Honor Your Body & Put Calorie Counting To Rest

Honor Your Body & Put Calorie Counting To Rest

Are you still counting calories?

If the answer is yes, then feel free to use this blog as permission to never count another calorie again. Now that we’ve given you freedom from calorie counting, let’s dive into this topic!

You’ve lived by the idea that as long as you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll either lose or maintain your weight. How’s that working out for you?

With your newfound freedom from counting calories, it’s time to learn how to honor your body and put calorie counting to rest.


Honor Your Body & Put Calorie Counting To Rest

Our bodies are not calculators. There is a big difference between the 100 calories from broccoli and those from snack packs filled with junk. While both contain 100 calories, they each send different signals to the body. When we consume nutrients, the body knows what to do with them. However, when we consume processed foods with preservatives filled with junk that was never intended to fuel the body, it sends a completely different message. Are you ready to put calorie counting to rest?

The Calorie Counting Days Are Behind Me

A question I often hear is, “How many calories should I eat?” 

Or people may tell me, “I don’t eat this certain food because it has too many calories.”

I remember the days of counting calories. App trackers told me exactly how many calories I was eating. And I nearly killed myself to make sure I was in a deficit each day. Each morning, I would wake up and see a certain number on the scale. If I didn’t like the number, I’d get frustrated and restrict my food intake for the entire day. Through the struggle of restricting food, I had hope that the scale would move in the other direction. Does the number on the scale dictate how you enjoy life? Connect with me for a holistic approach to healing your body.

Throwing Out The Scale

Why do we get so obsessed with a number on the scale? 

And why do we give calories so much credit?

These are questions I finally started to ask myself after realizing the scale was often dictating how I’d feel for an entire day. And if I messed up on my calorie counting, I felt so guilty by the end of the day. 

That’s when I finally decided to throw my scale away and stop counting calories.

Not only do I feel so much more freedom, but I’m leaner and happier with my physique than I ever was before. 

You truly can get better with age! I am living proof.

Breaking The Vicious Cycle

By the time I connect with my clients, they are in that same cycle I experienced years prior. They’re on the scale every day, allowing it to dictate how they show up in the world. And they’re starving themselves for the sake of losing weight. 

This undoubtedly leads to an unhealthy obsession with weight and food. So where do you go from here?

You’ve already tried everything. If counting calories doesn’t work, then what will?

As I mentioned above, the body is not a calculator. And every time we eat, we are sending a signal to the body. After all, the body needs to know what to do with and without food. We need certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, healthy fats, and even a little glucose for the body to have what it needs to function optimally on a daily basis. Are you exhausted from the vicious cycle that calorie counting has put you through? Let’s take control of your health together. Reach out to me for a healthy, happy, and whole you.

Why Counting Calories Isn’t Realistic Or Healthy

Here are the reasons you fail when your focus is on the calories:

1. Fad Diets Are Not Sustainable

You’ll fall for fad diets, which are not sustainable. For example, you may try keto. But if you’re like most people, you end up eating way too much protein and not enough life-giving fruits and vegetables. And it drains your body of energy.

In my program, clients are eating fruit twice a day and are still getting into ketosis. I know that goes against the keto rules, but I like to make my own rules.

2. You’re Not Focusing On Decreasing Toxins And Inflammation

Foods like beets, dandelion greens, lemon, and grapefruit are great for the liver. They’re important in helping you reduce toxins in your body. 

This is just one example of whole foods providing the body what it needs to heal. When you’re focused on calories, you may end up eating too many of those packaged foods that claim to be healthy, but they actually lead to additional inflammation.

3. Your Blood Sugar Isn’t Balanced

You find yourself crashing after meals. Or you’re having cravings because you haven’t fueled your body appropriately.

We can’t eat dead food and expect it to give us life. You want a whole food approach to balancing your blood sugar and eliminating cravings. Download my free guide here to learn what to eat and how much to eat to improve your blood sugar and metabolism.

