How to Naturally Balance Hormones by Healing Your Gut

How to Naturally Balance Hormones by Healing Your Gut

The gut-hormone connection is real. By healing your gut inflammation, it’s possible to naturally balance hormones.

A word of caution: Be careful with band-aid approaches that cover up digestive symptoms and hormone imbalance with things like birth control and over-the-counter remedies. We get ourselves in trouble when we focus on temporary relief instead of long-term resolution.

Let’s talk about how to naturally balance hormones by healing your gut and improving your liver health.

My Own Journey to Balancing My Hormones

One of my early childhood health-related memories was when I started my menstrual cycle. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know how to handle it. I tried to hide it – even from my mom. 

My periods were so painful that I would lay on a heating pad most days and pop Midol like candy. By age 12, I was prescribed the pill! You know the one – birth control. 

Over time, I moved from one magic pill to the next to control these symptoms. I ended up on a vaginal ring and then the depo provera shot. By age 27, I met with my functional medicine doctor after being off birth control for about a year and was told I was in perimenopause, meaning my hormones were fizzling out. I had not seen my cycle in 3 years. 

My personal challenges as a child spurred my interest in this gut-hormone connection. It started with severe constipation, which I now know causes excess estrogen to build up in the system and causes estrogen dominance, which in turn causes those heavy cycles and severe PMS symptoms. 

It was a vicious cycle that led to birth control and caused a lifetime of fungal infections and irritable bowel by the time I was in my teens because I never addressed the root. Even after natural hormone therapy with bioidentical hormones, my digestive issues and hormone imbalances got worse. 

After doing the research and accessing the right lab tests that I use with clients today, I was able to heal my digestion, balance hormones naturally, and now I feel better than ever. 

As I reflect back on my health journey, it’s evident that I’ve pursued health most of my life. You may feel the same. Oftentimes when we struggle, it drives us to find answers. I’m happy to say I was able to do that and I’m healthier now than ever. 

But I have to be honest! This journey hasn’t been filled with rainbows and sunshine every day. 

Standing on the other side, I look back and see that my health issues were compiled over time, and not something that happened over night. 

We live in a toxic world, eat toxic foods, have toxic relationships, and those things all create a toxic body. 

This is possible for you too, as I see it happen in the lives of others every day. If you’re experiencing digestive issues or hormone imbalances today, know that your body didn’t wake up one day and decide to start acting crazy. It’s been building up over time and even since childhood.

Today, we’ll discuss how these systems are connected and the signs you should look for when trying to determine if there’s a possible imbalance for you too.

What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

Hormone imbalance can ramp up your appetite, decrease your sleep quality, and have a major effect on your mood and sex drive. This was my life. 

Medications like birth control can also cause disruptions in the gut, so you end up with symptoms like: 

  • Anxiety or irritability
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritable bowel, bloating, or constipation
  • Nutrient deficiencies from poor diet
  • Fluctuations in weight 

And much more!

The Gut-Hormone Connection

When you control inflammation in your gut, it becomes possible to balance hormones and shed excess body fat naturally. 

You may not be on birth control, but if you’re experiencing digestive issues and feel like your hormones are out of whack, I want you to know about the gut-hormone connection, because it could be the culprit. A huge piece of this connection starts with your liver. 

When it comes to the liver, we usually focus on its role in detoxification. Your liver performs about 200 important functions that impact hormones, cholesterol, protein synthesis, blood purification, and more.

When your liver is working efficiently, it purifies the blood, regulates metabolism, stores vitamins and minerals, and even protects you from infections.

Even if your labs appear to be normal, you still may have a sluggish liver. We’ll talk about the liver in a minute.

The First Step to Balance Hormones

When you want to balance hormones naturally, you must address the entire body. The symptoms are not the problem. They are a result of the problem.

Try some of these foods that balance hormones: 

  • Break up with sugar to prevent the bacterial imbalances and fungal overgrowth it causes. 
  • Eat more fiber rich foods, especially those in the cruciferous family to help with estrogen detox – broccoli, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and kale are some of my favorites. 
  • Include naturally detoxifying foods for your liver like lemon, grapefruit, beets, dandelion greens. 

