Start Relying on God-Given Medicine For Your Healing

Start Relying on God-Given Medicine For Your Healing

There’s a subject I’m pretty passionate about, but I don’t talk about it often.

You see, I’m saddened by the state of health people are in. I see the desperation in their eyes and hear it in their voice.

And every single day, I talk to people who will do anything for their health. It’s so ingrained in our behaviors; even my clients are looking for the next pill to solve their problems instead of giving the body the time it needs to heal. We have a “hurry up” mentality when it comes to everyday life. And we expect that with our health as well.

But that mentality gets us in a lot of trouble.

We’re willing to turn to supplements so quickly. And while they do help, they don’t fix the root cause of the problem.

We’ve gotten off-balance in our bodies due to poor nutrition, stress, toxins, bad relationships, poor sleep habits, and simply not taking care of ourselves as we should. We’ve let go of the simple practices in life that our ancestors held so dear and actually worked!

Instead of relying on God given medicine for our healing, we trust man’s medicine, the government, and the FDA.

We’re simply not taught how to care for our bodies. This lack of knowledge even extends into our medical schools. Medical schools teach med students why herbs don’t work, how they are harmful, and how pharmaceuticals are the answer.

What you don’t hear from people who use pharmaceuticals is that a certain drug gives them strength, vitality, confidence, freedom. Yet I hear those things every single day from people who are adopting natural health strategies.

The truth is… God created everything on this earth to heal our bodies. And you should start relying on God given medicine for your healing if you want to experience true freedom.

The Problem With Pharmaceuticals

The drugs created by pharmaceutical companies are typically designed to address one or more symptoms of a disease or condition. But they come with a whole slew of side effects. Consequently, doctors prescribe more drugs to treat the side effects of the first drug. It’s a never-ending cycle of covering up symptoms and side effects and not addressing the root cause of the issue.

While I can’t go against my clients’ desires, I watch those drugs or antibiotics destroy their gut and health. It’s a never-ending cycle of covering up symptoms and side effects and not addressing the root cause of the issue. Then they want a cure for the symptoms or side effects that come along with them. If you’ve been on antibiotics lately, you likely know the bad after-effects.

There is absolutely a time when pharmaceuticals may be necessary for healing. But I will say that sometimes we should allow nature to work and even use more gentle herbs to do the job. It may take it a little longer to get the results you’re searching for, but you’ll be much healthier.

Addressing The Body’s Imbalance

The difference is most pharmaceutical medications never address the imbalance in the body, which is something that God took care of for us when he created the earth. His medicines can bring balance back to the body.

In Exodus 15:26, the Lord says to the Israelites, “for I am the Lord, your healer.”

Did you know that pharmaceutical companies derive most of your medications from the things of this earth? They’ve just had their natural chemistry manipulated in a lab.

Do we really think we can do it better than the Creator of the universe?

The answer… No, we can’t do better (even if we try).

But when more money can be made or saved, it’s often done at the expense of people’s health. Your health.

I hope this doesn’t surprise you.

After all, we are a people of convenience these days. And it’s not just you who feels that way, wanting everything to happen yesterday. It’s even the big guys making all the decisions about your health.

Rather watch an 11 minute video with the same information….
Relying on God Given Medicine For Your Healing | Experience True Freedom

Relying on God Given Medicine For Your Healing

So it’s up to you to decide where you’re going to turn for healing. When you start relying on God given medicine for your healing, you’ll sidestep the pharmaceutical companies’ greed and see a bounty of freedom.

Unfortunately, natural medicine often fails… Not because it doesn’t work, but because people aren’t willing to change their lifestyle – the root of the disease process.

I work with forward-thinking people, busy professionals, and health-minded individuals (who have investigated natural health). But even my clients – among the general population – are still so conditioned to believe that the answer is in a magic pill. And they’re willing to spend thousands in that direction when the answer is not found in the pill alone.

So what is God given medicine?

It starts with your food.

Our God Given Food

Before I start working with my clients , I interview them to discover opportunities for healing. It’s interesting to find that there is so much willingness to simply ingest dietary supplements. Yet, there’s so much hesitancy around giving up convenience foods.

Microwave meals, fast food, and packaged meals… man-made convenience foods, not natural healthy foods.

And when you buy those packaged foods, they are likely filled with additives to extend the shelf life, colored dyes, and flavor enhancers like MSG. These things are literally exciting our cells to a premature death. It’s no wonder why we age early and have diseased organs.

There’s a big trade off when you consume convenience foods. You trade in your health and perhaps part of your lifetime.

We allow these companies to genetically engineer our foods (just like our medicines) and believe their pitch about “it’s to end world hunger.” Their priority isn’t to end world hunger or feed you healthy food. It’s to create more shareholder profit.

Non-Nutritious Food

Even the farmers that grow our foods are being fed lies by big companies and are using their manipulated seeds, which have destroyed their land for good, making it impossible to grow clean, healthy, organic produce on that abused land ever again.