4. You Don’t Have The Right Mindset

There is a huge psychological component that is much bigger than willpower alone. If you’re dependent on willpower, then you’ll fail every time and end up engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors.

When you’re nourishing your body appropriately, you will likely eat fewer calories. You get into trouble when you feel a need to count calories. That usually means you’re eating the wrong foods.

Ready To Reclaim Your Health?

You know those dreams you’ve tucked away? 

You can have those.

And I can help you experience victory. The best part? Calorie counting will have nothing to do with it!By ridding your body of toxins and getting to the emotional root of what’s holding you back, you can become happy, healthy, and whole. If you’re ready to take authority over your health, complete this application to get started!

Slowing Down To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

Slowing Down To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

When was the last time you took a moment to simply be present?

Being present is one of our greatest superpowers, and we don’t use it enough.

We constantly run from one thing to the next. Then when we feel a loss of control over our lives, we blame it on the never-ending hurry to check the next thing off our to-do list.

Rather than taking time to simply be quiet and still in the mornings, we rush and add stress to an already ill-prepared day. Many of us have decided that rest should only happen during the night while we’re sleeping. But when we learn to slow down, joy and wellness will come to us naturally.

Slowing Down To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

When the mornings start out in a rush, it sets the tone for the entire day. If we don’t have the time to prepare lunch, we may end up munching on a pack of crackers or vending machine snacks to get us through the day. Or if time allows, we might grab something from a healthy-ish looking restaurant. 

With kids in every activity known to man, cooking a life-giving dinner for the family feels like a far-off dream. So once again we swing through the drive-thru and put dead food into our bodies instead. Honestly, we’re too exhausted to cook anyways. 

Then we look around the house. It’s a disaster. No one offers to help. We find ourselves wondering how we could possibly go through so much laundry. When is the last time the sheets were washed anyways? 

And how, after eating out all day, are there still stacks of dirty dishes? The stress spirals as we go through another chaotic day.

Falling From The Chaos

When we constantly run from one appointment to the next, it feels like we’re barely keeping up. We want to live a life of purpose, but we’re doing our best to simply keep up with the day-to-day demands.

We know our bodies deserve more. But our unhealthy bodies remain in the back of our minds all day every day. We’re not certain how to add any more tasks to the chaos of our already hectic schedules.

So again, we push health to the side. We tell ourselves we’ll do better at some point. 

Until we inevitably end up sick. 

Going non-stop could land us in bed for a week. 

Or worse, the hospital. 

Illness is a wake-up call to the seriousness of things you’ve been putting off. It’s time to take a break. We have to start slowing down. And we must get some help around the house. 

We didn’t have time to get everything done before we were sick. Now things are much worse. 

But what if it all could have been prevented?

What if our crazy, hectic lives are the very things driving illness?

Do you believe it’s that simple?

I’m here to tell you from my experience, it is!

Are you ready to put a stop to chaos dictating your life? I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there. Fill out my application today to start working towards a better you.

Dedicating Ourselves To A Life With Purpose

Even still, there are times in my life when I feel like everything is falling apart. And other times, I feel like everything is coming together and falling into place. 

The difference is not what is actually taking place in my life. After all, mundane, day-to-day life isn’t what brings us joy.

Instead, it is how we experience day-to-day life that brings us either stress or joy. We can actually be going through the very same life, but a different attitude can result in experiences of stress or joy.

The key is taking time to get quiet. And in the hustle and bustle of what we’ve deemed normal life, getting quiet is something we’ve failed to do.

Choosing Health & Joy For Our Lives

Perspective can perpetuate either joy or stress. I see this happen so clearly in my own life, but I also see this happen in my clients’ lives.

