Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

Your body is an amazing piece of machinery.

It’s composed of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical components that are all interconnected.

You may not be able to see how amazing your body is right now because you’re suffering. Instead, you may see a picture filled with prescription drugs, specialists, and treatments offered by caring medical professionals.

The problem and the fallacy of approved medical protocols is that these medical professionals are not viewing you as a whole person.

Where We’ve Gone Wrong: Not Seeing Our Bodies As Whole

Not only is your physical body not being viewed as a whole by caring and well-intended medical professionals, but they often don’t take into consideration your emotional component. Unfortunately, if your doctor considers the emotional side, they will likely refer you to a specialist, who has little or no communication with your general medical practitioner.

Then there’s your spiritual component. No one in the medical community even starts that conversation or looks down that avenue. It’s almost an alien term to most of the world today; however, it carries a lot of weight in your overall health.

Not seeing our bodies as a whole is why we’ve gone down the wrong path for our health.

Case Study

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, I usually write from a place of positivity and light. However, I wrote this case study from a place of anger, sadness, and disgust.

Over a month ago, a friend went in for a simple one-day procedure. However, days went by where she could not walk, and it was obvious she was being affected neurologically.

She messaged me and told me about her brain fog, constant crying episodes, inability to perform daily tasks, and how humbling it was for someone else to take care of her daily needs.

This was totally unlike her. Before surgery, she was a very independent woman, running a business, and a very successful entrepreneur. This level of function (or inability to function) is now her everyday life. She called her doctor and asked what she should do. They told her to go to the emergency room because she was “likely having a stroke”.

Thankfully, my friend knew that was not the case.

Rather watch a 12 minute video with the same information….

Toxicity From Medicine

What modern medicine doesn’t tell patients is how toxic the medication required for surgery is. As a result, many patients experience toxin burden due to the anesthesia. Medical doctors simply don’t know what effects the toxicity has or what to do about it. They aren’t trained on how to prevent or fix it. They are trained to do surgery – not the follow-up of potential neurological complications.

If your surgery is done by a gynecologist, they have no idea what to do with your brain. So your next step is to visit the hospital again and find a doctor that can help you.

After visiting the hospital, she brought me her lab results. Her liver and kidneys were taxed, her electrolytes were completely off, and even her blood sugar was at rock bottom.

The list of medications from a simple one-day surgery that was pumped into this lady’s body filled an entire page. She was devastated and said, “no wonder I feel the way I do; I was poisoned”. The truth is, she was. And this happens every single day in the lives of so many people.

After a few days of working to detox the body, bind up chemicals, and purge them from the body, my friend’s symptoms began to dissipate. This was not an overnight journey, and there is quite a road ahead for her to reach full recovery, but it is possible when these poisons are purged from the body.

The Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

My point boils down to the fallacy of approved medical protocols, where there is no follow-up to do any sort of body cleanup.

Detoxification is critical in moments like this, which is why there is such a need for functional medicine.

Functional Medicine

As a trained registered nurse, I’m not against traditional medicine. But we need to begin to partner together to help our clients/patients heal their bodies and use functional and conventional approaches together to give people the best chance of recovery possible.

As someone working in the functional health space, I witness miracles every day. I watch the health of those I serve (like my friend) radically take a turn for the better.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people will never encounter this type of work. And many of those who do, don’t take it seriously. No, your insurance will not cover it. Yes, it will require a commitment on your end. And yes, there is an investment of your time, energy, and money.

The omission of practical Functional Health Care is an outright disgrace, yet it is the most effective way to relieve certain conditions. This issue is not one that will change anytime soon.

Big Pharma

Big Pharma spends billions of dollars on the best advertising companies to influence the general population that drugs are the only option for most health issues. But these same drugs have a whole host of serious and harmful side effects. Just listen to a couple of pharmaceutical commercials! Often, the side effects description uses more time in the advert than the benefits of the medication.

What gives me hope is to see a growing population of discerning people who see through the smoke and mirrors of the big Pharma movement.