The foods they produce lack nutrients. Then, they make it worse by using pest control chemicals that are poisons which ultimately destroy our guts. This is a devastating combination when you think about it.

Foods with less nutrients and poisons that destroy the villi (which are responsible for nutrient absorption) can only mean 1 thing – malnourished people – which leads to disease.

You may have heard the term “overfed and under-nourished.” People are becoming malnourished even when consuming a so-called “healthy diet.”

This even occurs when we eat whole foods. We may still need dietary supplements to boost our nutrient levels.

The truth is, you’re doing your body no good if you’re taking a bunch of supplements without the ability to absorb them. This is another conversation, but keep this in mind… It ALL starts with your gut.

Experiencing True Freedom With God’s Medicine

There is a great deceiver prowling amongst us.

And it is my mission to call out the lies and deception.

My hope is that you heed this warning before you end up as sick as I did, in need of significant repair.

If this message reaches you and you feel it’s too late, just know that the body is super intelligent. Even when damaged, there’s opportunities to improve your health and help you live your best life possible.

Learn about my coaching programs and how I help them transform their lives.

Chelsie Ward Wellness
Chelsie Ward Wellness

Loving Your Liver: 10 Clues It’s Time To Detox Your Liver

Loving Your Liver: 10 Clues It’s Time To Detox Your Liver

The liver is oftentimes the organ we forget.

We have all these symptoms, and we don’t think about how our environment impacts it.

So what does the liver do? Often, the liver is called the “grandfather organ”. It’s one of our organs responsible for detoxing our bodies from the things we eat to the air we breathe.

The liver takes on a lot of strenuous duties, which includes processing everyday lifestyle and nutritional choices. Often, the biggest contributor to strain on our liver is not the choices we make, but the toxic world we live in. The air we breathe is filled with toxins from our environment.

Outdoor pollution is bad enough, but what’s worse is the indoor pollution that contaminates your body.

Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with toxins in the air. From the cotton clothing we wear that was sprayed with pesticides, to the off-gassing of furniture/carpet/paint on the walls, and to the fire retardant found in our bedding…

Outside of the air we breathe, chemicals and fluoride fill our water systems. While they’re supposed to keep us safe, they fill our bodies with toxins.

The things we eat or drink on a regular basis are filled with pesticides, herbicides, toxic medications, processed chemicals our body was never meant to handle.

These things can create havoc on our detox organs – especially our liver. It’s honestly no surprise as to why so many people are struggling with decreased liver function when you think about all the modern-day stressors and toxins we’re exposed to.

If you ask me, taking care of your liver is one of the most important things you can do for your body. In this blog, I’m going to share how to love your liver by keying into these 10 clues you need to detox your liver (and signs that it may be congested).

Toxic Liver

When you think about a toxic liver, you may not realize some of the things you’re struggling with on a daily basis could be a result of toxic overload in the liver. The more toxins the body is exposed to, the harder the liver has to work to remove them. Unfortunately, our poor liver gets bogged down and is unable to keep up with the demand for detoxification.

Over time, the ability to filter out toxins diminishes. When this occurs, there are many signs that come along with it. Unfortunately, these signs might look like other common health issues and most of the time medical professionals focus on alleviating the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause, which is toxic overload in the body.

10 Clues It’s Time To To Detox Your Liver

If you feel like you may have a congested liver after reviewing the signs and symptoms, you will need to work with a qualified professional like myself to help you out. Yes, I know there are liver dedicated supplements that you can take over the counter. And many people reach out to me on a regular basis and ask me if the supplements they are taking for their liver are good. My standard answer after reading a list of ingredients is typically yes. The truth is, there are supplements that support the liver. But true detox is a process that includes specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well as antioxidants to enable the liver can go through a true detox.

If you have more than one of the following clues you need to detox your liver, please connect with me or someone else.

A congested liver will set you up or other disease processes to take place in the body. The beautiful side of that is once you understand true detox and how to implement it in your own life, it is a tool you will be able to keep in your arsenal for years to come.

1. Poor Digestion

One of the things the liver is responsible for producing is bile. Bile is there for digestion and breaks down fats. You want to make sure you have enough bile to break down those fats to get the nutrients you need to be healthy.

If you’re experiencing poor digestion, that’s an indicator you don’t have clean processes to reuse your bile – which helps you consume necessary vitamins. As a result, you’re going to be malnourished and sick.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

The liver is critical in ridding the extra hormones that our body doesn’t need at that time. When there’s a buildup of hormones, you may experience any of the following symptoms:

● High blood pressure
● Bloating
● Weight gain
● Fatigue
● Sleep problems
● Low libido
● Low immune function
● Craving junk food

Many of my clients before working with me brush these symptoms aside. It’s just part of life. What they don’t know is that these symptoms are a result of a stressed out liver.

