to reach full recovery, but it is possible when these poisons are purged from the body.

The Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

My point boils down to the fallacy of approved medical protocols, where there is no follow-up to do any sort of body cleanup.

Detoxification is critical in moments like this, which is why there is such a need for functional medicine.

Functional Medicine

As a trained registered nurse, I’m not against traditional medicine. But we need to begin to partner together to help our clients/patients heal their bodies and use functional and conventional approaches together to give people the best chance of recovery possible.

As someone working in the functional health space, I witness miracles every day. I watch the health of those I serve (like my friend) radically take a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people will never encounter this type of work. And many of those who do, don’t take it seriously. No, your insurance will not cover it. Yes, it will require a commitment on your end. And yes, there is an investment of your time, energy, and money.

The omission of practical Functional Health Care is an outright disgrace, yet it is the most effective way to relieve certain conditions. This issue is not one that will change anytime soon.

Big Pharma

Big Pharma spends billions of dollars on the best advertising companies to influence the general population that drugs are the only option for most health issues. But these same drugs have a whole host of serious and harmful side effects. Just listen to a couple of pharmaceutical commercials! Often, the side effects description uses more time in the advert than the benefits of the medication.

What gives me hope is to see a growing population of discerning people who see through the smoke and mirrors of the big Pharma movement.

Looking Outside The Traditional Medical Model

This dissatisfied and discerning group of people are the ones searching the internet, reading books, and taking authority over their own health by looking for answers outside of traditional medical model surgeries and drugs.

Are you willing to be that person?

I realized almost 10 years ago I was willing to give up anything to get well. That is what introduced me to this field. I studied everything I could get my hands on, believing there was a way out of my suffering.

When I started studying, it was like someone turned on a light switch for me. Somehow, I began to view the diagnosis and treatments in a different light. The diagnosis was simply a set of symptoms with a title.

But what was causing those symptoms?

That is the question I began to investigate in my life and the one I investigate in the lives of those I encounter on a daily basis. I can no longer stand to watch people come in with autoimmune disease, obesity, chronic pain, and so many other conditions and not get the help they are so desperately praying for.

My mission is to be that beam of hope.

To dig into the research to find proven answers for these conditions.

I wrote Healed His Way because I felt it was my duty to let people know of my newfound knowledge. The human body is truly amazing when we give it what it needs.

What Are You Missing Today To Put Together Your Health Puzzle?

Over the years, I’ve learned that most of my clients are missing one or more of the following when they finally reach out to me.

  • Failure to address the underlying root
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to eating right for your specific body type
  • The need to investigate hidden stress in the body
  • Mental and emotional blocks to healing
  • Not having the right mentor and health advocate to help you sift through loads of misinformation

Over the past 16 years, I’ve studied the human body from all these angles to avoid the fallacy of approved medical protocols. If you need help with any of those, I’m here for you. Book your free discovery call today, and reclaim your health!

The #1 Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Healing

The #1 Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Healing

Every single day, I talk with clients about their health journey. And they all have this one thing standing in the way of their healing.

Can you guess what that is?

It’s YOU.

That’s right. You are in the way of your own healing.

And today, I want to share with you a client’s story who was willing to risk everything to get well.

The Client Who Risked Everything For Healing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the most amazing client over the past six months or so. You see… She came to me with a whole host of health issues – severe allergic reactions, PCOS, chronic pain… Medications and doctor visits were running (and ruining) her life.

Like many of my clients, she was career-driven. But her finances were lacking.

We talked about the things she needed to get her health in order. She needed a nutrition makeover, food sensitivity testing, digestion work, detox, and a big immune boost!

Unfortunately, all the options we presented her with didn’t meet her budget.

The amazing thing is she didn’t let herself get in the way of her healing.

You see… The #1 thing standing in the way of your healing is… YOU.

My client didn’t stand in her way. Instead, she decided to invest even though the odds were against her. And thankfully PayPal financing was there! Six months of no interest financing got her exactly what she needed to meet herself where she was.

That’s what happens when you choose to put yourself first. You find a way and make it happen.

Investing Further In Her Health

Six months into her program, she decided she wanted to take her healing journey to another level. She had experienced a taste of good health. Because she now had the energy, vitality, confidence, strength, and determination, her improving health impacted more than just her healing… Her business was booming!

When she was ready to invest further and do additional lab testing to peel back additional layers of her “onion”, she had the finances to support her.

Rather watch a 6 minute video with the same information….
Rather watch a 6 minute video with the same information?
The #1 thing standing in the way of your healing is… YOU. Learn how to prioritize your healing – even if the finances or time aren’t there.

Her Multi-Pronged Approach to Healing

Healing doesn’t come in one simple plan. It’s a multi-pronged approach that takes into account everything – your family history, your lifestyle, your genetics, and your environment.

Lab Testing & Investigation

As a Registered Nurse, I like to look at the facts. What is going on with your body? That’s why I start with functional lab testing to discover what is currently happening. Some of these tests include a gut health test, food sensitivity test, and the Dutch test (hormone). I evaluate what your current levels are, why they are at those levels, and what type of detox protocol you need. These tests are used to dive a little deeper into the underlying cause of your symptoms.

In addition to the lab testing, I investigate your history and daily lifestyle. Does your family have a history of thyroid cancer? Do you live a primarily sedentary life because your work demands it? Those are all things that impact your health.

Mental & Physical Cleanup

My favorite part of being a health and wellness coach is to take my clients through detox. We not only improve your nutrition, digestion, and inflammation, but we also work on your emotional health too. You see… There’s malfunction in your health. It’s my job to investigate, discover, and show you how to naturally heal that malfunction.

Hormone Balance

Your hormones impact every area of your health. If your hormones are imbalanced, it can wreak havoc on your reproductive health, energy levels, and weight (among other areas). That’s why part of my protocol for my clients is getting their hormones back into balance.

Multiply Your Investment In Yourself

As I’ve coached many women just like this client, I’ve learned this…

When you invest in yourself (even from a financial standpoint), that payoff is multiplied back to you.

Are you willing to invest in…?

  • Your cable TV every month
  • That $5+ latte from Starbucks everyday
  • The new iPhone 12

Those “necessary” purchases are eating away your opportunity to find healing. Are you willing to give up those luxuries to invest in yourself?

If the answer is “yes”, then let’s chat about a custom path to your healing.

But if your answer is “no”, then you may be the #1 thing standing in the way of your healing.

I’ve worked with clients like this over and over from a budgeting standpoint. The truth is… When you’re willing to give up the things you don’t need for the life you want, you’ll get exactly what you deserve.

You don’t deserve because you’re human…

You deserve what you earn.

If you feel like you deserve good health, then you’re going to have to do what it takes to earn it.

If this message hits home for you, reach out to me. I’ll do what I can to give you the tools you need to be successful as long as you’ll meet me in the middle and do your part too.