Wake Up, Jerusalem! Yes, You!

Wake Up, Jerusalem! Yes, You!

As I was reading Isaiah 22:1-14, the Lord started talking to me about where we are as a body of believers in regards to destruction in our physical bodies. It’s important to understand that we are under physical attack. The enemy will do what he can to prevent our bodies  from performing at optimal levels. As this happens, he has found a way to break down our military forces as the body of Christ.

We have to be strong in spirit, soul, and body if we want to win this battle. And who wants to fight back when they have no energy or oomph to do so?

One major way the enemy sneaks in without us recognizing is in our goods. We’re opening ourselves up to sickness when we choose to ingest those processed and chemical laden foods. This gives him a legal right to invade our bodies. It opens the door for him to walk right in and dine with us at our own table, serve his garbage and call it nutritious?

It’s time we educate ourselves on the truths that are displayed clearly in the word of God and stop looking at sickness and disease as something we’re stuck with as we age. It’s not anything I ever plan to own. On the other hand, we’re responsible for what we know. It you are filling your shopping cart and plate with foods that lead to sickness and disease, then the likelihood of you living a life of health and vitality is not great.

 What did God say to me in Isaiah 22?

We are running around as broken people, as if we don’t know what to do. There are so many that see this physical attack on the body for what it is, but there is no strategic plan in place to cancel the plans of the enemy. Then there are those who believe what they want to, only because it’s easier to just live in their comfort zone.

What do we get when we choose to do nothing or refuse to change?  We make it easy on the enemy. He doesn’t have to worry about us putting up a spiritual battle because he has already won the battle in our physical bodies. So we end up lying on the battlefield plagued by disease. We surrender without resistance because we feel it’s just too much to carry on.

My heart breaks, along with the Fathers, as I watch the lives of many around me being destroyed so easily.  I can’t help but notice those who are sick in their bodies. I cry out to God and ask Him to help His people, and He gently reminds me that He has given us that task.

There are so many around us who don’t understand the physical attack the body is under. So for those of us who do, it’s our job to expose the lies of the enemy.

It’s time to get serious and look to the Father for help. But we must also take authority in who He’s called us to be. If you’re a child of God, you have the power to stand up and win this batter. The word tells us that the greater one lives in us.

It will take a change in our current lifestyles, yes. It will take action on our part to help ourselves as well as assist those around us. Is your feasting today worth dying in pain and agony tomorrow? That is something we all must ask ourselves.

Right Turns

Right Turns

Is there anyone else out there maybe just a little bit like me who has a tendency to avoid left-hand turns? I know there are a few others I’ve met that have the same aversion to making left-hand turns. What is this?

I believe everything in the natural has some sort of spiritual significance. When God brings my attention to something, I tend to ask him what that means from a spiritual sense so I can fully understand it in the natural. We are in fact spiritual beings just living in a physical body. We are aliens to this world and citizens of heaven. We are simply here on a mission. It’s our job to commune with God to better understand what our specific mission is. We all have one. Some like to call it our destiny.

So, what did God say to me about left-hand turns in relation to my dislike of them?

When I look at this from a spiritual stance, right symbolizes the right way. Left symbolizes the wrong way. Right equals correct.

We see this taking place all over in the natural. People drive a little further for gas if they know there is a gas station on the right-hand side of the road versus the left. Some people even feel it is a curse to have a left-handed child and they attempt to train them to be right-handed. The majority of the population will turn right when given an option to turn left or right in a new place. When driving, we are told to turn right four times if we are lost and that will get us back to the place where we started.

Right just feels good. As turning right feels natural to most people, doing the right thing and following the right path feels good as well. When we get that sense of peace about something, knowing we are on the right track, that is actually a nudge from God to continue on the path.

Sometimes there is uncertainty that comes along with turning right. Will there even be a gas station up ahead? When making those 4 turns to get back on track, will there be a one-way street that causes a little stress and makes us wonder what we should do? Maybe. But when we follow the instruction of God and head in the right direction, he will help us through the detours. Turning left is an option, but many times it’s backtracking and can lead to danger. In the same way that it is safer to turn right into the gas station to avoid crossing oncoming traffic, it is safer to stay on the right track with God. If you get on the path that does not belong to him, you will have to figure it out on your own. Staying on the right path ensures that he will continue to guide you. Although you may not fully understand what turning left would have been like, we know that we are safe when turning right.

Be Grateful When NOTHING is Great

Be Grateful When NOTHING is Great

We hear it all the time. We should learn to be more grateful. We should learn to count our blessings instead of our curses. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Sometimes statements like this are difficult to listen to. Sometimes we just want to slap the person on the other end of those words. Is that you?

I struggled with this for a very long time. I’m a very deep person and it is overwhelmingly difficult for me at times to laugh at silly things that I consider superficial. I thought that made me a bad person. If I did laugh, it was usually fake, because I did not want to appear rude. The truth is, that led me to understand that I knew very little about being grateful.

As a child, I was given almost anything I wanted. I was nothing short of a spoiled brat, who wasn’t always grateful. I expected great things to just come to me. If they didn’t, I was upset. Ask anyone who knew me then who knows me now. They will tell you that I am a different person.

Things have changed, by the grace of GOD! I have made a choice to be grateful in ALL things. I learned what James 1:2 meant by “Count it ALL Joy.” We are reminded to be grateful in a couple different versus – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and Ephesians 5:20. I encourage you to look for others. They do exist.

Today, I am the person who sees the good in almost everything. It did take a lot of practice though. At first, I had to purposely look for the good in bad situations. It started out with saying things like, “it will get better.” That is honestly the only good thing I could think of in some situations. I made a choice to find the positive in all situations and to speak them out loud. There is great power behind our spoken words!

If you are around me long enough today and you tell me how bad your life is, then you may get a laundry list of all the positive things I see in that situation. I’m not purposely doing it anymore. It is just a part of who I am. I am known now as an encourager, with a positive attitude – who speaks life into others. It is a high compliment for others to notice that in me. It took a lot of work to get there. Some people are highly annoyed by it, I am sure. If that’s you, then maybe you need to check your “Attitude of Gratitude.”

The more we practice and refine our characteristics to become more polished and Christlike, the easier it becomes. Things that we thought were impossible are now viewed from our rear view mirror. They were once a faraway goal – One that we saw as impossible to meet. When we look back, we realize that the impossible was made possible. And that the impossible may not be as far away as we think.

I even learned to laugh a little more. So, have a little laugh now and then – even at the silly things! It really is a good medicine (Proverbs 17:22)