Health is in everything we do. When we level up in our health, we not only feel better, but it impacts everything we do. Here are a few examples:

  • Finances. When we’re healthier, our brains work better. This quickly translates to having more energy and no longer calling in sick to work because of exhaustion. Instead, we show up and possibly get a raise.
  • Relationships. Getting healthy results in feeling good and balancing our hormones. It’s suddenly a little easier to get in the mood to be intimate with your spouse. Finishing the workday and having energy means it’s possible to entertain the idea of enjoying time with friends. And when the day doesn’t leave you frazzled, it’s much easier to love your children the way they should be loved.
  • Physical body. This seems obvious, but getting healthy makes our bodies stronger. Have you imagined if you actually have the strength in your physical body to help save another person? Or on a simpler scale, a healthy body could mean rolling down a hill with your children or grandchildren. The opportunities to enjoy an active life open up.
  • Emotions. There’s a huge connection between your gut and brain. If you’re feeding your body junk, then it’s going to impact your brain in a negative way. Poor diet and lack of exercise are both scientifically proven to be associated with poor mental health.

Can you see how your health literally impacts every area of your life? 

What in your life are you giving up each time you choose to push your health aside?

Allow Yourself To Slow Down

If I can convince you of one thing today, allow me to sell you on the fact that you need to slow down. 

Recently, I went on a personal adventure that I call 30 days of yoga. It transformed me. When I started, I felt something shift for good.

Suddenly, I began allowing myself to slow down more. I also began to take time to appreciate nature, truly hear it, and submerge myself in it when I walked outdoors.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, there was a time in my life when I was taking the steps just to check them off my list. I did enjoy it, but I wasn’t truly immersing myself in the moment. 

It makes such a difference to truly learn to be still and quiet while enjoying the present moment. 

When we truly slow down, life no longer seems like it’s passing us by like a flash of light. Are you ready to make changes, but don’t want to do it alone? Fill out my application so that we can work together to bring you peace and wellness.

Learn To Embrace The Moment

When clients tell me how stressed they are, one of my first couple of questions to ask is, “What does your morning routine look like? How often are you meditating, praying, getting out in nature, or doing something more centering and grounding to your soul?”

I’ve had clients respond that they are doing all these things but are still stressed to the max. So my next piece of advice is to stop doing them as a duty or part of a daily routine. Instead, truly immerse your mind and your emotions into the activity. Get lost in it until it becomes a way of life for you. 

Two people can have identical health routines but have two different experiences. This all has to do with the way they approach the routines. 

When you immerse yourself into a healthy lifestyle, you’ll no longer be yo-yo-ing up and down on the scale. Cheat days will no longer leave you feeling guilty. And you’re going to notice that your stressors start to look a little less stressful.

Are You Willing To Slow Down Before Life Slows You Down?

This is exactly what I help my clients do. With my help, my clients are able to go from chaos to peace in their health so that they can make a bigger impact in this world.

If you’re ready to truly invest in your future self with no hesitation, complete my application today

The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you’ll ever take action. Over the past month, I’ve seen three people enter the hospital because they said no to their health and avoided slowing down. Not only are they still sick, but it also impacted them financially. What if you could spend less money getting well? Would you do it? Take the first step to living a life worth living by completing my intake application. Start slowing down with me today to experience joy and wellness!


5 Keys to Build a Strong Foundation For A Healthy Weight And Metabolism

5 Keys to Build a Strong Foundation For A Healthy Weight And Metabolism

Do you have dreams of doing big things with your life? 

You know you were created to make a big impact in this world. But there’s something stopping you from going forward – maybe your weight, metabolism, energy, hormones, or gut. It’s natural that you have a little bit of disconnect.

But if it’s not managed properly, it can spiral into deeper, more harmful emotional issues like depression or anxiety. You may even feel you’re in a constant state of stress. 

I can’t stand to see this happen. Honestly, it’s just wrong.

This is why I’ve devoted my life to helping people like you overcome these health challenges and build a foundation for a healthy weight and metabolism. 

The reason I do it is because I care, because I was once just like you.