3. Weight Gain

We often experience weight gain (and can’t keep it off) if the liver is stressed and cannot rid itself of the toxin buildup. In fact, the body holds onto fat as a protective mechanism if it doesn’t feel safe to release those toxins.

If you’re experiencing this symptom, think about your blood sugar imbalance and hormones. They are all interconnected.

4. Skin Problems

If you have toxins building up in your system and your liver isn’t able to process those toxins, then your skin becomes a detox pathway. As a result, your skin starts to clog up, causing things like: ● Acne
● Rosacea
● Rashes
● Psoriasis
● Dermatitis
● Eczema

Many clients come to me asking what they can put on their eczema. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that they have a congested liver. Their skin issues are showing up as a result.

Rather watch an 11 minute video with the same information….

5. Fatigue

Fatigue is a super common problem I see and another clue you need to detox your liver.

But what is fatigue actually?

It’s feeling like you didn’t get enough sleep the night before

You feel like you can’t function properly throughout the day (especially after meals).

There’s not enough caffeine in the world to curtail the effects your congested liver is causing.

6. Bad Breath Or A White Coating On Your Tongue

Stick out your tongue right now. Does it have a white coating on it? If so, that’s a clear indicator that something is going on with your liver.

That white coating actually leads to your bad breath. People often try to scrape the coating thinking that they are fixing the problem. Unfortunately, unless you address the root, the white coating will return.

So why does this happen? White coating on your tongue is a sign that you aren’t digesting your food well. It also shows things like candida or other bacteria overgrowing in your gut. Since the mouth, gut, and liver are all part of your digestive tract, they all play a role in your digestion. A sluggish liver is going to contribute to the white coating on your tongue. It’s all one pathway.

7. Chemical Sensitivities

Do you feel like you can’t stand certain cleaning products and get a headache, anxiety, or irritability when you’re exposed to them? Or do you feel like a lightweight when drinking alcohol? If you said “yes”, you are experiencing chemical sensitivity. This often happens when your body already has too many toxins on board and your liver cannot detox. When you add these chemicals to your system or environment, your liver simply cannot handle it.

8. Cravings

If you’re having cravings for sweet treats or highly processed foods (what you would find in a bag or a box), it can be caused by blood sugar and hormone imbalance. Those are signs that the liver is not functioning well.

9. Gallbladder Problems

The gallbladder and the liver are connected. The liver produces bile. The bile salts are responsible for breaking down the fats. The bile is stored in the gallbladder until it’s needed for digestion. If there’s not enough bile produced, then it’s more difficult for your body to digest and break down those fats.

When the gallbladder isn’t functioning properly (if you still have your gallbladder as it’s often removed), you experience symptoms like:
● Nausea
● Indigestion
● Abdominal bloating

You have an intolerance to fatty foods. You want to get the liver working so it produces enough bile, so that the gallbladder stores bile appropriately, so it’s utilized when it’s required to break down those foods and fats.

Remember back to clue #1, if you aren’t breaking down those fats properly, then you risk being malnourished. That leads you into a whole other ball game. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to operate

10. Pain In The Upper Right Portion Of Your Abdomen

Your liver sits in that upper right corner of your abdomen, underneath your rib cage. Sometimes, it’s going to feel inflamed when it’s congested. And when there’s a lot of inflammation, you’re going to feel pain. That’s an indicator that your liver is enlarged.

Here’s the thing… If you don’t resolve these issues, you may be diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). This means you have a compromised liver and need to work on detoxing your liver.

No longer are only alcoholics experiencing this, but other people as well. And it all stems from a congested liver.


The toxic environment that we live in is dumping more and more toxins into your liver. If we’re not working to clean up our physical body, then we aren’t doing it any favors.

That’s why I talk about detoxification so frequently. It’s a common method I use to restore a client’s health. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to rebalance the liver and the body.

If you’re not getting well, think about what might be the root to your health problems. You’re not going crazy. Sometimes, nutrition and exercise just isn’t enough. The key is getting to the root so you can be happy, healthy, and whole.

Several of these symptoms disrupted my life for many years. I worked on my health and thought I was detoxing appropriately. I actually went through some miserable times with detox. But once I learned how to detox properly, my health drastically changed. If you can’t move the needle in some of the symptoms mentioned in this blog, liver detox could be your simple answer.

Don’t leave this unresolved! It could lead to fatty liver disease. There is good news though! Poor liver function can be reversed using a combined approach of proper detoxification methods and appropriate nutrient support. These methods will greatly assist in restoring function and balance to all the systems in the body.

There is no protocol that is one-size-fits-all to rebalance the liver and your body, so working with a qualified practitioner like myself will give you the tools you need to address your personal health challenges so that you can feel your best again.

Chelsie Ward Wellness
Chelsie Ward Wellness

4 Common Objections To Natural Medicine (And The Tough Love You Need To Hear)

4 Common Objections To Natural Medicine (And The Tough Love You Need To Hear)

I meet a lot of people who are working on their health at varying degrees.

