Start Relying on God-Given Medicine For Your Healing

There’s a subject I’m pretty passionate about, but I don’t talk about it often.

You see, I’m saddened by the state of health people are in. I see the desperation in their eyes and hear it in their voice.

And every single day, I talk to people who will do anything for their health. It’s so ingrained in our behaviors; even my clients are looking for the next pill to solve their problems instead of giving the body the time it needs to heal. We have a “hurry up” mentality when it comes to everyday life. And we expect that with our health as well.

But that mentality gets us in a lot of trouble.

We’re willing to turn to supplements so quickly. And while they do help, they don’t fix the root cause of the problem.

We’ve gotten off-balance in our bodies due to poor nutrition, stress, toxins, bad relationships, poor sleep habits, and simply not taking care of ourselves as we should. We’ve let go of the simple practices in life that our ancestors held so dear and actually worked!

Instead of relying on God given medicine for our healing, we trust man’s medicine, the government, and the FDA.

We’re simply not taught how to care for our bodies. This lack of knowledge even extends into our medical schools. Medical schools teach med students why herbs don’t work, how they are harmful, and how pharmaceuticals are the answer.

What you don’t hear from people who use pharmaceuticals is that a certain drug gives them strength, vitality, confidence, freedom. Yet I hear those things every single day from people who are adopting natural health strategies.

The truth is… God created everything on this earth to heal our bodies. And you should start relying on God given medicine for your healing if you want to experience true freedom.

The Problem With Pharmaceuticals

The drugs created by pharmaceutical companies are typically designed to address one or more symptoms of a disease or condition. But they come with a whole slew of side effects. Consequently, doctors prescribe more drugs to treat the side effects of the first drug. It’s a never-ending cycle of covering up symptoms and side effects and not addressing the root cause of the issue.

While I can’t go against my clients’ desires, I watch those drugs or antibiotics destroy their gut and health. It’s a never-ending cycle of covering up symptoms and side effects and not addressing the root cause of the issue. Then they want a cure for the symptoms or side effects that come along with them. If you’ve been on antibiotics lately, you likely know the bad after-effects.

There is absolutely a time when pharmaceuticals may be necessary for healing. But I will say that sometimes we should allow nature to work and even use more gentle herbs to do the job. It may take it a little longer to get the results you’re searching for, but you’ll be much healthier.

Addressing The Body’s Imbalance

The difference is most pharmaceutical medications never address the imbalance in the body, which is something that God took care of for us when he created the earth. His medicines can bring balance back to the body.

In Exodus 15:26, the Lord says to the Israelites, “for I am the Lord, your healer.”

Did you know that pharmaceutical companies derive most of your medications from the things of this earth? They’ve just had their natural chemistry manipulated in a lab.

Do we really think we can do it better than the Creator of the universe?

The answer… No, we can’t do better (even if we try).

But when more money can be made or saved, it’s often done at the expense of people’s health. Your health.

I hope this doesn’t surprise you.

After all, we are a people of convenience these days. And it’s not just you who feels that way, wanting everything to happen yesterday. It’s even the big guys making all the decisions about your health.

Relying on God-Given Medicine For Your Healing

So it’s up to you to decide where you’re going to turn for healing. When you start relying on God given medicine for your healing, you’ll sidestep the pharmaceutical companies’ greed and see a bounty of freedom.

Unfortunately, natural medicine often fails… Not because it doesn’t work, but because people aren’t willing to change their lifestyle – the root of the disease process.

I work with forward-thinking people, busy professionals, and health-minded individuals (who have investigated natural health). But even my clients – among the general population – are still so conditioned to believe that the answer is in a magic pill. And they’re willing to spend thousands in that direction when the answer is not found in the pill alone.

So what is God given medicine?

It starts with your food.

Our God Given Food

Before I start working with my clients , I interview them to discover opportunities for healing. It’s interesting to find that there is so much willingness to simply ingest dietary supplements. Yet, there’s so much hesitancy around giving up convenience foods.

Microwave meals, fast food, and packaged meals… man-made convenience foods, not natural healthy foods.

And when you buy those packaged foods, they are likely filled with additives to extend the shelf life, colored dyes, and flavor enhancers like MSG. These things are literally exciting our cells to a premature death. It’s no wonder why we age early and have diseased organs.

There’s a big trade off when you consume convenience foods. You trade in your health and perhaps part of your lifetime.

We allow these companies to genetically engineer our foods (just like our medicines) and believe their pitch about “it’s to end world hunger.” Their priority isn’t to end world hunger or feed you healthy food. It’s to create more shareholder profit.

Non-Nutritious Food

Even the farmers that grow our foods are being fed lies by big companies and are using their manipulated seeds, which have destroyed their land for good, making it impossible to grow clean, healthy, organic produce on that abused land ever again.

The foods they produce lack nutrients. Then, they make it worse by using pest control chemicals that are poisons which ultimately destroy our guts. This is a devastating combination when you think about it.

Foods with less nutrients and poisons that destroy the villi (which are responsible for nutrient absorption) can only mean 1 thing – malnourished people – which leads to disease.

You may have heard the term “overfed and under-nourished.” People are becoming malnourished even when consuming a so-called “healthy diet.”

This even occurs when we eat whole foods. We may still need dietary supplements to boost our nutrient levels.

The truth is, you’re doing your body no good if you’re taking a bunch of supplements without the ability to absorb them. This is another conversation, but keep this in mind… It ALL starts with your gut.

Experiencing True Freedom With God-Given Medicine

There is a great deceiver prowling amongst us.

And it is my mission to call out the lies and deception.

My hope is that you heed this warning before you end up as sick as I did, in need of significant repair.

If this message reaches you and you feel it’s too late, just know that the body is super intelligent. Even when damaged, there’s opportunities to improve your health and help you live your best life possible.

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