My health, or lack thereof, dominated my life at one time. Every decision I made was based on whether or not I would have enough energy to do it. I would also wonder if there was going to be a bathroom close enough for me to deal with an unforeseen emergency. I hope you don’t know what that’s like. But many of my clients do.

I was ruled by sugar addiction, antibiotics several times per year, doctor bills, and loads of medications. Moreover, I was going to the pharmacy every single month to fill my bag of prescriptions. 

But I wasn’t getting well.

I understand your pain. To help, I’ve put together the 5 keys to build a strong foundation for a healthy weight and metabolism – the start of good health.

5 Keys To Building A Robust Foundation For A Healthy Weight And Metabolism

What was missing in my life was a systematic process. 

Everything seemed so difficult, and nothing was providing me with the right answers. That’s why I developed a simple process that my clients could follow and see results. 

It’s as simple as scheduling a call with me to discuss your short-term and long-term health goals. Then, I customize a plan for you. Together, we’ll dial in your nutrition, get rid of the hidden stress that’s keeping you sick, and work on mastering your mind so you can joyfully move forward. 

And I’ll be right there to walk you through the process as your guide!

Don’t put this off, your health is too important. 

The impact you were created to make is too important. 

Imagine your life one year from today.

If you do nothing different, what is that going to look like? Will you have the energy you need to play with your kids? Will you still be holding down the job that you’re always late for because you lack the energy to get up on time? 

Also consider your relationships. Will you continue to put off intimacy with your spouse and keep canceling plans with friends? All because you just don’t feel like it? How will your children and grandchildren remember you?

I want to see a different story play out for you. 

In fact, I’m going to tell you about the success of one of my clients who previously checked all the above boxes. Keep reading to access the exact steps she took to reclaim her health, so that you can take them, too.Ready to get started now? Schedule a call today to discuss your health goals with me.

Taking Your Life Back By Understanding What Your Body Needs

My client, Cheryl, found herself sitting on the couch everyday wishing her life was different. She had dreams and plans for her future to start a Ministry and become an author. She also wanted to enjoy her husband and children more. But she had no drive to accomplish these dreams. 

She would find herself sitting on the couch all day until her husband and children returned home from work and school. Then, she would peel herself off the couch in the evening to cook dinner.

Cheryl was stressed, exhausted, carrying 50 pounds of excess weight, and was a little moody because of her hormone imbalance. She was so confused about all the health advice out there. She had tried everything she knew and heard of, but nothing was changing. 

At 50 years old, she knew this wasn’t what she wanted for the rest of her life and that she had to do something different. She began to cry out for answers.

When Cheryl and I first had a conversation, I asked if she would let me help her. Cheryl didn’t know if she had the finances and was skeptical if this would be any different than what she had tried in the past. But when we spoke, she was filled with hope for the first time in a long time. 

Does Cheryl’s story remind you of yourself? Reach out to me today to start working towards a life worth living.

1. Address The Underlying Root

There is a difference between addressing symptoms versus repairing “the root.” Most people focus on things they can see, instead of focusing on the roots of the underlying conditions. Oftentimes, the root is poor sleep habits, toxins, negative thoughts, lack of exercise, poor diet, and inflammation. Most people tend to focus on the labels of disease or diagnosis. This can be obesity, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depressions, diabetes, PCOS, autoimmune disease, and more.

But when you focus on the disease, you’ll end up fighting symptoms. Being drawn to fad diets, pills, and detoxes won’t give you the results you want. It’s important to remember, health is not one-size-fits-all.

If you focus on the root, you’ll strengthen your organs, bring balance into your entire body, and rid yourself of symptoms as a side effect. Addressing the underlying root brings hormones, energy, and metabolism into balance.

2. Eat Right For Your Body

It’s important to figure out which foods are right for your body. Doing so allows your body to function at its potential, gives you freedom from cravings, and rids the uncertainty around what to eat. 