Some people even say they’re willing to do anything to get well. 

But when it comes down to it, anything doesn’t mean anything

This blog is a little bit of tough love mixed with truth. As a health and wellness coach, I have to be tough with my clients. While it may be hard to hear, my clients oftentimes tell me how much they appreciate that.  

In today’s blog, I’m revealing 4 common objections to natural medicine I frequently hear from business professionals. 

Common Objections to Natural Medicine 

Here are the most common objections to natural medicine I hear from people on a regular basis. These objections get in the way of potential treatment. 

1. Natural Healing Seems Too Simple To Work 

The first objection I commonly hear to natural medicine is… It’s too simple to work! They aren’t willing to try simple natural approaches because they seem too simple and natural to work.  

Now, I’m not here to push or pressure anything on anyone. But if I make a suggestion and it’s not heard, I’ve learned to accept the fact that they may not be ready. I’m here to help anyone who is willing to help themselves. But that’s about where I draw the line. 

I recently talked to a lady with a rare condition; unfortunately, there is no medicine that will treat her condition. Instead of giving her the same runaround her doctors gave here, I encouraged her to do a few simple things at home (including taking other tests to potentially expose the underlying root of her condition). Simple.  

God created everything we need to heal our bodies, and He placed it right here on this Earth for us to access. If natural medicine can solve your body’s failing system but Western medicine can’t, then why not look to the things God provided on this Earth?  

If you think the simple answer is too simple, then remember this… The simplest explanation may be the best. 

(Western medicine often focuses on treating the symptoms. Natural medicine focuses on addressing the root cause. If you want a “simple” process to discover (and then treat) your illness, let’s chatI’m here for you!) 

2. I Don’t Have The Money To Invest In Myself 

The second objection I hear from people who don’t want to explore natural medicine is “I don’t have the time or money to invest in myself”. People are not willing to invest in themselves.  

Over the past few weeks, I’ve met several individuals who are paying over $1,000 for health insurance, and it’s still not getting them the answers they need. As a matter of fact, their health keeps failing. Why? Because they’re not addressing the root cause of their condition. The number of medications are increasing. Their health is worse. And they are being told they need to remove organs (i.e. gallbladder and even their thyroid, etc.).  

I have a serious problem with this.  

I know the other side of this story – partly because that was my story.  

Doctors told me that medication was the only way out of my illness and that I must remove organs.  

Thank God I kept all my organs, but I spent many years suffering with medication after medication – not getting well and worse than that, feeling hopeless. 

So why do I hear this objection to natural medicine? 

Because people justify that they’ve already invested in their health insurance and that should solve their problem.  

Many of these same people could see huge transformations if they adjusted their mindset and tried natural medicine. 

 Yes, it is out of pocket.  

Yes, it is an investment. 

And yes, you may even have to take out a loan.  

Rather watch an 11 minute video with the same information….

But is it worth saving your own thyroid, gallbladder, or kidney from being removed?  

These organs are saved every day with natural medicine. And they are removed every day with conventional medicine because instead of addressing the root, conventional medicine says the organ is bad. It’s “causing you problems” so it’s necessary to cut it out. 

I’m here to tell you from personal experience from myself with a saved gallbladder and other clients who’ve experienced similar stories with natural medicine. In most cases, these organs aren’t bad.  

The lifestyles that have led to diseased organs is the problem.  

Once you address the root of the condition, the body can heal itself.  

Determine Whether Or Not You Are Worth The Investment 

You have to determine whether or not you are worth the investment. 

You pay $1,000 a month for insurance that doesn’t work for you. Another $1,000 for a cell phone every one to two years. And you pay a mortgage every month to put a roof over your head. And you have the money to put your child in dance class and karate. You do this because you want a quality life. And there is nothing greater than your health.  

Without your health, you have nothing. 

Here’s the truth… Health insurance doesn’t cover natural medicine. It is an out-of-pocket investment. You will pay out of pocket for your lab tests, consulting fees, and your care provider’s knowledge. It can cost you thousands of dollars. But it can also save your life.  

Is the investment worth it to you?  

That’s up to you to decide.  

I know for me it was. 

3. I Don’t Have Time 

Onto the next objection to natural medicine… They don’t have time.  

I used to think I didn’t have time for help too – until my health took my time.  

Gallbladder attacks that would rob me from going to work. Exhaustion that would prevent me from enjoying time with friends or socially engaging. And brain fog that would keep me stuck on a task for hours when it should have taken a few short minutes. I was constantly cleaning up messes because I couldn’t pay attention.  

Some days, I couldn’t even hold on to a water glass. I would walk in my kitchen, and my cabinet doors would be open because I forgot to close them. I would hit the floor crying.  

Have you been there? 