And finally, talk to your doctor about healthy alternatives to medications that are harming your liver and get a second opinion if necessary. 

graphic listing foods that can naturally balance hormones

How to Naturally Balance Hormones by Addressing the Liver

Clients like Erica often ask me to investigate hormone health because of low libido, weight gain, and loss of muscle mass. Specific questions allow me to determine whether the gut may be playing a role in this imbalance.

Many times these clients have been on birth control or some other form of hormone therapy and even things like antidepressants for years and complain that they’ve stopped working.

Here’s what happens:

Your liver goes through several phases of detoxification to make the toxins more water soluble using oxygen. The liver then uses enzymes to burn up these toxins. And the toxins are easily expelled through the liver and kidneys.

During this process, the liver produces more toxins, which sounds like we’re going backward, but it’s a necessary step as toxins are being pulled out of the system.

Your methylation pathways are responsible for detoxifying estrogen. 

When methylation is slow, excess estrogen can build up in the body, leading to many of your hormone related symptoms.

This pathway is an issue for many of my clients, as it was for me. When we address the liver through proper detox and support the body in a natural way, it’s likely that the body will be able to make sufficient amounts of hormones without the support of pills, injections, or pellets.

4 Clues Your Liver is Causing Hormone Imbalance

  1. Poor Digestion

Your liver is responsible for producing bile, which breaks down fat (including fat soluble vitamins) during digestion.

The gallbladder stores this bile until you need it to help break down food. When this process doesn’t work efficiently, you may experience nausea, indigestion, and bloating after meals.

Pain in the upper right corner of your abdomen, underneath your rib cage is another sign that your liver is inflamed.

  1. Hormonal imbalance symptoms

Low testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels can show up as low libido, hair loss, fatigue, increased body fat, poor sleep, and decreased bone mass.

The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. With too much conversion, low testosterone can be an unwanted side effect that often leads to further hormone imbalances and even heart disease.

The liver plays a critical role in ridding excess hormones (like estrogen) from your body. 

When there’s a buildup of these estrogens, symptoms are exacerbated and you may end up gaining weight and feel over-emotional.

  1. Skin related issues

Your skin becomes a detox pathway when toxins build up in the system and the liver isn’t able to process those toxins out. As a result, your skin starts to clog, causing conditions like acne, rosacea, rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

You may use topical creams to put out the flame, but many times the problem is a congested liver. Once you cleanse the liver, these conditions are more likely to heal.

  1. Bad breath or white coating on the tongue

If you stick out your tongue, look in the mirror, and see a white film, it may be another indicator you have a sluggish liver. 

This white coating leads to bad breath. You may try to scrape the coating off in an attempt to fix the problem. But unless you address the root, the white coating will return.

Your mouth, gut, and liver are all part of your digestive tract and play a role in digestion. This white coating is a sign that you’re not digesting your food well, and a sign of yeast or bacterial overgrowth in the gut. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to look at the current state of your hormones to address the root cause, you can purchase the DUTCH test for hormones and I’ll include an interpretation and offer guidance with next steps to address what’s causing your imbalances.

What makes Dutch hormone Testing different is that it captures more information about your hormones in one simple test. It offers a uniquely comprehensive look at the hormones, showing risk factors for conditions such as prostate or breast cancer, for example. 

This in-depth look at the hormones allows you to better address the underlying cause of imbalance, rather than using a hormone or medication to put out fires related to symptoms. It offers insight so you can address the cause in a more natural way.  

How To Overcome The Travel Blues When You Return From Vacation

How To Overcome The Travel Blues When You Return From Vacation

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation?

I know I have. It doesn’t matter if you had a relaxing vacation or one that was action-packed. Once you’re home, you can feel drained – both mentally and physically.

Recently, I returned from beautiful Sedona, Arizona. What I love so much about that place is there’s no shortage of healthy food. Plus, there’s plenty of outdoor activities and hiking. And I’m so energized when I’m in that part of the country.

Sounds perfect? Right. Unfortunately, that 2-hour time change took some time to adjust.

After traveling for 7 years of my old career, I finally learned how doable it is to remain healthy – during and after a trip. 

4 Steps To Overcome The Travel Blues And Remain Healthy While Traveling

To overcome the travel blues (especially after you return from your trip), follow these simple tips. No longer do you have to take a vacation after your vacation. 

Rather watch a short video with the same information?

1. Get Ahead Of Your Jet Lag

Jet lag is a very real thing, and it can last for a few days (depending on how many time zones you cross and how much effort you put into making sure the transition is smooth). 