When you don’t understand how to eat right for your metabolism, you’ll mindlessly follow every new fad diet out there. Then, you’ll needlessly obsess over the scale. It will dictate how you show up in the world because the number isn’t going in the direction you planned for and want so badly. 

Once you understand how to eat right for your metabolism, things start to feel right. Meals will leave you satisfied, mood stabilizes, blood sugar becomes balanced, cravings go away, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re crashing after meals. Is your relationship with food a constant battle? Get in touch with me so that we can start uncovering why the cycle continues and get you on a path towards healing change.

3. Uncover Hidden Stress

When considering daily stressors, you likely think about mental and emotional stress. However, we have to think about other hidden stressors. 

Hidden stressors require additional investigation. This means hiring someone with experience to look at your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy pathways, and nervous system. Understanding these stressors will give you better insight into what is causing certain symptoms or disease processes to show up in your body. 

If you’re not addressing the hidden stress, then you’ll miss out on the big picture. You won’t be able to get rid of those nagging symptoms. Conventional wisdom doesn’t address the “why.” Instead it focuses on the diagnosis more than getting to the root. But it’s the root of your diagnosis that actually gives you the most powerful answers to address your unique needs so that you can finally heal.

4. Heal Your Body From The Inside Out

This world we live in is very toxic. If you don’t clean our cells the right way, then your entire body will begin to suffer. Chronic disease is a result of bodies that are sick on a cellular level. By not fully implementing what your body needs to optimize cellular health, you will never reach your true health potential. This is why so many people yo-yo up and down on the scale. 

I’ll go ahead and caution you here by stating that “detox in a box” is not that answer. Instead, you must have all the tools you need for this process to fully work for you in your body. 

But once you get this right, your body will release toxins stored in your fat. And only then will your body feel safe enough to release excess body fat. The thyroid controls about 20% of your weight gain, weight loss, and energy. Once your thyroid is functioning optimally, your body will balance your body weight naturally. Furthermore, you’ll get rid of excess hormones like estrogens that may be causing your weight gain, hot flashes, and bloating.

5. Invest In Yourself

If you’re anything like I used to be, you want a direct path to success. You want someone to help you sift through the loads of misinformation. Then, you want a roadmap for your unique needs. No one speeds up the path to success by doing it alone. That’s why hiring a mentor who was once JUST LIKE YOU is so important. 

If you choose to do this alone, you’re risking your success. Not only that, but you’ll continue on the path you’re on now. The guessing will continue about how to get the results you desire. Countless dollars will be spent on things that may or may not get the results you need. Moreover, you’ll be adding years to your frustration. When you’re trapped in this cycle, you may even give up on your goals completely. You may lose faith that health and happiness is possible for you. 

I’ve been there. 

And so has Cheryl. 

What you need is someone to encourage, support, and believe in you. Especially when you’re not believing in yourself. You need someone to remain passionate about helping you create a life you love. To help you focus on the pieces that matter most for your unique situation. Someone to hold you accountable for what you SAY you’re going to do. 

A great mentor helps you try new things, take risks, and gets you out of your comfort that is holding you back. Even better, a great mentor teaches you to learn to trust yourself and let go of negative baggage. This is someone who welcomes your thoughts, fears, feelings, failures, and secret yearnings without judgement.

Trusting The Process To Finally Heal & See Results

Through my process, Cheryl was able to lose 55 pounds and keep it off! Her hormones came into balance naturally. She achieved her dream of becoming an author of Letting God Lead. Cheryl is now a successful woman in the Ministry who leads others to live a healthy lifestyle so they can do what they are called to do. 

Cheryl is one of the greatest testimonies of living a life of health so that you can be successful in your finances, relationships, and every area of your life. Now, she is living the life that she could only imagine from her place on the couch just a few short years ago. 

I know Cheryl would never argue if I said health is your greatest asset. Because, it truly is. 

You have a choice today. And your life and impact is too important for you to put this off! Afterall, you only get one chance. Don’t waste it sitting on the couch because you simply don’t feel like doing anything different. Because, you don’t get to do it over later. 

