Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols

Your body is an amazing piece of machinery.
It’s composed of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical components that are all interconnected.
You may not be able to see how amazing your body is right now because you’re suffering. Instead, you may see a picture filled with prescription drugs, specialists, and treatments offered by caring medical professionals.
The problem and the fallacy of approved medical protocols is that these medical professionals are not viewing you as a whole person.

Where We’ve Gone Wrong: Not Seeing Our Bodies As Whole

Not only is your physical body not being viewed as a whole by caring and well-intended medical professionals, but they often don’t take into consideration your emotional component. Unfortunately, if your doctor considers the emotional side, they will likely refer you to a specialist, who has little or no communication with your general medical practitioner.
Then there’s your spiritual component. No one in the medical community even starts that conversation or looks down that avenue. It’s almost an alien term to most of the world today; however, it carries a lot of weight in your overall health.
Not seeing our bodies as a whole is why we’ve gone down the wrong path for our health.

Case Study

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, I usually write from a place of positivity and light. However, I wrote this case study from a place of anger, sadness, and disgust.
Over a month ago, a friend went in for a simple one-day procedure. However, days went by where she could not walk, and it was obvious she was being affected neurologically.
She messaged me and told me about her brain fog, constant crying episodes, inability to perform daily tasks, and how humbling it was for someone else to take care of her daily needs.
This was totally unlike her. Before surgery, she was a very independent woman, running a business, and a very successful entrepreneur. This level of function (or inability to function) is now her everyday life. She called her doctor and asked what she should do. They told her to go to the emergency room because she was “likely having a stroke”.
Thankfully, my friend knew that was not the case.

Toxicity From Medicine

What modern medicine doesn’t tell patients is how toxic the medication required for surgery is. As a result, many patients experience toxin burden due to the anesthesia. Medical doctors simply don’t know what effects the toxicity has or what to do about it. They aren’t trained on how to prevent or fix it. They are trained to do surgery – not the follow-up of potential neurological complications.
If your surgery is done by a gynecologist, they have no idea what to do with your brain. So your next step is to visit the hospital again and find a doctor that can help you.
After visiting the hospital, she brought me her lab results. Her liver and kidneys were taxed, her electrolytes were completely off, and even her blood sugar was at rock bottom.
The list of medications from a simple one-day surgery that was pumped into this lady’s body filled an entire page. She was devastated and said, “no wonder I feel the way I do; I was poisoned”. The truth is, she was. And this happens every single day in the lives of so many people.
After a few days of working to detox the body, bind up chemicals, and purge them from the body, my friend’s symptoms began to dissipate. This was not an overnight journey, and there is quite a road ahead for her to reach full recovery, but it is possible when these poisons are purged from the body.

The Fallacy of Approved Medical Protocols


My point boils down to the fallacy of approved medical protocols, where there is no follow-up to do any sort of body cleanup.
Detoxification is critical in moments like this, which is why there is such a need for functional medicine.

Functional Medicine


As a trained registered nurse, I’m not against traditional medicine. But we need to begin to partner together to help our clients/patients heal their bodies and use functional and conventional approaches together to give people the best chance of recovery possible.
As someone working in the functional health space, I witness miracles every day. I watch the health of those I serve (like my friend) radically take a turn for the better.
Unfortunately, a small percentage of people will never encounter this type of work. And many of those who do, don’t take it seriously. No, your insurance will not cover it. Yes, it will require a commitment on your end. And yes, there is an investment of your time, energy, and money.
The omission of practical Functional Health Care is an outright disgrace, yet it is the most effective way to relieve certain conditions. This issue is not one that will change anytime soon.

Big Pharma


Big Pharma spends billions of dollars on the best advertising companies to influence the general population that drugs are the only option for most health issues. But these same drugs have a whole host of serious and harmful side effects. Just listen to a couple of pharmaceutical commercials! Often, the side effects description uses more time in the advert than the benefits of the medication.
What gives me hope is to see a growing population of discerning people who see through the smoke and mirrors of the big Pharma movement.

Looking Outside The Traditional Medical Model


This dissatisfied and discerning group of people are the ones searching the internet, reading books, and taking authority over their own health by looking for answers outside of traditional medical model surgeries and drugs.
Are you willing to be that person?
I realized almost 10 years ago I was willing to give up anything to get well. That is what introduced me to this field. I studied everything I could get my hands on, believing there was a way out of my suffering.
When I started studying, it was like someone turned on a light switch for me. Somehow, I began to view the diagnosis and treatments in a different light. The diagnosis was simply a set of symptoms with a title.
But what was causing those symptoms?
That is the question I began to investigate in my life and the one I investigate in the lives of those I encounter on a daily basis. I can no longer stand to watch people come in with autoimmune disease, obesity, chronic pain, and so many other conditions and not get the help they are so desperately praying for.
My mission is to be that beam of hope.
To dig into the research to find proven answers for these conditions.
I wrote Healed His Way because I felt it was my duty to let people know of my newfound knowledge. The human body is truly amazing when we give it what it needs.

What Are You Missing Today To Put Together Your Health Puzzle?


Over the years, I’ve learned that most of my clients are missing one or more of the following when they finally reach out to me.

  • Failure to address the underlying root
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to eating right for your specific body type
  • The need to investigate hidden stress in the body
  • Mental and emotional blocks to healing
  • Not having the right mentor and health advocate to help you sift through loads of misinformation

Over the past 16 years, I’ve studied the human body from all these angles to avoid the fallacy of approved medical protocols. If you need help with any of those, I’m here for you. Book your free discovery call today, and reclaim your health!

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