Looking Outside The Traditional Medical Model

This dissatisfied and discerning group of people are the ones searching the internet, reading books, and taking authority over their own health by looking for answers outside of traditional medical model surgeries and drugs.

Are you willing to be that person?

I realized almost 10 years ago I was willing to give up anything to get well. That is what introduced me to this field. I studied everything I could get my hands on, believing there was a way out of my suffering.

When I started studying, it was like someone turned on a light switch for me. Somehow, I began to view the diagnosis and treatments in a different light. The diagnosis was simply a set of symptoms with a title.

But what was causing those symptoms?

That is the question I began to investigate in my life and the one I investigate in the lives of those I encounter on a daily basis. I can no longer stand to watch people come in with autoimmune disease, obesity, chronic pain, and so many other conditions and not get the help they are so desperately praying for.

My mission is to be that beam of hope.

To dig into the research to find proven answers for these conditions.

I wrote Healed His Way because I felt it was my duty to let people know of my newfound knowledge. The human body is truly amazing when we give it what it needs.

What Are You Missing Today To Put Together Your Health Puzzle?

Over the years, I’ve learned that most of my clients are missing one or more of the following when they finally reach out to me.

  • Failure to address the underlying root
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to eating right for your specific body type
  • The need to investigate hidden stress in the body
  • Mental and emotional blocks to healing
  • Not having the right mentor and health advocate to help you sift through loads of misinformation

Over the past 16 years, I’ve studied the human body from all these angles to avoid the fallacy of approved medical protocols. If you need help with any of those, I’m here for you. Book your free discovery call today, and reclaim your health!

The #1 Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Healing

The #1 Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Healing

Every single day, I talk with clients about their health journey. And they all have this one thing standing in the way of their healing.

Can you guess what that is?

It’s YOU.

That’s right. You are in the way of your own healing.

And today, I want to share with you a client’s story who was willing to risk everything to get well.

The Client Who Risked Everything For Healing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the most amazing client over the past six months or so. You see… She came to me with a whole host of health issues – severe allergic reactions, PCOS, chronic pain… Medications and doctor visits were running (and ruining) her life.

Like many of my clients, she was career-driven. But her finances were lacking.

We talked about the things she needed to get her health in order. She needed a nutrition makeover, food sensitivity testing, digestion work, detox, and a big immune boost!

Unfortunately, all the options we presented her with didn’t meet her budget.

The amazing thing is she didn’t let herself get in the way of her healing.

You see… The #1 thing standing in the way of your healing is… YOU.

My client didn’t stand in her way. Instead, she decided to invest even though the odds were against her. And thankfully PayPal financing was there! Six months of no interest financing got her exactly what she needed to meet herself where she was.

That’s what happens when you choose to put yourself first. You find a way and make it happen.

Investing Further In Her Health

Six months into her program, she decided she wanted to take her healing journey to another level. She had experienced a taste of good health. Because she now had the energy, vitality, confidence, strength, and determination, her improving health impacted more than just her healing… Her business was booming!

When she was ready to invest further and do additional lab testing to peel back additional layers of her “onion”, she had the finances to support her.

Rather watch a 6 minute video with the same information….
Rather watch a 6 minute video with the same information?
The #1 thing standing in the way of your healing is… YOU. Learn how to prioritize your healing – even if the finances or time aren’t there.

Her Multi-Pronged Approach to Healing

Healing doesn’t come in one simple plan. It’s a multi-pronged approach that takes into account everything – your family history, your lifestyle, your genetics, and your environment.

Lab Testing & Investigation

As a Registered Nurse, I like to look at the facts. What is going on with your body? That’s why I start with functional lab testing to discover what is currently happening. Some of these tests include a gut health test, food sensitivity test, and the Dutch test (hormone). I evaluate what your current levels are, why they are at those levels, and what type of detox protocol you need. These tests are used to dive a little deeper into the underlying cause of your symptoms.

In addition to the lab testing, I investigate your history and daily lifestyle. Does your family have a history of thyroid cancer? Do you live a primarily sedentary life because your work demands it? Those are all things that impact your health.