Live your dreams. 

Be the mom and wife and friend you want to be. 

And be that person because you feel like, not because you have to be. 

If you’re like Cheryl, connect with me today to get on my calendar. Take the first step to living a life worth living by completing my intake application. 

This could be the most important decision you make today.

Overcoming Sugar Addiction For A Long & Healthy Life

Overcoming Sugar Addiction For A Long & Healthy Life

I remember my parents always telling me that sugar would rot my teeth. While that may have been extreme, it wasn’t until much later that I learned the negative impacts sugar has on the rest of the body.

Not only does it cause weight gain, but sugar can cause a host of other problems. Fatigue, sluggish metabolism, digestive upset, and even hormones can be negatively affected by sugar.

Knowing all of this now, why do we still eat sugar?

A tasty treat is one thing, but sugar is addictive and is overloading our bodies with toxins. Read on as I dig a little deeper into overcoming sugar addiction. Reclaim your health and honor your body today.

Overcoming Sugar Addiction For A Long & Healthy Life

You probably already know that sugar isn’t good for you. But did you know sugar can negatively impact your ability to live a long and healthy life?

Obesity and diabetes have reached an all-time high due to this addictive substance. Color it a drug. Sugar is public enemy number one. It’s degrading the health and quality of life for so many people.

Are you or a loved one battling disease or illness? Learn how diving deeper into wholeness can relieve, or fix, your symptoms for good.

Rising Blood Sugar Levels

Steady blood sugar levels is one thing every person who lives to be over 100 has in common.  That’s because the biggest problem with eating sugar-laden foods is they cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. 

So if you have problems with your weight and mood (or feel like you need midday caffeine pick-me-ups), you may have a problem with your blood sugar.

I know firsthand the negative impact sugar can have on a person’s life. When I was a child, I had a sugar imbalance. If you talk to my parents, they would tell you that I was just a very picky eater. As long as it was sweet, I was okay. But I didn’t have an appetite for anything else. 

This sugar habit continued throughout my adult life. By the time I was in my twenties, I had an uncontrollable appetite for sugar. Every week, I would buy a 4 pound brownie, a big icing-filled cookie cake, and 2-3 containers of ice cream. Cakes, cookies, and pastries would often become breakfast and/or dinner. 

Looking back, there’s no question as to why I was sick at one point in my life. 

Sugar ruled me! 

It was my drug of choice.

All this to say, if I can quit sugar, so can you!

Balancing Our Sugar Intake

Honestly, I still enjoy the sweeter things in life. But we have to be smart about our sugar intake if we want to live a long, healthy, and energized life. 

If you’re struggling or consumed by sugar, there are a few things you need to know.

Glycemic Index

To start, let’s look at the glycemic index. A lot of people are taught to go by the glycemic index to determine whether a food is highly impacting the body in a negative way. 

The problem with the glycemic index is it only looks at glucose. It doesn’t even look at fructose, which is actually worse. It also doesn’t take into account nutrient density, fiber, or natural sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners

Second, we are also training our bodies to enjoy these fake sugars. A lot of these alternative sugars are 300 times sweeter than natural sugars. This causes us to crave more of their sweetness. Consequently, we lose our taste for natural foods. 

It’s the impact of sugar that’s the problem. Sugar is the number one drug of choice, even with children. And older people are losing their minds to dementia and Alzeheimers, which we’re finding has a connection with sugar.

Hidden Sugars

Sugar lights up the reward center in the brain the same way as morphine, but it’s more rewarding.

Sugar is sneaking into our foods in salad dressings, green drinks, yogurts, granola, and more. Some of these healthy seeming foods have as much sugar as an ice cream sundae. 

To combat this, start with determining how much of the foods you’re eating have added sugars. Check your dressings and packaged foods. We think we’re making good choices when we eat the salad. But if we’re eating our cranberries and glazed nuts with a raspberry vinaigrette, then there’s an issue. We pass up the burger for the salad, but the salad is much worse for us in this scenario.