I was too busy trying to be busy with life to even notice that I didn’t have a life. My time was being robbed because I was going in a circle most of my day.  

Have you ever experienced this? 

I certainly hope that’s not your story, but you can also prevent that from being your story today too. You have a choice to take care of your health now, or you may be required to take care of it later. The thing with natural health and healing is that it’s great as a preventative. Once the damage is done, it’s a little more difficult to take care of yourself and a lot more work (but it still may be possible to see complete healing). 

4. I Don’t Think Natural Health Works For Me 

The last of four objectsions to natural medicine is they’ve already tried natural health, and it doesn’t work for them.  

Here’s the thing… Most people I meet on a regular basis have gone semi-gluten- and dairy-free. They’ve removed part of the inflammatory foods. Maybe even done over-the-counter so-called detoxes that left them in the bathroom for a week while flushing out their colon (P.S. That is not a detox by the way, and you don’t have to subject yourself to those types of things. That is not natural health.)  

You can try all the wonderful things like removing inflammatory foods, exercising on a daily basis, reducing your stress, dealing with relationship issues, and even replacing your medicine cabinet with essential oils. Most of the people I work with have already taken a few good healthy steps in that right direction. But they’re still dealing with chronic pain, headaches, weight and metabolism issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  

There is likely an underlying condition that you haven’t addressed.  

It doesn’t mean natural medicine and natural health doesn’t work.  

It means your limited knowledge or understanding of natural health and medicine is not enough. I told you this blog was going to be a tough love post. 

When you work with someone to help you get to the root of your health issues, they can help you investigate things like underlying food sensitivities that may be impacting your nutrition, hormone imbalances, toxicity, closed drainage systems, poor immune health, or cellular damage.  

Don’t Give Up on Natural Medicine Yet 

These are a few things that natural medicine can investigate for you if diet and exercise is not helping you reach your health goals. Don’t give up on natural medicine if you haven’t given it a real chance. Learn how I approach natural medicine – it’s all about finding the root cause. 

Chelsie Ward Wellness
Chelsie Ward Wellness
Why The Gut Drives Disease (And How To Restore It Back To Its Healthy State)

Why The Gut Drives Disease (And How To Restore It Back To Its Healthy State)

What if I told you your symptoms don’t matter?

And I talk a lot about root cause… But what if we never find it?

The truth is, no matter the disease process, you can have a positive effect when you know what steps you need to take.

And the good news is, I’m going to teach you why the gut drives disease and what happens when you prioritize your gut health first.

It starts with addressing the underlying lifestyle factors that drive disease.

These are the root of your health condition. And it includes things like stress, poor diet, toxins, lack of sleep, poor relationships, common nutrient deficiencies, lack of exercise, trauma, personal care products, and poor digestion.

You may never know the exact root of your health condition, but these factors could be working together or independently to drive certain disease processes. When you work on all of them simultaneously, you will typically see disease conditions begin to heal.

Addressing the root cause is what drives functional medicine practices and how it’s different from conventional medicine. You will get down to what is causing or driving a specific disease process in the body.

The focus should be on the cause or roots of the disease – not the symptoms of the disease or the labels.

If you only focus on the label or diagnosis, you miss the roots.

Different Disease States

For the most part, we all start out pretty healthy. Then we move along through the 4 different disease states.

Immune Activation

Disease typically starts with some sort of immune activation in the form of an allergy, infection, or even stress. This activates an immune response. And if these factors are not resolved at their root, the disease will progress.


After the initial infection, or even a major stressor resolves itself, our bodies will still compensate for the disease in our body. Symptoms may not show up in this stage. That’s why it’s called the pre-symptomatic phase.


If the stressor is not taken care of, it will eventually lead to symptoms. This is typically when you may start to seek help.

If you’re in this stage right now, I’m here to help reverse your disease state back to a healthy state. Learn how I can help you here.

Break Down

The final phase is when the body begins to break down. This is typically when you receive the diagnosis and start taking prescribed medications. In worst case scenarios, you may have to remove an organ (i.e. appendix, gallbladder).

How To Get Back To A Healthy State

My goal is to help you get back to a healthy state as quickly as possible. And if you’re already healthy, I want to show you how to prevent disease. An ancient, but relevant quotes states:

“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

If all disease begins in the gut, then all healing must begin in the gut as well.

It’s important to assess the underlying conditions and contributors to your symptoms by looking for hidden stressors. The best way to do this is with a comprehensive investigation that carefully looks at your history. Often, I recommend partnering with someone like myself to take you through functional lab tests.

These tests investigate the cause and identify healing opportunities for your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous system.

When these areas are restored, health returns.

Why The Gut Drives Disease

Today, I want to focus on why the gut drives disease. You don’t have to have gut symptoms for the gut to cause problems in the rest of the body.

Some people have obvious symptoms of indigestion, gas, bloating, pain, or irritable bowel type symptoms. Those are certainly signs that something more serious is to come.

