The Missing Connection To Your Physical Health

This time of year, we tend to lose focus on the things that really matter. There are so many other things happening – family gatherings, holiday shopping, closing out the year strong.

But this time of the year is a fantastic time to refocus on your goals.

When was the last time you thought about your goals?

It’s often said, the things you think about regularly become your reality .

Recently, I had to remind myself of that saying because my enemies, negative thoughts, and worries started to creep in.

This happens to the best and worst of us – even if we do practice mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis.

There’s a missing connection to your physical health that you may often ignore.

Your mind.

There’s a reason why I intentionally block out time every morning to meditate and plan out my day to help me reach my goals. It’s also why I’m careful about who I surround myself with on a daily basis. I want to make sure I’m choosing people who live life in a super positive light.

Case Study: The Impact Of Your Thoughts On Your Health


One of my clients started her health journey two years ago. She was sitting on the couch staring into her phone all day long, gaining weight, entering into menopause, and had no energy. It took all her energy to peel herself off the couch to cook dinner for her kids and husband. To be honest, life was looking a little bleak for my client. And her attitude towards life was less than lovely.

Unfortunately, her hormones were out of control and impacted her life greatly. She wasn’t pleasant to live with. But she’s not the only one to experience what that feels like.

Focusing On Your Physical Health

Fast forward to 2 years later… She started focusing on her physical health and is living an amazing life now. She’s lost her excess body fat, working out on a regular basis, eating organic foods, and serving healthy meals to her family with joy. She’s an entrepreneur and ministering to those in need. It truly is a life she could only dream of from her couch just a couple of years ago.

She called me recently and wanted to talk about her health. She’s been on a protocol to help balance a little issue with her gut and hormones. We’ve been using an amazing protocol to shrink some little tumors. What a miracle!

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But a few days before we spoke on the phone, she sent me photos of her weight gain. She even felt like her tumor was growing. It was difficult to tell though because she felt so bloated and distended.

During our call, I could hear the distress in her voice.

Now the cleanse protocol she was on was a doozy! She was getting rid of some pretty nasty bugs, and her body was feeling it.

I had to ask some tough questions.

What do you want?

Do you want your tumors to shrink or grow?

Or do you want to lose more weight and set a new goal for that?

Do you believe you are actually setting yourself up to gain weight when you feel like you’re doing everything right?

And she began to tell me the areas where she felt like she was slacking off. These weren’t major things, but they could have been playing a role.

But the biggest thing I noticed is that she felt defeated. She felt like she had been putting all the right things in, but she just wasn’t making any progress.

Recommendations To Get Mental Health Back Into Health

I see this same story over and over with my clients. Here’s what I recommended: do the things you know to do.

If you’re walking less and it was working for you to walk more, then walk more.

If you slacked off on your water intake, then you know what to do. Drink more water.

And if you’re doing a gut cleansing protocol and you’re not working on your gut from the outside by doing things like castor oil packs and coffee enemas, then hop to it! I know it’s not fun, but it’s a small part of the process that is going to get you amazing results.

But the biggest piece of advice I gave her was this…Focus on what you want; not what you currently have. See yourself without these tumors and these bugs.

Focus On What You Want


What would your life look like if you didn’t have tumors? If you didn’t have the excess inflammation and body fat you want to get rid of?

And when those negative thoughts arise, do you have something you can actually grab hold of and believe in? To replace those negative thoughts?

What is one positive thing you can say?

For my client, she can say…I’m shrinking my tumors every day. I’m getting rid of toxins and inflammation everyday. I am reaching my health goals… Fill in the blank for yourself here. What are the things you want in your life?

Within a few days, she called me absolutely astonished.

There was one day when she didn’t feel her best and felt like she was drained of her energy. But she said she could not believe how many toxins her mind could hold onto in the form of physical toxins in her body. “I’m actually reaching my goals by just shifting my thoughts.”

When you practice managing your mind, you are going to create the future you want.

Here’s the thing…

Your thoughts are going to show up in your life.

And your thoughts determine your beliefs.

Your beliefs determine your actions.

And your actions determine your results.

So if your thought life is not what it needs to be, I want you to practice shifting that today. Because you can have what you believe. And I’ll take it a step further and say you will have what you believe. It’s a well-proven strategy.

Missing Connection To Your Physical Health


If you’re looking for similar results to this in your life, this is the kind of work I do with my clients – helping you find the missing connection to your physical health.

It’s not all about supplements, lab tests, and eating the right foods.

It’s about helping you create your future in your mind so you can have it in reality.

And if that’s your missing piece, then maybe I’m your missing connection. If you think that’s the case, then reach out and schedule a discovery call. I’d love to chat!

We all need people who will call us out when we’re not doing the things we should be; when we’re living too much in our head, worrying, trying to figure out everything logically, it just doesn’t work. We have to set ourselves up for success by managing our minds first. Then we can make those a part of our reality

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