See Past The Low-Sugar Marketing Ploys

While checking labels is good practice, you also have to be mindful of deceptive marketing. These food manufacturers often add fruit juice concentrate in a drink and state on the label there are “no added sugars”. This usually indicates that it’s pure fructose, which causes fatty liver. We have children with fatty liver now because of the little fruit juices they’re regularly drinking. Unfortunately, many moms still think they’re healthy. 

With so much misinformation out there, it’s important for you to have a plan to stop eating these foods and remove the hidden sources. 

If you have low mood and energy coupled with weight gain, this could be the reason. Is there more to your sugar addiction than just choosing the wrong foods? Reach out to me to get to the emotional root of your sugar craving triggers.

Snacking Causes Sugar Dependency

Another big problem is snacking. Insulin stays up when you snack throughout the day, and your body learns to depend on steady amounts of sugar to operate. And when the sugar isn’t there, the body crashes. 

This is exactly what happened to me as a child when I was passing out from low blood sugar. 

The sugar also feeds bad bacteria and yeast in the gut. This causes you to crave more and it becomes a vicious cycle. 

Also, snacking causes us to hold on to fat. This is because you’re teaching your body to run off sugar, not fat. Then you feel the need to eat every couple of hours. But if you teach your body to run off fat, it will allow you to go 3-4 hours after a meal without even thinking about food.

So this is why it’s important to balance your plate with the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins to balance your blood sugar so you can heal your metabolism. Learn more about how your ideal plate should look in my free guide. 

When your body runs on its own fat and energy, it’s a sign of health.

Ready To Overcome Your Sugar Addiction?

This is more than willpower. You may have been duped by misinformation from the food industry. But you can turn this around in a matter of weeks. I have clients who clean out their cravings within the first 10 days of working with me. Even those clients who have been craving sugar for a lifetime, like me. 

It comes down to giving your body what it needs. In return, it will give you what you want. You can start today by simply lowering your sugar intake.

And if you’ve got your sugar under control, you likely have a friend or family member that might be struggling. Share a little love by sending them this blog. They will thank you later.If you’re ready to take authority over your health and start overcoming sugar addiction, make an appointment to find the happy, healthy, and whole you today!

Case Study: The Correlation Between Gut Health and Fertility

Case Study: The Correlation Between Gut Health and Fertility

Women across the world are becoming more open about infertility, miscarriages, pregnancy, and birth.

But one thing that isn’t often discussed is the correlation between gut health and fertility.

Today, I’m honored to share with you a very special client case. Becky came to me malnourished, with digestive issues. She was on antacids for an 8-year digestive issue. During her 2-year struggle to conceive, she entered perimenopause – the phase a woman goes through right before entering her menopausal years.

A woman goes through no cycles or irregular cycles for about one year prior to entering into menopause. When a woman’s cycle stops for one year, medical professionals consider them menopausal.

While this was the case for Becky, she was young and wanted another baby. Instead of giving up, she came to me to evaluate her body and hormones. Unfortunately, her hormones were extremely depleted.

But there is power in nutrition and the right healing protocols.

Case Study: Becky’s Gut Health And Fertility

There is also a very strong connection with gut health and fertility – one that I know very well from my own hormone and gut battles.

And you can see that she was dealing with both gut and hormone issues, according to her symptoms.

Symptoms That Indicated Her Fertility Issues

Becky’s main symptoms were indigestion and difficulty gaining weight. She was fatigued. She had no menstrual cycle. Her biggest wish was that she would be healthy enough to get pregnant.

If you looked at her hormones, you could see that she was in menopausal range. When we did cycle mapping, she didn’t have any rise in her female sex hormones – estrogen or progesterone. Those two hormones are both vital to make a baby and maintain pregnancy.