But the gut is our external world’s first entry point into our internal world.

Rather watch an 11 minute video with the same information….

It all starts with your gut......
What if I told you your symptoms don’t matter?

What Can Happen If You Consume A Toxic Diet

Our gut contains huge quantities of bacteria and fungus. Many times, we even see parasites and  viruses in the gut. All these should remain in balance and live in harmony – this is a key requirement.

The problem is… The things we are exposed to on a regular basis can interfere with this balance.

This is how you can take an antibiotic and never feel the same afterward. The problem with antibiotics is that they are non-discriminatory – meaning they take out all the good and bad bacteria (bugs) in our gut and leave no good bugs to bring you back to health.

Your gut bugs drive the food choices you make.

If you find yourself craving sugars and sweets, those bugs in your gut that thrive on this may be the cause. The bugs eat first, and you get to eat what’s left over. This is important because you drive your cravings by the food choices you make.

When you feed the good bugs, they thrive. When you feed the bad, they unfortunately thrive and overwhelm the good bugs.

How Your Gut May Be Overwhelmed By Stress And Toxins

Outside of antibiotics and consuming a toxic diet, the gut can also become compromised over an extended timeframe from stress, other toxins, medications, pesticides and herbicides, gluten, sugar, and anything else that weakens the gut lining or causes an inflammatory response.

In our gut, we have a barrier that allows nutrients to pass into the bloodstream that keeps bigger and badder particles out. These tight junctions hold the cells together.

When the gut becomes compromised from those things mentioned above, the tight junctions become loose. Food particles and other toxins then pass through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream.

This is known as “leaky gut”.

When this happens, it activates an immune response.

This causes you to feel tired and sluggish after meals, but you likely won’t make the connection that it’s related to your gut health.

How Food Sensitivities Impact You

Over time, you’ll start to develop food sensitivities because the foods you consume pass through your blood circulation. This causes the body to elicit an attack and ideally a response because these foods do not belong in circulation.

Ultimately, this creates a long-standing immune response where the body ends up attacking its own tissue. This is where a lot of autoimmune type diagnoses begin.

If you fall into the category with disease processes, such as Crohn’s, colitis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, celiac, or other autoimmune type conditions, this is the process your body went through to get you there.

The Causes And Outcome Of Developing A Leaky Gut

Leaky gut leads to food and chemical sensitivities – not allergies. There’s a big difference.

Leaky gut weakens the immune system because of constant exposure to the very thing that is weakening the body… Toxins from your gut.

If you don’t correct your leaky gut, you will inevitably experience autoimmune conditions.

What Your Gut Villi Do For You

Your villi[1] are responsible for absorbing nutrients into the body, and they are destroyed with conditions like leaky gut. This is why making dietary changes alone may not be enough to put out the fire.

If the villi are destroyed, you won’t be able to absorb your nutrients (even if you’re consuming the right foods).

Why You Don’t Want To You Create A Toxic Environment in Your Gut

As you age, the acidity of your gut will change as you consume the wrong diet and encounter stress. This buildup creates an environment pathogens like to live in. When these pathogens see an environment they want to stay in, they set up shop. These are things like parasites, as well as opportunistic bacteria and fungus.

Such pathogens can lead to a host of health issues that may or may not express themselves with gut-related symptoms.

This is why many people can take probiotics or fiber supplements, yet feel no difference (or even feel worse). If there’s an overgrowth of bacteria and you don’t take care of that issue before adding additional probiotics, you may be adding fuel to the fire.

What Happens When You Work On Your Gut First

When you work on the gut first, you’ll see change take place all over your body.

Many people go through a lot of protocols but don’t see anything shift. 

This is why it’s important to understand that you must follow a systematic approach when working to heal the body naturally. For example, if you don’t open up the drainage pathways before working on the gut, you risk causing a host of issues.

This is the reason why many people get sick when following a cleansing protocol. Their drainage pathways don’t allow the body to expel the toxins produced by these pathogens. If the drainage pathways are partially, or completely closed, the toxins have no way to be expelled.

In a case like this, all you need to heal is a sequenced, very precise protocol that will help you remove inflammatory foods, open up detox pathways, move your body more, and reduce stress.

Adding a bunch of pills and potions alone will never fix your problem.

What’s more powerful than what you add is “what you remove.”

If you give your body what it needs, it will intelligently remove what it doesn’t need.

Now that you know why the gut drives disease, it’s time to plan how to reserve your gut health back to its healthy state. Learn how I help professionals like you here.

[1] Villis are small, finger-like projections that extend into the lumen of the small intestine that absorb nutrients from the food you eat and then shuttle those nutrients into your bloodstream so they can travel where they’re needed.

Chelsie Ward Wellness
Chelsie Ward Wellness
Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error

Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error

I meet people on a daily basis who aren’t reaching their wellness goals, even though they’re following a program. Many of these people still have unresolved health complaints and continue to search for answers, feeling like they’re on an endless health cycle of trial and error. 

