Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

Our intestinal lining is made up of a layer of cells that helps us absorb nutrients, but it also acting as a barrier to things that have the potential of being harmful to our digestive system – like toxins, pathogens, or other microorganisms. When the gut is exposed to certain environmental triggers, it can lead […]

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What’s in a Name?

As I was reading the Word of God today in Isaiah chapter 13,  I came across the names of Sodom and Gomorrah.  My eyes stopped there as if I could not move forward.  I knew God had more to say.  I immediately thought of Saddam Hussein. When something out of the ordinary like this happens,

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Wake Up, Jerusalem! Yes, You!

As I was reading Isaiah 22:1-14, the Lord started talking to me about where we are as a body of believers in regards to destruction in our physical bodies. It’s important to understand that we are under physical attack. The enemy will do what he can to prevent our bodies from performing at optimal levels. As this

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Right Turns

Is there anyone else out there maybe just a little bit like me who has a tendency to avoid left-hand turns? I know there are a few others I’ve met that have the same aversion to making left-hand turns. What is this? I believe everything in the natural has some sort of spiritual significance. When

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