Mental & Physical Cleanup

My favorite part of being a health and wellness coach is to take my clients through detox. We not only improve your nutrition, digestion, and inflammation, but we also work on your emotional health too. You see… There’s malfunction in your health. It’s my job to investigate, discover, and show you how to naturally heal that malfunction.

Hormone Balance

Your hormones impact every area of your health. If your hormones are imbalanced, it can wreak havoc on your reproductive health, energy levels, and weight (among other areas). That’s why part of my protocol for my clients is getting their hormones back into balance.

Multiply Your Investment In Yourself

As I’ve coached many women just like this client, I’ve learned this…

When you invest in yourself (even from a financial standpoint), that payoff is multiplied back to you.

Are you willing to invest in…?

  • Your cable TV every month
  • That $5+ latte from Starbucks everyday
  • The new iPhone 12

Those “necessary” purchases are eating away your opportunity to find healing. Are you willing to give up those luxuries to invest in yourself?

If the answer is “yes”, then let’s chat about a custom path to your healing.

But if your answer is “no”, then you may be the #1 thing standing in the way of your healing.

I’ve worked with clients like this over and over from a budgeting standpoint. The truth is… When you’re willing to give up the things you don’t need for the life you want, you’ll get exactly what you deserve.

You don’t deserve because you’re human…

You deserve what you earn.

If you feel like you deserve good health, then you’re going to have to do what it takes to earn it.

If this message hits home for you, reach out to me. I’ll do what I can to give you the tools you need to be successful as long as you’ll meet me in the middle and do your part too.

Why A Natural Medicine Approach Without A Whole Body Approach To Wellness Never Works

Why A Natural Medicine Approach Without A Whole Body Approach To Wellness Never Works

Did you try natural medicines yet they had little to no effect?

Maybe you’ve been to a natural medicine doctor and still didn’t get the results you were looking for.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several consultations with clients who told me exactly the same thing. This is a story I sometimes hear when people are talking to me about natural health practices and a root cause approach to healing.

Many people have already been failed by alternative therapies and began to doubt them.

Many people I talk to have already tried a lot of natural things. They’ve changed their diet, started to exercise, and maybe even had a few functional lab tests and they still aren’t getting the results.

This is the typical story I hear…

I did such and such lab tests, took such and such supplements… And they didn’t work.

The Real Problem With A Natural Medicine Approach

Here’s the problem with the natural medicine approach… When you don’t address the root of the condition like toxicity, relationship stress, nutrition, emotional impact, exercise (or lack thereof), then you’re never going to address the real root of the issue.

Hormones Example

For example, if I give you one of my favorite hormone tests called The Dutch Test and we find that you’re in estrogen dominance or estrogen toxicity, we can open up the drainage pathways in your liver to help you detox.

We want to correct those pathways and drain off excess old estrogen to prevent things like DNA damage and breast cancer.

But if you’re constantly exposing yourself to xenoestrogens or fake estrogens that are in our environment in the form of toxins, then it doesn’t matter how many pills and potions I give you… When we stop the treatment, the symptoms will return. And many times, they may never even go away, and you may never find hormone balance.

Rather watch a 9 minute video with the same information….
Rather watch a 9 minute video with the same information.......

Taking A Whole Body Approach To Wellness

I went through this cycle for many years, yet I had no improvements. I remember being on bioidentical hormone therapy and wondered why these pills and potions didn’t work for me. Why did I need to increase my dose every time I went? Why were my hormones not coming into balance?

Those were the wrong questions.

Those therapies were only one piece of a very big puzzle.

Part of the issue is that when you receive an external source of hormones, then your own hormone production tends to get lazy. Your body is, naturally, going to do the easiest thing possible.

A huge piece of the wellness puzzle is the lifestyle factors that may be preventing you from reaching your fullest health potential.

I know for me, that was the case. Whenever I achieved the end result of my personal issue, much of that was related to toxicity and issues with my gut.