That’s because medical treatments tend to focus on the diagnosis – managing symptoms only and depending heavily on drugs and surgery. The key to getting out of disease management is to identify healing opportunities in the body and address the underlying cause. 

When you apply wellness principles to your life, it gives you the opportunity to overcome obstacles and creatively work toward resolving your health complaints. 

We as a society are facing unprecedented levels of health problems. What do the following have in common? 

  • Allergies 
  • Acne 
  • Headaches 
  • Foggy thinking 
  • Indigestion 
  • Bloating 
  • Inflammation 
  • Pain 
  • Low sex drive 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Hypertension 
  • Excessive weight 

They are all symptoms.  

Symptoms Are The Result Of The Problem 

Many times the blood work looks absolutely normal. The health system essentially tells you your illness is all in your head. 

One of my mentors, Reed Davis says, “ Symptoms are not the problem; they are the result of the problem.” 

Headaches are not an aspirin deficiency.  

Fatigue is not a caffeine deficiency.  

Sleeplessness is not an Ambien deficiency.  

Those are all symptoms of a bigger problem, being covered up by some “solution”. 

Do you get my drift? 

And solutions like diet and exercise are not always enough. Although diet is critical, you may have chronic health complaints and still eat healthy real food. You may also be fit and unhealthy at the same time.  

The Cycle of Trial and Error 

Finding a real solution isn’t that easy. There’s an overwhelming amount of information available which often keeps you in a health cycle of trial and error.  

There are endless numbers of providers with every kind of therapy, remedy, and modality.  

Hormones, digestion, and detoxification programs work for some people some of the time.  

Doctor visits often lead to drugs and surgery.  

And if you’re not careful, you will find the very same thing when you enter into the natural health arena.  

It’s the same thing.  

It looks a little different, but it’s still the same story with diet, exercise, and supplements.  

There’s a gap that needs to be filled. You need a way to end this cycle of trial and error. 

Ending the Cycle of Trial and Error 

Here’s the truth…  

Chasing the symptoms will never reveal the root of the illness. The gap is found by identifying healing opportunities in the body, shifting lifestyles so the body begins to function optimally, uncovering hidden stressors, and providing the body what it needs to get rid of the stressors. 

You need a step-by-step assessment that allows you to identify underlying conditions. You need a method of correlating test results with your health concerns. And you need a therapeutic protocol that is proven, professional, and potent to help you improve your health instead of just treating the symptoms.  

Someone like me can help you stop this cycle of trial and error. The first step is to reach out and schedule a discovery call.  

Stop Treating Symptoms 

So how do you stop treating symptoms and get to the underlying cause of disease?  

It takes a different perspective to understand what your body needs to be in balance.  

The medical model overlooks things because your blood work looks normal. But, that doesn’t mean they’re right.  

Functional lab tests actually identify malfunctions on a pre-disease level within your hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous systems. 

So to stop treating symptoms, you need to figure out why your body is diseased.  

Lifestyle Changes and Behavior Modifications 

After you identify the disease and stop treating the symptoms, you may need to make some lifestyle changes and behavior modifications. When you commit to these changes that support the body’s innate ability to heal, you’ll break and end the cycle of trial and error. 

Each change or modification needed is going to entirely depend on the individual.  

Rather watch a 13 minute video with the same information….

End the Cycle of Trial and Error

Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error 

To truly end the health cycle of trial and error, you must focus your attention on these areas: 

  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise 
  • Sleep hygiene  
  • Stress reduction 
  • Toxin Removal 
  • Supplements 

The most important and timely thing you need to focus on is your stress.  

Chronic Stress 

Chronic stress leads to chaos in the body. When you think about stress, many of you are likely thinking about it from an emotional standpoint, but that’s not the only way stress impacts us.  

Stress is any influence – internal or external– that causes or leads to malfunction. 

Stress is the number one contributor to all disease. I want you to remember… It’s not always mental and emotional stress that is the driver behind disease; there may be physical stressors too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you don’t have emotional stress, you aren’t stressed.  

Any kind of stress leads to a state of dysfunction and will eventually cause disease. When the body is in a weakened state and is left unchecked, treating symptoms only leads to a worsened disease state. Symptoms may be far removed from the actual stressors. The problem is, the stressors are still extreme if you never address those when working to heal your body. This is why so many people end up on this endless cycle of trial and error. 

There are different types of stress you can experience:  

  • Mental and emotional stress 
  • Physical or biochemical stress 
  • Chemical and functional stress 

Mental and Emotional Stress 

Mental and emotional stress includes fear, worry, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, lack of purpose, and bad attitude. It’s stress that we create or our environment pressures us into.  

