5 Keys to Build a Strong Foundation For A Healthy Weight And Metabolism

Do you have dreams of doing big things with your life?

You know you were created to make a big impact in this world. But there’s something stopping you from going forward – maybe your weight, metabolism, energy, hormones, or gut. It’s natural that you have a little bit of disconnect.

But if it’s not managed properly, it can spiral into deeper, more harmful emotional issues like depression or anxiety. You may even feel you’re in a constant state of stress.

I can’t stand to see this happen. Honestly, it’s just wrong.

This is why I’ve devoted my life to helping people like you overcome these health challenges and build a foundation for a healthy weight and metabolism.

The reason I do it is because I care, because I was once just like you.

My health, or lack thereof, dominated my life at one time. Every decision I made was based on whether or not I would have enough energy to do it. I would also wonder if there was going to be a bathroom close enough for me to deal with an unforeseen emergency. I hope you don’t know what that’s like. But many of my clients do.

I was ruled by sugar addiction, antibiotics several times per year, doctor bills, and loads of medications. Moreover, I was going to the pharmacy every single month to fill my bag of prescriptions.

But I wasn’t getting well.

I understand your pain. To help, I’ve put together the 5 keys to build a strong foundation for a healthy weight and metabolism – the start of good health.


5 Keys To Building A Robust Foundation For A Healthy Weight And Metabolism

What was missing in my life was a systematic process.

Everything seemed so difficult, and nothing was providing me with the right answers. That’s why I developed a simple process that my clients could follow and see results.

It’s as simple as scheduling a call with me to discuss your short-term and long-term health goals. Then, I customize a plan for you. Together, we’ll dial in your nutrition, get rid of the hidden stress that’s keeping you sick, and work on mastering your mind so you can joyfully move forward.

And I’ll be right there to walk you through the process as your guide!

Don’t put this off, your health is too important.

The impact you were created to make is too important.

Imagine your life one year from today.

If you do nothing different, what is that going to look like? Will you have the energy you need to play with your kids? Will you still be holding down the job that you’re always late for because you lack the energy to get up on time?

Also consider your relationships. Will you continue to put off intimacy with your spouse and keep canceling plans with friends? All because you just don’t feel like it? How will your children and grandchildren remember you?

I want to see a different story play out for you.

In fact, I’m going to tell you about the success of one of my clients who previously checked all the above boxes. Keep reading to access the exact steps she took to reclaim her health by having a healthy weight and metabolism, so that you can take them, too. Ready to get started now? Schedule a call today to discuss your health goals with me.

Taking Your Life Back By Understanding What Your Body Needs

My client, Cheryl, found herself sitting on the couch everyday wishing her life was different. She had dreams and plans for her future to start a Ministry and become an author. She also wanted to enjoy her husband and children more. But she had no drive to accomplish these dreams.

She would find herself sitting on the couch all day until her husband and children returned home from work and school. Then, she would peel herself off the couch in the evening to cook dinner.

Cheryl was stressed, exhausted, carrying 50 pounds of excess weight, and was a little moody because of her hormone imbalance. She was so confused about all the health advice out there. She had tried everything she knew and heard of, but nothing was changing.

At 50 years old, she knew this wasn’t what she wanted for the rest of her life and that she had to do something different. She began to cry out for answers.

When Cheryl and I first had a conversation, I asked if she would let me help her. Cheryl didn’t know if she had the finances and was skeptical if this would be any different than what she had tried in the past. But when we spoke, she was filled with hope for the first time in a long time.

Does Cheryl’s story remind you of yourself? Reach out to me today to start working towards a life worth living.

1. Address The Underlying Root

There is a difference between addressing symptoms versus repairing “the root.” Most people focus on things they can see, instead of focusing on the roots of the underlying conditions. Oftentimes, the root is poor sleep habits, toxins, negative thoughts, lack of exercise, poor diet, and inflammation. Most people tend to focus on the labels of disease or diagnosis. This can be obesity, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depressions, diabetes, PCOS, autoimmune disease, and more.

But when you focus on the disease, you’ll end up fighting symptoms. Being drawn to fad diets, pills, and detoxes won’t give you the results you want. It’s important to remember, health is not one-size-fits-all.

If you focus on the root, you’ll strengthen your organs, bring balance into your entire body, and rid yourself of symptoms as a side effect. Addressing the underlying root brings hormones, energy, and metabolism into balance.

2. Eat Right For Your Body

It’s important to figure out which foods are right for your body. Doing so allows your body to function at its potential, gives you freedom from cravings, and rids the uncertainty around what to eat.