This is the reason it is so important to take a whole body approach to wellness.

Doing The Detective Work To Find The Root

When we look at simple hormone imbalance and something like PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome, we’re going to see that the hormones are out of balance. But it’s not really a hormone issue. The driving forces behind these diseases are actually inflammation and abnormally high blood sugar, but your doctor is going to prescribe you hormones. The problem with this approach is it treats the symptoms but never addresses the underlying or root cause.

Lab tests are only one part of the detective work. We have to look at your history, your environment, and your body. Are you being exposed to chemicals and toxins or mold? Are you even able to digest and absorb nutrients?

Sure, we can run a simple lab test and see what it comes up with. But without a proper interview with you and the education to understand how your lifestyle factors impact you (positively or negatively), then you may never get well. When you’re attempting to follow natural healing protocols, this is often the biggest missing piece. That’s also why so many people suffer for years when they try to trial and error it on their own.

When you operate in this manner in an attempt to save money, you’re prolonging your wellness results. You’re not going to get a full understanding of how your body truly functions and how you need to approach it in a systematic way if you don’t have the education to do that.

Looking At The Whole Picture To Find Wellness

When you hire a professional who will look at the whole picture, you’ll be able to find wellness in time.

You don’t want someone looking at individual pieces of the puzzle – separate from one another.

You want someone who is willing to do the detective work and determine what pieces of the puzzle apply to you. This allows them to address the root causes of your issue so that you can live in health and happiness instead of chasing symptoms.

If you want a detective, learn how I help clients uncover the whole picture of their wellness.

Someone recently asked me to run a simple lab test with them and interpret it instead of going through my program. While you may get some answers going that way, it still never addresses the root of the condition. And if you want to experience a whole body approach to wellness, you must address the root. Let’s discover the root cause for your unwellness and find healing together!

How To Turn Away From Deceptive Food Marketing Tactics To A Healthier Lifestyle

How To Turn Away From Deceptive Food Marketing Tactics To A Healthier Lifestyle

There are people working against you…

Working to destroy you every single day.

Food marketers are more interested in seeing you becoming addicted to their sugary, processed foods than they are about your health.

Sure, you may read food labels. You should be able to trust in their packaging and labeling, but their packaging is purposely deceiving.

Deceiving Food Labels

Do you trust those deceiving food labels when they say they are…?

  • All natural
  • Gluten-free
  • Humanely raised
  • No antibiotics or hormones used
  • Vegetarian
  • No added sugar

If you are using these labels as a way to decide and purchase foods, food marketers are duping you in one of the greatest marketing tactics in existence. They aren’t regulated, and they most definitely cannot be trusted.

Listen here… The people creating these deceiving food labels are not even educated or informed when it comes to what the body needs to be healthy or find healing. They are simply… Marketers. Informing you of what you think you need to eat.

Deceiving Experience

In addition to the food labels, marketers are also tasked to create an experience that is bigger than the product itself. That crunch you crave that has you scarfing down an entire bag of chips or gobbling a pack of cookies.

Yeah, you know what I mean. I’ve been there too.

Those experiences – the crunching, the softness – were all created for you.

The packaged and processed foods you’re craving – even those fast foods you drive through to pick up for “convenience” – are concocted to have the right combination of crave-worthy flavors.

And these flavors or experiences are addicting. It’s hard to stop eating these foods when you start. There’s even a Pringle commercial that blatantly tells you how dangerous their product is.

How do they know? They purposefully created their chips to give you the rush you need to continue eating them… Until the can is empty!

Rather watch a 9 minute video with the same information….

Turning Away From Deceptive Food Marketing Tactics to A Healthier Lifestyle

It would be wrong of me to tell you not to enjoy the sweeter things in life. But as we jump onto these fad diets (keto, vegan, etc.), we replace carbohydrate-filled, processed junk foods with keto junk foods. And it isn’t doing you any favors! You may lose some weight, but your health will still not be optimized in the end.

