feel stuck in your health and want to improve your symptoms?

Ditch the bloating, indigestion, and fatigue

…while boosting your immune system and losing a few extra pounds!

I bet you’ve never heard your doctor say…

“All disease begins in the gut.”

“IBS is a symptom, not a disease.”

“Poor gut health drives chronic disease.”

“Antibiotics and antacids destroy the health of your gut.”

“Medications will never fix your gut, but only mask the symptoms.”

If you want to LEARN THE TRUTH along with a simple way to take your health back, this is for you!

Each year, we promise ourselves things will be different and we’ll do what it takes to get our health under control. We all do this! You’re not alone in the way you think. AND… it’s not your fault!

You simply haven’t learned the skills to get you out of the cycle you’re in. 

We aren’t taught how to live in health, and we believe we’ll end up with high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, diabetes, or whatever else runs in our family. I have to disagree!

I’m going to shed some light on these topics and give you insight as you why you feel stuck in your health. 

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Gut health is the foundation to whole body health…

If you’re already battling a diagnosis, you can still improve your health outcome and find freedom on a day to day basis. 

Symptoms like insomnia, food sensitivities, headaches, memory issues, chronic pain, skin conditions like eczema or acne are completely REVERSIBLE!

What you’ll get when you join the Go With Your Gut Cleanse Challenge… 

The secrets that no one is talking about

Discover how to eat in a way that helps you decrease inflammation and leaves you feeling satisfied after meals.

Use simple, proven at-home liver cleansing techniques to help clean up years of built up toxins that are driving the symptoms you’re experiencing now.

Increase your ability to handle stress, anxiety, and depression with a simple, daily joy practice.

Resources to support your goals

Videos, handouts, and worksheets to guide and support you to joyfully move your body, drink plenty of water, get your sleep, reduce stress, and more. 

Program Bonuses

My exclusive Optimal Health and Wellness Checklist that includes my favorite products and resources for improving your health.

Supplement recommendations to enhance your cleanse.

Hi, I’m Chelsie!

I know what it feels like to wake up every morning wishing for a new mind and body.

Even as a medical professional and registered nurse, I struggled with my health for many years. 

After healing my body MYSELF, I made it my mission to share simple tools that gave me the greatest results when I was at my weakest point! I want to see you take your life back too! 

I care deeply about you living life to your fullest potential!


Deprivation is not key, and with this program, you will learn to eat the foods that serve your body and eliminate the ones that are causing your symptoms. 


Low energy, weight issues, and poor memory result from a body that is toxic, malnourished, and stressed. 


It’s for health-minded people who are ready to take their health to the next level, naturally. 


You need to discover the art of paying attention to your body so you can determine what works best for you. I’ll show you how!

The Cleanse Challenge Outline

Prep lessons to help set you up for success + 13 core lessons




high energy foods


Your metabolic type


Hunger and fullness


Meal planning


Stress and metabolism


Self sabotage






Cleansing enhancements


Mind and body



Restore balance so you can retrain your body to work for you, not against you!

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What People Said About Cleansing with Chelsie

Consistency pays off

Before I tried Chelsie I was stuck for a few years. Life’s demands had me putting everyone and everything above myself. She showed me that without me taking the time for me first – nothing else could be sustained very long. Chelsie is encouraging and a powerhouse of knowledge. I lost weight and have kept it off and feel better and more energized and also am careful to say no more so I can ultimately say yes to myself and my health. Thank you Chelsie for all your support and help!


80% reduction in inflammation

When I started with Chelsie, my goal was to lose weight, reduce inflammation, and get rid of joint pain. I have lost weight and kept it off. I no longer have knee pain. My hormones are more balanced, and I have 80% less inflammation! My greatest accomplishment has been feeling better and feeling like there is hope in my situation. Chelsie is down to earth, honest, never brutal and always loving! I have not only gain education but also learned to take action. It is totally worth the investment. 


Lost 22 pounds and stopped using inhaler

Before I met Chelsie, I was using an inhaler for my Chronic cough. I was overweight and sluggish. After 3 days I was no longer coughing. In less than 2 months, my life has been different. No Coughing! Lost 22 pounds. I’m exercising more and happy about it. Energy is back! I love working with Chelsie because of her sincerity. She shares her knowledge and empowers me. Chelsie is knowledgeable about the body and how it functions and how to cause the body to heal.  Plus she is so sweet.


Jeans finally in the single digits after 17 years

God brought this beautiful lady in my life when I was stuck in my health. I was beginning to feel the symptoms of menopause and my weight wasn’t moving. I read her book, messaged her, and she answered all my questions, and then some. My jean size hasn’t been in the single digits in 17 years, until now! If you feel like this and are struggling with weight and low energy, then she is the answer. I feel better, have more energy, and can even keep up with my teens, and live my dreams. Chelsie is an amazing woman who is patient and is your biggest cheerleader. She will help you and love you through. Reach out to her if you are ready to change your life. You’re the best, Chelsie!


This Program Is Perfect If You Want To…

  • Increase your energy naturally without needing caffeine

  • Lose weight and learn the tools to keep it off

  • Get rid of belly bloat for good

  • Get rid of aches and pains by reducing inflammation

  • Reduce or get rid of allergy symptoms

  • Look and feel younger by boosting your natural hormone supplies

  • Boost your immune system to protect yourself against infection

  • Take your health to the next level and become your best self


This Program Not For You If You…

  • Are looking for the next miracle pill or latest fad diet
  • Want a quick fix WITHOUT sustainable results
  • Are not looking to improve your health naturally
  • Are not willing to commit to 4 weeks

Restore balance so you can retrain your body to work for you, not against you!

Join the 4 week cleanse challenge today for $249

get immediate access and get started today!

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