Hesitancy Before We Got To A Solution

Even with her symptoms and my experience helping women heal their gut health (and usually supporting their fertility), Becky still experienced some hesitancy.

First, she was nervous about the financial investment to heal her body. There’s nothing I can say to make you feel at ease except for offering testimonials. You need to decide if you are worth the risk. Are you willing to risk some money to find a long-term solution?

Next, she had a feeling of doubt. Would this really work for her and help her reach her goal of getting pregnant?

Finally, she wanted results fast – overnight fast. The results weren’t coming in quick enough to meet her unrealistic expectations. She got nervous and began to question the process. Health is not a linear process. There are ups and downs along the healing journey. We can not rush healing. When we attempt to create overnight results, we add unnecessary stress on the body – slowing down the healing even more. Thankfully, Becky learned to rely on the process, reduce her stress and trust her body more.


What We Did To Solve Her Infertility

Like I previously mentioned, healing doesn’t happen overnight. There are many things that we went through to determine the problem and find a solution so she could experience healing.

Proper Nutrition & Supplementation

First, we focused on nutrition. Your body craves nutrients in order to have balanced gut health.

When Becky’s hormone test came back at the beginning, we knew her hormones were struggling. With proper nutrition and supplementation, we worked to wake up glands that produce hormones in the body. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands are key players in fertility (in addition to the ovaries).

Stress Reduction

Next, we worked to reduce her stress levels with meditation, stress reduction techniques, and breathing exercises. This beautiful lady tried to get pregnant month after month only to fail. By the time she reached me, she was super discouraged, worried, and stressed. And that’s the worst combination for the body if you want to get pregnant.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “the risk of depression, anxiety, and distress is high for infertile patients.” Moreover, “25% to 60% of infertile individuals report psychiatric symptoms and that their levels of anxiety and depression are significantly higher than in fertile controls.”

Stress is one component to infertility. So Becky worked to reduce stress. Even if this didn’t move the needle in her journey to get pregnant again, it put her in a healthier place with her heart, mental health, etc.

Toxin Removal

While working to reduce her stress levels, we started a protocol to reduce toxins in her body and her environment. When the gut is overloaded with toxins, it impacts the entire body. Read here how to reduce your toxic load.


Next, we began to fuel her body with movement – the right type of movement for the goals she had in mind.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to an exercise plan. If you want to discover the right steps to take for your healing journey, schedule a discovery call today.


Finally, I gave her a little hope.

You may know someone like Becky. They’ve tried everything to get well. Maybe, they’ve even been told that nothing can be done. By the time many of my clients connect with me, they have a similar story to Becky. They are left with no hope. Nothing else could be done – or so they are told.

I believe in my clients and my number one goal is to help them reach their heart’s desire – whether that’s to avoid disease or get pregnant.
And I will stand beside them until they have the tools they need to succeed.

After we made a dent in her healing journey, I will never forget the phone call I received when she told me she had her first cycle. We were both ecstatic. What a miracle!
When we give the body what it needs, it gives us what we want in return.

And that’s exactly what happened with Becky. Her next cycle was 6 weeks later. While that’s not perfect, it was an amazing start.

Two cycles in a row. Another miracle!

Becky continued supporting her hypothalamus and pituitary glands for a few months. She then decided that she was going to work with her doctor to go through traditional fertility treatments to seal the deal.


Get All The Tools To Heal Your Gut Health and Fertility

She had all the tools she needed for me to stay in health while she was pregnant.

My work was done.

I love hearing about the ending, so I asked her to contact me as soon has she had any news about a pregnancy.

Then, I received a message from her that she was four months pregnant!

These are the moments I would not trade for anything in the world. There is so much freedom in living a life of health.

While I cannot promise that everyone will live disease and symptom free, my goal is to make sure my clients have everything they need to be as close to that as possible.

Miracles do happen.

Do you believe that one conversation can change a person’s life?

Becky would answer yes! What about you?

Schedule a free discovery call with me to determine your starting point to reach your health goals.