Because of these deceptive food marketing tactics, we’ve walked away from the simple principles and stewardship of our physical bodies. In this blog, I want to empower you to find balance so you don’t feel deprived.

Don’t Buy Packaged Foods

When people turn to a healthier lifestyle, I often see them mistakenly continue to use boxed and packaged foods – including healthier cookies, cakes, pastries, pastas, etc.

… Instead of turning to whole foods.

If you’re afraid of demonized carbohydrates or even nutrient-dense fruit (because there’s “too much sugar” in them) yet you’re filling your belly with processed and packaged low carb cookies loaded with alternative sweeteners, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Unfortunately, these fad diets are pushing these packaged products on you. And they are the very things that are keeping you sick.

Do you really believe that a packaged keto cookie is healthier for you than a piece of fruit so that you can remain in ketosis?

How does that even make sense?

Yet, we fall for these things every single day.

Find Flavorful Food Elsewhere

These addictive foods are so packed with flavor that we become accustomed to it. As a result, it’s hard to “get off” those foods. You may find whole foods flavorless and boring. If you find yourself grabbing for a packaged snack in the pantry, you likely need a taste bud adjustment. The good thing is your taste buds evolve with time so you can enjoy the flavors God placed on this earth for you to enjoy.

Steward Your Health

The most important part of turning away from deceptive food marketing tactics is to start stewarding your health towards a healthier lifestyle.

How can you live the life you desire when you don’t have the energy to do so?

Or because you’re stuck in the bathroom after your meals, blaming your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? If IBS is your problem, it’s not a death sentence – unless you allow it to be.

I talk to people every day who are missing out on life. Their kids and spouses enjoy life without them because they’re stuck in their homes. I know how they feel. I was once afraid to venture too far from home in my life as well. But this doesn’t have to be your story.

You don’t have to feel guilty for missing another appointment with your family.

You don’t have to feel bad about canceling plans with friends because you end up getting sick.

The truth is, you’ve been deceived into thinking this has to be your norm.

Maybe even your doctors have told you that medications and surgery are your only answer. I’m here to tell you, it is not true. It is simply the knowledge they have around the subject matter that brings them to say such a thing. They are trained in medication and surgery. And that’s typically where their knowledge stops. Not to say we don’t need medication and surgery in some instances, but if you haven’t worked to address the underlying cause of your disease process, then starting with medication and surgery is a bad idea.

Health and stewardship of the body will take you a long way. And these are the things we’ve gotten away from as big companies continue to make convenient (and addictive) foods.

Access Your Health

We can talk a lot about what causes disease, but one of the simplest tools you can educate yourself on is how to use diet and nutrition in the form of whole foods. God gave us everything we need to maintain health, and he placed it right here on this Earth. All you have to do is access it.

Now that you have the knowledge, what will you do with it? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re ready to start accessing your health, start by learning how to balance your plate to meet the needs of your unique metabolism. Download this free guide to help you understand what your ideal plate should look like.

Honor Your Body NOT Diet Systems: Why Fad Diets May Not Work For Your Body

Honor Your Body NOT Diet Systems: Why Fad Diets May Not Work For Your Body

Keto or vegan diets have gained popularity over the last couple of years because they work… For some. Somehow, we’ve convinced ourselves that what works for some must work for us.

I hate to break it to you, friend… That’s not true.

Those fad diets or systems may not work for your body.

Recently, I had a client ask me if I believed in certain systems (keto, vegan, paleo, etc.) or if I thought getting healthy and reaching goals relied on tips and tricks.

My answer…. Neither.

My answer will always be “honor your body”. Tips and tricks are more of a Band-Aid approach. They may relieve symptoms temporarily, but they never address the real issue. Let’s learn why fad diets may not work for your body.