One of the best things you can do for yourself while battling jet lag is to get natural light therapy. That means sunlight!

Sunlight influences your body’s internal clock, also known as your circadian rhythm. When you’re traveling any amount of distance, especially to a different time zone, your body needs to adjust. Once you acclimate to the new-to-you sunlight schedule, your body will wake up and fall asleep at the appropriate times.

To prepare, start adjusting your sleep schedule a few days before you travel. However, this can be a little difficult if your work hours lack flexibility. So a lot of times, it’s easier to adjust once you reach your destination.

Morning sunlight exposure can help you adjust to the new time zones. But if you combine some sort of outdoor exercise (like walking), your body will adjust more quickly.

2. Don’t Forget To Pack Your Favorite Supplements

Here are some of the must-haves for my packing list. With these products and supplements, my body adjusts to travel and recuperates more quickly once I’m back home.


When I travel, I bring my healthy coffee that’s infused with an adaptogen called Ganoderma. The ancients referred to it as the “King of Herbs” and for a good reason. The caffeine from the coffee helps me start my day energized. And the Ganoderma helps balance stress that could come as a side effect of jet lag or travel in general.


The naturally occurring hormone in your body that your brain produces to counter wakefulness and stress is called melatonin. As it is associated with the circadian rhythm, sun and artificial lights can block its production.

However, melatonin supplements can be very beneficial to take before bed. It helps balance out the effects of stress from your travel-filled day. 

Towels your body wind down in the evening, it’s best to take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. If you have extra trouble sleeping while traveling, you can increase the dose a bit. But if you’re new to melatonin, you can start as little as 1 milligram and still feel the benefits. 


Along with messing with your sleep, air travel also changes the bacteria in your gut. So it’s normal to notice cravings, changes in your appetite, or even difficulty pooping. 

If you’re a frequent flyer, make sure you have a good, high-dose probiotic on hand. 

Is your struggle with gut health preventing you from living your best life? Get in touch with me today to get started on your journey to a happy, healthy, and whole you.

Daily Greens & Detox

Eating enough vegetables can be difficult while traveling. While it may be easy to eat right, expect your meals to not be as balanced as you’d like.

Try to bring a daily greens powder and detox formula with protein with you. These two things help you get enough nutrients while pulling out toxins that you’re exposed to while traveling or eating out too much. When traveling, add in a couple of different formulas and add a handful of nuts or an avocado. And that turns into a great healthy breakfast you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

This daily form of detox is something I share with my clients so that they understand how to implement routines to stay healthy long term.

Digestive Enzymes

It’s pretty difficult to avoid eating out while on the road. But we have to think about the food we consume in restaurants. The quality is likely not the same as what we consume in our homes. A digestive enzyme can help you digest foods more efficiently. 

Furthermore, we all have a tendency to be a little more lenient on the foods we allow on our plates while traveling. So if and when that happens, you want to make sure you give your body the best chance to digest efficiently.

3. Make A Practical Meal Plan You Can Stick To

Another way to set yourself up for success while traveling is to eat as many healthy, home-cooked meals as possible. For instance, try to stay in a place with a kitchen. This way, you can prepare at least one healthy meal there each day. It’s easy to stop by a local grocery store and grab a whole chicken, avocado, boiled eggs, raw vegetables, fruits, and a healthy salad dressing like Primal Kitchen.

Don’t allow snack attacks ruin your healthy eating. It’s a good idea to carry plenty of healthy snacks like single-serving packets of almond butter, coconut butter, protein bars, and meat sticks. 

Electrolytes are always good to have on hand because traveling in itself can be dehydrating. This is especially true if your trip will include a day(s) of adventure. So be prepared to keep yourself hydrated. 

Do you find sticking to a wellness plan challenging? Then contact me today to learn how I can customize a plan just for you, cheer on your success, and also hold you accountable.

4. Take Care Of Your Body Before, During, & After Travel Days

The absolute best way to stay healthy while you’re traveling and after you return home is to take care of your body the best you can.

For starters, make sure you’re getting proper amounts of sleep. When you wake up, get sunlight in the mornings and again in the afternoons. It’s also a good idea to take an evening walk to help balance your blood sugar before bed. 

But of course, enjoy your vacation. Splurge a little on meals, but eat as healthy as you can and limit your alcohol intake. And don’t forget to pack a few supplements to support your body’s needs.

