Boosting Gut Health with Probiotics

The Power of a Balanced Microbiome Have you tried taking probiotics and other supplements, hoping they would get rid of symptoms related to an unhealthy gut? I used to believe I could take probiotics and my gut would heal. After years of trying every probiotic under the sun, loading up on fermented foods, and feeding

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Are You Deficient in Magnesium?

Did you know panda’s poop an average of 40 times per day? They have to eat a lot of fiber to get enough nutrients to sustain their health. It’s interesting how these animals have the natural instinct to eat enough to fuel their body with the right amount of nutrition to sustain life. Unfortunately, humans

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Overcoming Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

Your hormones send little messages throughout the body, constantly working to improve the way it functions. Depending on the hormone(s) that are out of balance, you can expect different symptoms. We’ll talk specifically about estrogen dominance today and the unwanted symptoms you may experience when this hormone is either high in general or high in

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How to Naturally Balance Hormones by Healing Your Gut

The gut-hormone connection is real. By healing your gut inflammation, it’s possible to naturally balance hormones. A word of caution: Be careful with band-aid approaches that cover up digestive symptoms and hormone imbalance with things like birth control and over-the-counter remedies. We get ourselves in trouble when we focus on temporary relief instead of long-term resolution. Let’s

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