When you don’t understand how to eat right for your metabolism, you’ll mindlessly follow every new fad diet out there. Then, you’ll needlessly obsess over the scale. It will dictate how you show up in the world because the number isn’t going in the direction you planned for and want so badly.

Once you understand how to eat right for your metabolism, things start to feel right. Meals will leave you satisfied, mood stabilizes, blood sugar becomes balanced, cravings go away, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re crashing after meals. Is your relationship with food a constant battle? Get in touch with me so that we can start uncovering why the cycle continues and get you on a path towards healing change.

3. Uncover Hidden Stress

When considering daily stressors, you likely think about mental and emotional stress. However, we have to think about other hidden stressors.

Hidden stressors require additional investigation. This means hiring someone with experience to look at your hormonesimmune systemdigestiondetoxification, energy pathways, and nervous system. Understanding these stressors will give you better insight into what is causing certain symptoms or disease processes to show up in your body.

If you’re not addressing the hidden stress, then you’ll miss out on the big picture. You won’t be able to get rid of those nagging symptoms. Conventional wisdom doesn’t address the “why.” Instead it focuses on the diagnosis more than getting to the root. But it’s the root of your diagnosis that actually gives you the most powerful answers to address your unique needs so that you can finally heal.

4. Heal Your Body From The Inside Out

This world we live in is very toxic. If you don’t clean our cells the right way, then your entire body will begin to suffer. Chronic disease is a result of bodies that are sick on a cellular level. By not fully implementing what your body needs to optimize cellular health, you will never reach your true health potential. This is why so many people yo-yo up and down on the scale.

I’ll go ahead and caution you here by stating that “detox in a box” is not that answer. Instead, you must have all the tools you need for this process to fully work for you in your body.

But once you get this right, your body will release toxins stored in your fat. And only then will your body feel safe enough to release excess body fat. The thyroid controls about 20% of your weight gain, weight loss, and energy. Once your thyroid is functioning optimally, your body will balance your body weight naturally. Furthermore, you’ll get rid of excess hormones like estrogens that may be causing your weight gain, hot flashes, and bloating.

5. Invest In Yourself

If you’re anything like I used to be, you want a direct path to success. You want someone to help you sift through the loads of misinformation. Then, you want a roadmap for your unique needs. No one speeds up the path to success by doing it alone. That’s why hiring a mentor who was once JUST LIKE YOU is so important.

If you choose to do this alone, you’re risking your success. Not only that, but you’ll continue on the path you’re on now. The guessing will continue about how to get the results you desire. Countless dollars will be spent on things that may or may not get the results you need. Moreover, you’ll be adding years to your frustration. When you’re trapped in this cycle, you may even give up on your goals completely. You may lose faith that health and happiness is possible for you.

I’ve been there.

And so has Cheryl.

What you need is someone to encourage, support, and believe in you. Especially when you’re not believing in yourself. You need someone to remain passionate about helping you create a life you love. To help you focus on the pieces that matter most for your unique situation. Someone to hold you accountable for what you SAY you’re going to do.

A great mentor helps you try new things, take risks, and gets you out of your comfort that is holding you back. Even better, a great mentor teaches you to learn to trust yourself and let go of negative baggage. This is someone who welcomes your thoughts, fears, feelings, failures, and secret yearnings without judgement.

Trusting The Process To A Healthy Weight And Metabolism To Finally Heal & See Results

Through my process, Cheryl was able to lose 55 pounds and keep it off! Her hormones came into balance naturally. She achieved her dream of becoming an author of Letting God Lead. Cheryl is now a successful woman in the Ministry who leads others to live a healthy lifestyle so they can do what they are called to do.

Cheryl is one of the greatest testimonies of living a life of health by having a healthy weight and metabolism so that you can be successful in your finances, relationships, and every area of your life. Now, she is living the life that she could only imagine from her place on the couch just a few short years ago.

I know Cheryl would never argue if I said health is your greatest asset. Because, it truly is.

You have a choice today. And your life and impact is too important for you to put this off! After all, you only get one chance. Don’t waste it sitting on the couch because you simply don’t feel like doing anything different. Because, you don’t get to do it over later.

Live your dreams.

Be the mom and wife and friend you want to be.

And be that person because you feel like, not because you have to be.

If you’re like Cheryl, connect with me today to get on my calendar. Take the first step to living a life worth living by completing my intake application. 

This could be the most important decision you make today.

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