When you return home, give yourself a day to recuperate. Plan ahead to avoid having a lot of meetings on your calendar. Instead, use it as a day to catch up on emails and take it easy.

Once you’re home, get back on track with healthy, home-cooked meals full of plenty of whole foods and good nutrition. And, leave time in your schedule to go on morning walks and do restorative exercises to help reset those circadian rhythms.

Additionally, you may want to schedule a massage to help move your lymphatic system. I usually like to schedule mine at the end of the week when I return.

Do you have your own favorite travel hacks to get back on track? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Ready To Implement Routines To Use At Home & On The Road To Remain Healthy While Traveling?

Travel should be fun, but it shouldn’t set you back when it comes to your health progress.

After all, the best way to enjoy your life, whether at home or on the road, is to keep your body and mind healthy. If you’re ready to start experiencing the life God intended for you, then we should talk. Apply for a complimentary call with me today. If your goals are a good fit for my program, then I will invite you to transform your health with me as your guide.

Living In Health: The Surprising Truth To Making It A Reality

Living In Health: The Surprising Truth To Making It A Reality

When you’re not feeling your best, do you find yourself going to the doctor for another pill to subdue a symptom? 

Or another lab test to diagnose a disease? 

Maybe you’re being offered another surgery to cut something out?

What do you think it takes to be healthy?

Eating a healthy diet? Taking the right lab test? Getting enough exercise? Sleeping the proper amount?

Now, I want you to think back to a time when you were feeling your best and truly living in health.

What did your relationships look like?

How was your work environment?

Did you feel a spiritual connection?

And when did things start to go wrong?

If you’re like most people, a major stressor is likely what led to the downward spiral of your health.

When this occurs, we start to notice tiny symptoms in our bodies. Then, we push those aside and ignore them… Until we can’t ignore them any longer.

This very same thing happened to me many years ago. My body was starting to speak to me very softly. I even felt the mental nudge that I needed to slow down. But against my better judgment, I kept going. 

Before long, I was at the sickest point in my life. I was fatigued, anxious, depressed, couldn’t sleep, and had no drive or ambition.

And I felt like my body was failing me. 

Is this you? Are you ready to start living in health?

Do you want to see this same message in a video?

How To Start Living In Health

At the time my body was failing me, I was a practicing nurse and I was seeing patients who were just like me. I was feeling very frustrated for them and frustrated for myself because I was suffering alongside them. 

Did we really need to run all of these tests? 

Why was the process so frustrating?

Both the patients and I were begging for another pill, potion, or surgery just to find some relief. Like my patients, my doctors ran all kinds of tests and gave me diagnosis after diagnosis, on top of multiple medications. They even offered surgery to solve my issues when it became apparent that the pills and potions weren’t doing the trick.

Then one day, I woke up. And I realized that I couldn’t live this life anymore.

You may be in this place right now. The place I was when I began to question everything. How could I, as a nurse, not know how to start living in health?

That awakening led me to do my own research into the truth about medicine. Is this sounding all too familiar? I remember that feeling. Don’t put off your health and life any longer. Contact me today to say hello to a healthier you.

Focus Your Attention On Being Whole

Eventually, I started seeing the body as a whole.

Have you ever thought about the intelligent piece of machinery we’re walking around in?

Do you ever wonder how truly powerful it is?

And do you realize how connected the mind, body, and spirit truly are?

A lot of the personal work I did on myself had to do with learning to master my mind and emotions while working on my character.

This was the very first step I took in my life to heal my physical body. And then, I realized it… No one was looking at the whole picture. 

After seeing this, I couldn’t go back.

You may wonder what in the world this has to do with your diabetes or high blood pressure… But it’s all connected. 

I thought functional medicine was the answer. While I believed in many of the same things, a lot of the same traditional medicine principles were overtaking the natural health industry. Instead of a prescription pill, I found myself making replacements with supplements. In fact, I went through several functional medicine doctors. 

Yet, I remained sick.

Have you been there? If so, you understand the place of frustration I was in.

I wanted to know more about what makes the body healthy and how a person gets sick. I was looking at all the studies, following the experts, and trying the latest and greatest biohacks.

But most of all, I started investigating my own life and what I was missing. I started thinking back to the times when I was living my happiest life. And I was comparing those times to my sickest.