Physical or Biochemical Stress 

Physical or biochemical stress comes from physical trauma that accumulates over time and can manifest any time or any place. These are physical traumas in the body. Examples include fractures, muscle injury or weakness, nerve compression, repetitive injuries, intense and prolonged exercise, poor posture, and accidents. 

Chemical and Functional Stress 

There is also chemical and functional stress. These are often hidden stressors that may require further investigation and often appear with hormone imbalance, allergies, autoimmunity, inflammatory foods, gut pathogens or infections, pesticides, prescription meds, sleep deprivation, radiation, alcohol use, and blood sugar dysregulation. 

Resolving Stressors and Symptoms 

Symptoms simply signal that something is wrong. No symptom is normal. Symptoms may go away or decrease with surgeries and medication, but they often come back with a vengeance. When you do not address the underlying cause of disease and these stressors remain unresolved, they’ll cascade into other areas of the body causing serious dysfunction and lead to further disease and more symptoms.  

This is why so many times one disease process leads to another and another and another.  

Reframing Your Definition of Health 

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of health. It’s up to you to reframe and decide what health looks like to you.  

Is it… 

Playing with the kids or grandkids?  

Having more energy and drive to get your job done (and maybe even get a raise)?  

Getting rid of excess weight that won’t seem to come off?  

Being able to eat without experiencing gas, bloating, pain?  

Living without chronic pain? 

As you decide what being healthy looks like to you, engrain these 7 facts about your health: 

  1. The body can usually heal itself when given the opportunity to do so. 
  2. Natural therapies assist the body in building health and have worked on thousands of others just like you. 
  3. You must fill the gap and get out of the cycle of trial and error. 
  4. There are general health building skills that can outperform specific treatments and medical therapies every time, especially when it comes to chronic health conditions. 
  5. The right person can help you understand which labs and natural protocols are proven to help you resolve your chaos. 
  6. All you need is a simple step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. 
  7. You could do it alone but hiring a mentor is more effective and efficient when it comes to your time, money, and stress levels 

When you identify healing opportunities in the body, you will improve your everyday function. When the body returns to this improved state of function, disease states are often removed and health is restored. Symptoms disappear. Complaints are often permanently resolved. If you need support, I’m here to help you reclaim your health.  

Case Study: Stopping the Cycle of Trial and Error with Thyroid Issues 

I’ll leave you with a client example so you can see how I help individuals just like you stop the health cycle of trial and error in its tracks.  

Tina is a thyroid client. She was experiencing weight gain, low energy, fatigue, cold hands and feet, dry skin, hair loss, brain fog, poor sleep, muscle aches, constipation, swelling ankles, and depression. 

Standard medicine gave her a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Her test revealed a low thyroid output. Her doctors prescribed medications to bring the patient back into range. They monitored results and titrated the dosage accordingly.  

But her symptoms kept coming back. And then new ones appeared every time. They repeated the dose lowering process over and over. This is an old paradigm that needs to stop. 

Standard diagnoses are based on a cluster of symptoms. The disease process is called hypothyroidism. Yes, they did confirm the diagnosis by running tests. Hypothyroidism is typically considered an idiopathic diagnosis (i.e. it has an unknown origin of cause). 

When we accept the term idiopathic, this leads to treating “test results” – not the person.  

It also means that autoimmune conditions are typically not considered when addressing a patient with thyroid concerns. Here’s the problem… There could be dysfunction in any area in the body that leads to thyroid dysfunction.  

  1. Iodine or tyrosine deficiencies or underlying autoimmune conditions 
  2. Hypothalamus or pituitary dysfunction – which may involve the immune system, chemicals, and/or hormones  
  3. A congested liver can cause binding and conversion issues 
  4. Some clients even have gut dysfunction – which leads to thyroid dysfunction 

Guess what?  

In all these cases, the symptoms are the same.  

The symptoms are not the problem. They are the result of the problem.  

Our Solution 

The best news is we only took 3 steps to solve Tina’s problem: 

  1. Assess underlying conditions though functional lab tests to look for healing opportunities and malfunctions in the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous systems  
  2. Customize a plan based on nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, toxin removal, and supplements specific to her needs 
  3. Remove mental emotional roadblocks to success 

And that’s what a success story looks like.  

The end result? Tina is symptom free, medication free, has more energy to enjoy her family, got rid of brain fog and fatigue, increased productivity, and even received a promotion. She now: 

  • Sleeps through the night without sleeping pills 
  • Confidently walks the halls because she is losing the excess weight 
  • Moves around more freely because she doesn’t have muscle aches, pain, or swollen ankles anymore 
  • Enjoys her life more now that the dark cloud has lifted from above her head  

That’s the difference in addressing the cause, instead of accepting that a pill is the answer for a specific disease process.  

This is what it looks like to get off the cycle of trial and error.  

Tina said she would have invested in herself years ago if she realized it would have brought her this much freedom.  

You can have this same freedom. Learn how I help professionals just like you and Tina reclaim their health victoriously.