Slowing Down To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

When was the last time you took a moment to simply be present?

Being present is one of our greatest superpowers, and we don’t use it enough.

We constantly run from one thing to the next. Then when we feel a loss of control over our lives, we blame it on the never-ending hurry to check the next thing off our to-do list.

Rather than taking time to simply be quiet and still in the mornings, we rush and add stress to an already ill-prepared day. Many of us have decided that rest should only happen during the night while we’re sleeping. But when we learn to slow down, joy and wellness will come to us naturally.

Slowing Down To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

When the mornings start out in a rush, it sets the tone for the entire day. If we don’t have the time to prepare lunch, we may end up munching on a pack of crackers or vending machine snacks to get us through the day. Or if time allows, we might grab something from a healthy-ish looking restaurant.

With kids in every activity known to man, cooking a life-giving dinner for the family feels like a far-off dream. So once again we swing through the drive-thru and put dead food into our bodies instead. Honestly, we’re too exhausted to cook anyways.

Then we look around the house. It’s a disaster. No one offers to help. We find ourselves wondering how we could possibly go through so much laundry. When is the last time the sheets were washed anyways?

And how, after eating out all day, are there still stacks of dirty dishes? The stress spirals as we go through another chaotic day.

Falling From The Chaos

When we constantly run from one appointment to the next, it feels like we’re barely keeping up. We want to live a life of purpose, but we’re doing our best to simply keep up with the day-to-day demands.

We know our bodies deserve more. But our unhealthy bodies remain in the back of our minds all day every day. We’re not certain how to add any more tasks to the chaos of our already hectic schedules.

So again, we push health to the side. We tell ourselves we’ll do better at some point.

Until we inevitably end up sick.

Going non-stop could land us in bed for a week.

Or worse, the hospital.

Illness is a wake-up call to the seriousness of things you’ve been putting off. It’s time to take a break. We have to start slowing down. And we must get some help around the house.

We didn’t have time to get everything done before we were sick. Now things are much worse.

But what if it all could have been prevented?

What if our crazy, hectic lives are the very things driving illness?

Do you believe it’s that simple?

I’m here to tell you from my experience, it is!

Are you ready to put a stop to chaos dictating your life? I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there. Fill out my application today to start working towards a better you.

Dedicating Ourselves To A Life With Purpose

Even still, there are times in my life when I feel like everything is falling apart. And other times, I feel like everything is coming together and falling into place.

The difference is not what is actually taking place in my life. After all, mundane, day-to-day life isn’t what brings us joy.

Instead, it is how we experience day-to-day life that brings us either stress or joy. We can actually be going through the very same life, but a different attitude can result in experiences of stress or joy.

The key is taking time to get quiet. And in the hustle and bustle of what we’ve deemed normal life, getting quiet is something we’ve failed to do.

Choosing Joy & Wellness For Our Lives

Perspective can perpetuate either joy or stress. I see this happen so clearly in my own life, but I also see this happen in my clients’ lives.

Health is in everything we do. When we level up in our health, we not only feel better, but it impacts everything we do. Here are a few examples:

  • Finances. When we’re healthier, our brains work better. This quickly translates to having more energy and no longer calling in sick to work because of exhaustion. Instead, we show up and possibly get a raise.
  • Relationships. Getting healthy results in feeling good and balancing our hormones. It’s suddenly a little easier to get in the mood to be intimate with your spouse. Finishing the workday and having energy means it’s possible to entertain the idea of enjoying time with friends. And when the day doesn’t leave you frazzled, it’s much easier to love your children the way they should be loved.
  • Physical body. This seems obvious, but getting healthy makes our bodies stronger. Have you imagined if you actually have the strength in your physical body to help save another person? Or on a simpler scale, a healthy body could mean rolling down a hill with your children or grandchildren. The opportunities to enjoy an active life open up.
  • Emotions. There’s a huge connection between your gut and brain. If you’re feeding your body junk, then it’s going to impact your brain in a negative way. Poor diet and lack of exercise are both scientifically proven to be associated with poor mental health.

Can you see how your health literally impacts every area of your life?

What in your life are you giving up each time you choose to push your health aside?

Allow Yourself To Slow Down

If I can convince you of one thing today, allow me to sell you on the fact that you need to slow down.

Recently, I went on a personal adventure that I call 30 days of yoga. It transformed me. When I started, I felt something shift for good.

Suddenly, I began allowing myself to slow down more. I also began to take time to appreciate nature, truly hear it, and submerge myself in it when I walked outdoors.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, there was a time in my life when I was taking the steps just to check them off my list. I did enjoy it, but I wasn’t truly immersing myself in the moment.

It makes such a difference to truly learn to be still and quiet while enjoying the present moment.

When we truly slow down, life no longer seems like it’s passing us by like a flash of light. Are you ready to make changes, but don’t want to do it alone? Fill out my application so that we can work together to bring you peace and wellness.

Learn To Embrace The Moment To Bring Joy & Wellness Into Your Life

When clients tell me how stressed they are, one of my first couple of questions to ask is, “What does your morning routine look like? How often are you meditating, praying, getting out in nature, or doing something more centering and grounding to your soul?”

I’ve had clients respond that they are doing all these things but are still stressed to the max. So my next piece of advice is to stop doing them as a duty or part of a daily routine. Instead, truly immerse your mind and your emotions into the activity. Get lost in it until it becomes a way of life for you.

Two people can have identical health routines but have two different experiences. This all has to do with the way they approach the routines.

When you immerse yourself into a healthy lifestyle, you’ll no longer be yo-yo-ing up and down on the scale. Cheat days will no longer leave you feeling guilty. And you’re going to notice that your stressors start to look a little less stressful.

Are You Willing To Slow Down Before Life Slows You Down?

This is exactly what I help my clients do. With my help, my clients are able to go from chaos to peace in their health to bring joy & wellness into their life so that they can make a bigger impact in this world.

If you’re ready to truly invest in your future self with no hesitation, complete my application today.

The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you’ll ever take action. Over the past month, I’ve seen three people enter the hospital because they said no to their health and avoided slowing down. Not only are they still sick, but it also impacted them financially. What if you could spend less money getting well? Would you do it? Take the first step to living a life worth living by completing my intake application. Start slowing down with me today to experience joy and wellness!


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