The Most Important Pillar To Reach Your Fullest Health Potential

Why did I say “honor your body”? Because it’s all-encompassing of my 3 stage framework to help busy professionals reclaim their health. This phrase repeats itself over and over in my mind. It’s become my go-to response to anyone asking me health questions. If you want to know a little more of what that encompasses, here are the 3 pillars to reaching your fullest health potential:

  1. Eat For Your Body
  2. Uncover Hidden Stressors
  3. Master Your Mindset

You could even alternate “honor your body” with the last pillar. We must master our mindset when it comes to honoring our body

Fad Diets Result In Negative Downstream Effects

When there’s a fire, you spray it down with a hose. But if embers fly in the wind and land on a dry patch of grass, that hose is not going to suffice. You’ll be dealing with a wildfire (much like we’ve seen on the West Coast lately).

Likewise, fad diets only address the short term symptoms. While they may work for some time, they may not work in the long term (and may actually damage your health).

Let’s talk about the negative downstream effects fad diets have.

When you get stuck on a certain lifestyle approach, system, or fad diet, it’s easy to stay stuck living in that lifestyle. We dismiss the subtle signs our body is trying to communicate to us. We shrug it off as something unusual.

One of my clients was on a ketogenic diet for 3 years. She was always sick but was so afraid to leave that system to try something better for her body.

When we make the decision to go on a fad diet, we force ourselves to continue following that diet even if our body is screaming it’s unhappy. We fail to listen to our bodies and honor what it’s saying.

Our commitment (or stubbornness) to these fad diets or systems is dishonoring our body’s needs.

When you honor your body, it will honor you back.

(Learn how to balance your plate to feel satisfied, energized, and uplifted in this free guide.)

Rather watch an 8 minute video with the same information….

Why Fad Diets May Not Work For Your Body

The same client mentioned above was stuck following her ketogenic diet for 3 whole years. She knew it wasn’t working for her body, but she wouldn’t stop. Instead, she continued to gain weight. Everyone else around her on the same diet was losing weight. It didn’t make sense.

She wasn’t honoring her body.

Her body was screaming at her to stop in every possible way…. Headaches, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, stress, and anxiety were through the roof.

But she stubbornly kept following the system.

When she sat down to chat with me, we addressed her current eating patterns. She wasn’t eating for what her metabolism needed.

After a series of assessments, we quickly learned that a keto diet was not right for her.

She was crippled with fear at first. Something as simple as incorporating fruit in her diet scared her. She avoided it for 3 years. But she trusted the process and chose to try something new.

In addition to the guidelines I created for her, I coached her on honoring her own body and giving what it was asking for.

Transformation After Honoring The Body

Her story didn’t end there. After she implemented those changes, she couldn’t believe how much a small change in her diet could do for her energy. She enjoyed eating things like fruit again! The best part… Her stress levels improved, her hormone related symptoms improved, and she lost over 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

This all happened after following the wrong diet – a fad diet – for years.

There is no perfect diet for everyone.

Ripping The Band-Aid Off To Discover The Root Problem

Just like I don’t believe in Band-Aid approaches to health, I don’t believe in following systems either. Systems don’t work for all people.

If you’re…

  • Tired after meals
  • Have no energy throughout the day
  • Feel foggy after you eat and need to lay down to take a nap
  • Feel like you’re hungry within 1 to 2 hours after eating

… Then you may not be honoring your body.

These are all great indicators that your current diet is not right for you.

It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid to discover your personalized system.

Start Honoring Your Body To See Transformation

The simple technique I use helps my clients understand which foods are right for your body. In this technique, you’ll assess how you feel after each meal to determine if you have the right balance of carbs, fats, and proteins.

You don’t need to count calories or weigh your food (if you don’t want to do that).

Simply look at your plate to determine how much of each macronutrient you need to fuel your body appropriately. And it goes without saying that you have to be eating nutrient dense foods.

This technique helps you gauge how you’re going to feel by the types of food you have on your plate. It is transformational. And the best part is, it allows you to even go into a restaurant and pick foods that will fuel you instead of depleting you.

Your body is super intelligent. And if we honor what it is asking for, it will honor us in return. We just have to tune in. And part of tuning in is having the right tools to do the job. Download this free guide on how to balance your plate. Start seeing the transformation today!