By Chelsie Ward

Healed His Way

God created your body with an amazing capacity to heal itself when you give it what it needs. Most Western medicine is focused on alleviating symptoms without addressing the root cause.

Chelsie’s approach to health and healing takes into account spirit, soul, and body.

By cooperating with our body’s systems, providing proper nutrition and supplements, along with exercise and common sense, we can experience optimal health and wellness.

What People Are Saying

Chelsie tells her own powerful story of how “normal” food and healthcare choices led to a spiraling path of decline. She shares how she sought wisdom and understanding from God and his servants to regain her vibrant health. She shares her story and God’s treasures in a captivating and easy to read style. I highly recommend this book as a comprehensive guide to mental, physical, and most importantly spiritual health.
Robert Rakowski, DC, CCN, DACBN, DIBAK

Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Biological Terrain Instructor, and the Clinic Director of The Natural Medicine Center in Houston, TX., Dr. Bob, DC

This book needs to be in every home because we are all being affected by these issues and we all need to find real solutions, not temporary ones. Read this book and practice what Chelsie Ward teaches and your body will respond with a level of energy and vitality you did not believe was possible.
Joan Hunter

Author/Healing Evangelist, Joan Hunter Ministries

Chelsie courageously holds nothing back in sharing her struggles and how Jesus helped her overcome her own health challenges! I urge you to write down what The Holy Spirit speaks to you regarding the wisdom He has given Chelsie! God will honor your stewardship of His revelation and counsel. It’s no mistake you are reading this book. I know it contains keys just for YOU!
Hilary Lynne

Evangelist/Speaker, His Love Empowers Miracles

As someone who has struggled to find a solution between the cause and the cure, I greatly appreciate Chelsie’s encouragement to identify the root cause of the issue and focus on finding the healthiest way to function at optimal levels. How Chelsie has shared her healing process should remind all of us that our bodies were designed by the greatest Creator. It was with His design that He intended our smart bodies to heal themselves. I love Chelsie’s candor as she shares her own journey to a more fulfilling life and I appreciate the challenge to “expect more for your future health.”
Melody Barker

Author, Speaker and Coach, MelodyBarker.com

Are you tired of having no energy, being sick, or experiencing chronic pain? Get “Healed His Way,” NOW! Chelsie addresses top causes of the American health breakdown and shares simple yet life-changing solutions you can implement today. From perspiration to inflammation, Chelsie guides you through her “to-do” list for optimal health and wholeness.
Charity Bradshaw

Author | Writing & Publishing Coach, CharityBradshaw.com

Written from a place of passion and expertise, Healed His Way is a breath of hope for those suffering from maladies for which modern, Western medicine has focused on alleviating symptoms rather than addressing and eliminating root causes. Chelsie’s careful research and experience as a nurse makes her material trustworthy. Her own testimony provides credibility for her health choices, and her clear communication style makes her material approachable.
Wendy K. Walters

Motivational Speaker, Branding & Publishing Expert, The Favor Foundation

About Chelsie Ward

Chelsie has a passion for natural healing and wholeness. This passion has driven her to intense research into how the body works, how food is medicine, and how God designed our bodies to heal themselves. Her focus is on wholeness—spirit, soul, and body.

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