The answer started to become even more clear.

Gain A Different Perspective To Connect The Dots

This is what you’re not going to learn from your doctor. This is the stuff they are never taught in medical school. Everything that we think of as health is only a mask. 

What really matters is that you fuel yourself with the things that God created. That you nourish healthy relationships and enjoy what you do in your career. And that you find a place or a way to express yourself creatively while addressing underlying trauma and mindset issues. This also means learning to express your emotions instead of holding them back, be authentic to who you are, and find a way to live a life of health and abundance – no matter what.

If you don’t have these things, then this is exactly how you can end up going from doctor to doctor – always feeling like you’re doing all the right thing without getting results.It’s not about calories in and calories out. And it’s certainly not about the latest health trends. The human body is much more complex than that.

Heal The Damaging Disconnect

We are so disconnected from ourselves as a people.

You may feel that you’re doing everything for your physical body. You may be exercising, eating right, and doing all the things. But if you’re not taking care of your mind and heart, and tapping into that person who is at your core, then your body will be a reflection of that.

I tell my clients that we can’t keep going around acting like crazy people. The type-A personalities run from one thing to the next – never slowing down but still expecting to live in health. 

It doesn’t work like that.

The body needs appreciation from us – just as the mind needs time to rest if we expect to be creative. And we can love others more easily if we learn to love ourselves first.

We need to learn to tune into our intuition. It is the most beautiful part of us. We need to learn that we are our own healers. And when we learn to tap into that, we won’t have to worry so much about the pills and potions that are being pushed on us by a model that doesn’t work.

It is who we are at our core that matters. And no one can tell us who that is. Once you realize this, you will understand that you have all the tools. And you will be prepared to start living in health. 

Tap Into Healing From The Inside Out

My clients are so successful because they understand their bodies and the tools available to them. I teach them how to tap into this part of themselves while offering a strategic plan that truly allows them to heal from the inside out. 

Doing this allows my clients to tune into their bodies at any given time to give it what it needs to be whole. And it doesn’t matter if that need is mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. 

The science is in, but you are listening to the wrong message. There are plenty of studies on spirituality, love, gratitude, and living a life of pleasure. These studies show how our health improves the more we tap into these resources.Are you prepared to trust your body’s signals? Then I am here to be your guide. Get in touch with me today to get started on your journey to a happy, healthy, and whole you.

Tune Into Your Own Intuition To Start Living In Health

I’m not telling you that a doctor is not important or that nutrition doesn’t matter. And I’m definitely not telling you that you shouldn’t move your body. All of these things are important.

But what I am saying is that we have to learn to develop ourselves personally.

So if you’re experiencing some kind of symptom in your body, I want you to start asking yourself questions. Because there may be a reason you’re sick and it may have little to do with your physical body.

You can start by asking yourself what is out of balance and what your body needs from you right now at this moment. If you open yourself up to the possibility that the answer is already within you, then you will realize how powerful you truly are.

Ready To Start Living In Health The Way God Intended?

Stress is an absolute driver behind disease, and it has overtaken the majority of our population today. And I don’t just mean the stress of recent events. 

If I get down to the core of it, stress is the number one reason people walk into my practice. And most of the time, they don’t even realize it. Because they come to me to help with their digestion, energy, metabolism, hormones – but they don’t realize that it’s all connected to stress.

When we learn to be true to who we are, everything on the inside will radiate on the outside. And this is something no doctor can ever give us.

So, I have a prescription for you today, if you will accept. 

And that is… Stop.

Be still. 

Ask yourself and your body what it needs from you right now to be healthy. And trust your intuition.

Whatever your body answers, go with it. It might just be the very thing to give you the total transformation you’ve been longing for. If you’re ready to put a stop to visiting doctors with no answers, then apply for a complimentary call with me today. If your goals are a good fit, then I will invite you to allow me to guide you through your transformation to health.


How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

When we talk about the liver, we usually focus on its role in detoxification. Your liver performs about 200 very important functions. These impact hormones, cholesterol, bile production, protein synthesis, blood purification, and more.

When your liver is working efficiently, it purifies the blood, regulates metabolism, stores vitamins and minerals, and even protects you from parasites and other infections. 

But what happens when your liver isn’t working efficiently? 

And do you understand how your gut health impacts hormone health? 

