What’s in a Name?

As I was reading the Word of God today in Isaiah chapter 13,  I came across the names of Sodom and Gomorrah.  My eyes stopped there as if I could not move forward.  I knew God had more to say.  I immediately thought of Saddam Hussein.

When something out of the ordinary like this happens, it is a great time to ask God,  ”what does this mean? ”  And that’s exactly what I did.

He started talking to me about the importance of a name.   He told me about two years ago the meaning of my name, but I never had a full understanding of what it meant specifically for me.

My name is Chelsie and its meaning is “shield.”  I  have understood for some time that shield means protection.  I just never realized what I was to protect, or if I was the one to do the protecting.

Names are very important to God.  Think back to the old testament where God dedicated much of the Bible to make sure we understood who certain men were.  He didn’t just tell a story about a certain man, but he let us know that man’s name, and what it meant.  He even changed the names of many men in the Bible to reflect who they had become.

It is just the same for us today.  God designed everything about us, even down to our name.  He knew it before we were even placed in the womb.  It was to become part of our DESTINY. It’s “Who” we are.

Maybe you share the same name as me.  Even if that’s true, the meaning of shield could be different for you than it is for me. After many years of searching exactly what God meant when he named me Chelsie, he revealed the truth to me today.

My purpose is to act as a shield for the body of believers.  I am to protect the physical body from the attacks of the enemy by educating believers on how to stay healthy physically.

I am also a shield of protection where the soul is concerned. Many times the mind, will, and emotions are attacked and need quiet intercessions.  Other times those attacks need to be revealed to the person under attack so they can take authority over who they are in Christ.  This is also a part of who I am.  As a shield, I am here to reveal those truths.

Acting as a shield of protection for the spirit is one of the most important roles that I carry.  In this way, I am here to edify and encourage others to be who Christ has called them to be.

“Now it’s YOUR turn”

You have an assignment that comes along with your name as well. I encourage you to search for your name and the meaning of it. You can find a Name book online to find out what your name means and the scripture that’s associated with it. You may not understand its meaning fully in the beginning, but as you seek God and truly understand who he is and who he has destined you to be, then you will gain a better understanding of what it is that your name exactly means. Then you can go out and live the destiny which he has called you to.

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