It’s important to realize that the labs can still appear normal even when your liver is sluggish. A lot of people come to me saying their doctor ran their bloodwork and their liver is fine. 

So if your lab tests are normal, how do you know if you are suffering from a sluggish liver?

What Happens When The Liver Functions & Malfunctions

The liver plays a crucial role in your body. But are you aware of the symptoms of a malfunctioning liver?

Gut Health: Digestive Problems

The liver produces bile that helps to aid in digestion. But what happens when the liver is producing less bile? Or when the gallbladder is no longer doing a good job of storing bile to use when you eat? If this occurs, you may experience bloating, constipation, and loss of appetite. 

Are you tired of digestive problems controlling your life? 

Get in touch with me and together we can get to the root of the problem so that you can truly heal.

Gut Health: Blood Sugar Problems

The liver plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. So what happens when you have a sluggish liver? 

If you are suffering from a sluggish liver, then your blood sugar levels will tend to fluctuate. This may leave you feeling weak and dizzy. Nausea, vomiting, and a total lack of energy are common.

Hormonal Imbalance

Think of your liver as a filter for your hormones. When this process is not working efficiently, you may experience sleep disturbance, depression, irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, and fibroids.

Skin Related Issues

When clients come to me with any kind of skin problem, one of the first things to come to mind is the liver. This is because it plays a huge role in eliminating toxins from the body. 

One of the ways we detox is through the skin. When the liver isn’t working efficiently, toxins can come through the skin, and you may develop rashes such as psoriasis, eczema, itching skin, or even acne and moles. 


Our livers take a beating regularly due to the toxic world we live in. Several things in our environment expose us to toxins on a daily basis, including:

  • Air pollution
  • Toxic cosmetics and skincare products
  • Home cleaning products
  • Prescription medications
  • Herbicides and pesticides in our foods
  • Toxic cookware
  • Plastics
  • And even tap water

Aside from your liver, you can also detoxify through your skin, lungs, kidneys, and digestive tract. However, when one of those areas becomes overloaded, it can take a toll on your body.

So where does the gut-hormone connection actually come in?

How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

Clients often ask me to investigate their hormone health. To do this, I start by asking questions to determine whether the gut is playing a role in their hormonal imbalance.

In my years of practice, there have been client cases where diet and supplements alone improve the hormone imbalance. This was the case for Tanya, one of my younger clients.

She had debilitating menstrual cycles that would even land her in the hospital. The biggest change we made was upgrading her diet to include more natural and whole foods, and eliminating processed foods. Doing this cleaned up her liver. And with targeted supplements, we even repaired her gut lining. 

Are you seeing how your gut health impacts hormone health? Contact me so that you can finally get back to the life God intended for you to be living. 

Understanding The Phases Of Detoxification

Your liver goes through more than one phase of detoxification. That’s why it’s important to know what you need for proper detoxification to take place. 

If you feel the temptation to grab a detox in a box, you might want to reconsider to avoid wasting your money. Unfortunately, the juice cleanse trends don’t offer true detoxification benefits, because they don’t have everything needed to truly allow you to detox. 

Phase One

During the first phase of detoxification, your liver makes the toxins more water-soluble using oxygen. Then your liver uses enzymes to burn up the toxins. This allows toxins to more easily expel through the liver and kidneys. This process stirs things up and causes the liver to produce more toxins. It sounds like we’re taking a step backward here, but it is a necessary step in the process.

Phase Two

In the second phase of detoxification, the oxidized chemicals combine with specific amino acids and organic acids. Then, they excrete through bile or urine.

There are six different pathways in phase two that are responsible for different substances, like estrogen, heavy metals, thyroid hormones, nicotine, bacterial toxins, caffeine, and more.

Other Detoxification Methods & Issues

Not all clients have it as easy as Tanya. When working with my clients, I use advanced hormone testing that looks at the pathways rather than just the hormone alone. This testing also looks at organic acids as well as methylation pathways. 

Methylation Pathways

It’s fairly common to see problems with methylation pathways. They are responsible for detoxifying estrogen, dopamine, histamine, and heavy metals. However, when methylation is slow, we can increase certain types of B vitamins to strengthen the pathway.


Sulfation also plays a role in the detoxification of neurotransmitters, thyroid hormones, and excess bile acids. It’s important to realize that over-the-counter anti-inflammatories negatively impact this pathway. We can, however, support this pathway with sulfur-rich foods and supplements. 


When it comes to estrogen, detoxification pathway blockage can lead to estrogen excess. This can result in fibrous tissue in your uterus or breast, thyroid nodules, heavy menstrual cycles, miscarriages, infertility, hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, and fatigue. 

Too many times, women have come to me after their doctors dismissed some of these as normal hormonal symptoms. That’s exactly what happened to Tanya. But when we completely assessed the situation, we were able to naturally balance her hormones and do away with her unwelcome symptoms – by addressing the root. 

My Gut Hormone Connection

My own challenges spurred my interest in the gut hormone connection. As a child, I developed constipation issues. At the age of 12, I was put on birth control. This was followed by me dealing with fungal and candida infections for many years. I never made the connection between my symptoms and birth control. But by the time I was in my late teens, I received my IBS diagnosis.

In my mid-twenties, I lost my menstrual cycle for about three years. 

Then at 27, I was diagnosed with perimenopause. 

But even with the bioidentical hormones, my digestive symptoms never seemed to completely correct themselves. In fact, some of my symptoms even got worse. The cravings, weight gain, and inflammation in my body were still part of my daily life.

To be honest, I did feel slightly better. But I could tell the prescriptions were simply covering up my symptoms, just like birth control did for so long. 

Turns out, I was being over-prescribed hormones. Under the guidance of a functional medicine doctor, I stopped taking those prescriptions. Instead, my new doctor was helping me to support my liver and detox my body in a way no one ever had. The funny thing is, I was suddenly feeling better than I had in years. 

What I Learned From My Journey

Being a practitioner myself at the time, I took advantage of my resources. I started running the advanced assessments and labs that I use with my clients today. While looking at my digestive system, it was revealed that I had parasites. 

So I started strategically working on those areas. By implementing a healthy lifestyle and a very specific supplement protocol, I brought my body back into balance. I was able to heal my IBS symptoms and rid myself of parasites. 

The best part is, after years of struggling with hormone imbalance, from my first cycle at 11 through the age of 30, I was finally able to balance my hormones. 

And I did it naturally with food and supplements!

Heal Your Entire Body & Your Gut Health (The Liver, Gut, & Hormones) Will Follow

When you’re looking to heal or stop symptoms, it’s important to address the entire body. The problem you are aware of may not be the actual problem after all. Instead, it may be the result of a problem in another area.

It’s important to remember that the entire body is connected. One area can greatly impact another. And it’s understandable if you’re not sure how it’s all connected or not understanding how to do the detective work on your own. 

Putting the puzzle pieces together took me a lifetime and lots of training to accomplish. But that doesn’t mean you should continue in your cycle of trial and error. It’s time to hire someone with experience. I can help you get to the root of your health issues so you can make a bigger impact in this world. Reach out today to start your own healing journey.

A Story Of How My Recent Illness Impacted Me Deeply

A Story Of How My Recent Illness Impacted Me Deeply

I’ve spent a lot of time this past month thinking back to when I was at the sickest point of my life. It impacted every single organ. I believe that’s by design. Stress and sickness can eventually impact everything. Your relationships, finances, career, social life. It could also show up as an imbalance in a lot of different areas, like your hormones, your digestive system, your immune system, weight and metabolism issues, or autoimmune conditions. 

I have experienced pain in every single organ system. 

I was on a ton of medications and the only other solution being advised to me was to be cut open on an operating table. 

So I went on a mission to heal my body naturally. I was tired of hearing the same message over and over that the doctors needed to throw yet another medication my way. 

Everything I needed to heal my body was placed on this earth. All it took was the knowledge to know how to access it. 

Once I started living a natural and functional lifestyle, my symptoms disappeared for 10 years. That ultimately became a point of pride for me. It was a flag that I waved proudly and boldly. I had been 100% healed. 

That was until my recent illness impacted me deeply and in multiple ways.

How Health’s Longevity Plays Out

I’ve been silent about this topic – mainly because there are so many polarizing viewpoints and I didn’t want to get distracted by that. 

My recent illness impacted me deeply and this needs to be said…

If you’ve been around here for some time, you know my message is one of longevity. I believe you don’t have to get sick before you die. You can live in health right now and into old age. 

However, when there is longevity, it is easy to fall off the straight and narrow path. Over the last couple of months, I compromised a couple of areas of my life. For a moment, I forgot that everything matters when it comes to your health. 

Every time you allow some sort of stress to creep in, eat something that doesn’t agree with your stomach, don’t put yourself first, forget the boundaries that you need to set, or lose your grounding… 

All those things matter and impact your health. 

It’s not a one-and-done game. 

It’s a do the right things every day, day in and day out, for your health.[RELATED: 7 Tips To Start Living in Optimal Health & Break Free From Your Body’s Underlying Malfunction]

My Recent Illness Impacted Me Deeply & Changed My Outlook

Every time I experience a symptom in my body, I remember the imbalances in my past cycles of illness. If I wake up with a headache, I remember the migraines that’d last a month or longer. Panic, fear, and sleepless nights used to consume me. I used to live a life directed by how I was feeling every single day. I’ve been reminded of all of those things – especially this last month. 

Getting sick again has impacted me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

My fever lasted 17 days without breaking. It was only when a friend sent me wet sock therapy that I was actually able to break that fever. Upper respiratory stuff was affecting my quality of life. I was living on anti-inflammatory medication – which destroys our gut. Unfortunately because of the symptoms, I had to rely on those medications to simply make it through the day. 

I’m grateful to have a lot of tools and resources stashed in the back of my mind for moments like this… even though I pray they don’t happen often. 

Now, I’m on the tail-end of this illness. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that I’ve watched people die because of this same illness. 

Despite the heartbreaking symptoms I experienced, I’m appreciative of the lessons that came my way. Here’s what I learned: 


My compassion for my clients has come back. It’s stronger than it’s been in a long time. 

I remember what it feels like to be sick. After 10 years, it’s so easy to forget that. As I remember what pain and aches feel like, I know that many of my clients have been living with these symptoms. I used to catch every illness that came my way and now I remember how that currently pertains to many of my clients and readers. Headaches, sleepless nights, and having to change clothes in the middle of the night because I was sweating due to menopausal symptoms in my mid-late twenties. These symptoms ruled my life. 

I’ve been reminded of the unpleasant times and the fact that my clients come to me because they are currently experiencing these symptoms in their own lives. But most importantly, I am reminded that you are the reason for my career path. Because I want you to experience everything wonderful this world has to offer.


I’ve experienced so much gratitude the support I do have – gratitude for my health, husband, and God. 

Through this, I’ve met the right people at the right time. Fortunately, I partnered with the right consultants to help my business continue without me. It has run seamlessly. New clients came about when I couldn’t even market. Breaks in my schedule, cancellations of appointments… Everything worked out.

I realized that the God of this magnificent universe was holding me. That every day, we run around trying to make things happen, fit puzzle pieces together… and it should be simple. In this gratitude I feel even more compelled to help you, my clients and readers, to find wholeness in your health.

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I failed in so many ways to see the simplicity of life for what it was. I can walk outside and hear the birds singing to me. When I see the deer, I appreciate them. Once again, I can feel the blades of grass growing next to me. I’m grateful for the seasons of life. I can see the abundance of the universe all around me. And more than anything, I want this beauty in simplicity to grace your life.

Because when you appreciate even the smallest of things, you can live a life fuller than you ever imagined. 

I’m in a different place spiritually and it’s all thanks to getting sick.

I’m here, ready, back, and stronger than ever post-recovery. I can feel the energy coming back. This is one of the greatest lessons. I fully expect abundance in my health, my business, my clients, my relationships, and my free time. That’s what I deserve in this life. And you deserve it, too. You deserve the freedom that health brings. I can truly say that I am grateful that I can experience this and be on the other side. And I’m grateful to share my experience with you – whether or not you’ve fallen ill – because together, we can experience healing.

I’m so glad that God has given me the ability to see illness in this way. 

Are You Ready To Go On This Journey With Me? 

This message was not one that I ever dreamed of giving, but it’s one that I believe you need to hear. There is hope even in sickness. There is hope in living a life free of disease and pain. If you’re ready to go on a journey with me, I invite you to schedule some time to speak with me here. 

My recent illness impacted me deeply and reignited my passion for guiding you on your health journey. 

If you’re not ready to commit yet, join my Love Yourself to Health with Chelsie Facebook group. This community is encouraging, life-giving, and resourceful. 

Either way, I invite you to open yourself up to better health.