Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error

Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error

I meet people on a daily basis who aren’t reaching their wellness goals, even though they’re following a program. Many of these people still have unresolved health complaints and continue to search for answers, feeling like they’re on an endless health cycle of trial and error. 

That’s because medical treatments tend to focus on the diagnosis – managing symptoms only and depending heavily on drugs and surgery. The key to getting out of disease management is to identify healing opportunities in the body and address the underlying cause. 

When you apply wellness principles to your life, it gives you the opportunity to overcome obstacles and creatively work toward resolving your health complaints. 

We as a society are facing unprecedented levels of health problems. What do the following have in common? 

  • Allergies 
  • Acne 
  • Headaches 
  • Foggy thinking 
  • Indigestion 
  • Bloating 
  • Inflammation 
  • Pain 
  • Low sex drive 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Hypertension 
  • Excessive weight 

They are all symptoms.  

Symptoms Are The Result Of The Problem 

Many times the blood work looks absolutely normal. The health system essentially tells you your illness is all in your head. 

One of my mentors, Reed Davis says, “ Symptoms are not the problem; they are the result of the problem.” 

Headaches are not an aspirin deficiency.  

Fatigue is not a caffeine deficiency.  

Sleeplessness is not an Ambien deficiency.  

Those are all symptoms of a bigger problem, being covered up by some “solution”. 

Do you get my drift? 

And solutions like diet and exercise are not always enough. Although diet is critical, you may have chronic health complaints and still eat healthy real food. You may also be fit and unhealthy at the same time.  

The Cycle of Trial and Error 

Finding a real solution isn’t that easy. There’s an overwhelming amount of information available which often keeps you in a health cycle of trial and error.  

There are endless numbers of providers with every kind of therapy, remedy, and modality.  

Hormones, digestion, and detoxification programs work for some people some of the time.  

Doctor visits often lead to drugs and surgery.  

And if you’re not careful, you will find the very same thing when you enter into the natural health arena.  

It’s the same thing.  

It looks a little different, but it’s still the same story with diet, exercise, and supplements.  

There’s a gap that needs to be filled. You need a way to end this cycle of trial and error. 

Ending the Cycle of Trial and Error 

Here’s the truth…  

Chasing the symptoms will never reveal the root of the illness. The gap is found by identifying healing opportunities in the body, shifting lifestyles so the body begins to function optimally, uncovering hidden stressors, and providing the body what it needs to get rid of the stressors. 

You need a step-by-step assessment that allows you to identify underlying conditions. You need a method of correlating test results with your health concerns. And you need a therapeutic protocol that is proven, professional, and potent to help you improve your health instead of just treating the symptoms.  

Someone like me can help you stop this cycle of trial and error. The first step is to reach out and schedule a discovery call.  

Stop Treating Symptoms 

So how do you stop treating symptoms and get to the underlying cause of disease?  

It takes a different perspective to understand what your body needs to be in balance.  

The medical model overlooks things because your blood work looks normal. But, that doesn’t mean they’re right.  

Functional lab tests actually identify malfunctions on a pre-disease level within your hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous systems. 

So to stop treating symptoms, you need to figure out why your body is diseased.  

Lifestyle Changes and Behavior Modifications 

After you identify the disease and stop treating the symptoms, you may need to make some lifestyle changes and behavior modifications. When you commit to these changes that support the body’s innate ability to heal, you’ll break and end the cycle of trial and error. 

Each change or modification needed is going to entirely depend on the individual.  

Rather watch a 13 minute video with the same information….

Where You Need to Focus Your Attention to End the Health Cycle of Trial and Error 

To truly end the health cycle of trial and error, you must focus your attention on these areas: 

  • Nutrition 
  • Exercise 
  • Sleep hygiene  
  • Stress reduction 
  • Toxin Removal 
  • Supplements 

The most important and timely thing you need to focus on is your stress.  

Chronic Stress 

Chronic stress leads to chaos in the body. When you think about stress, many of you are likely thinking about it from an emotional standpoint, but that’s not the only way stress impacts us.  

Stress is any influence – internal or external– that causes or leads to malfunction. 

Stress is the number one contributor to all disease. I want you to remember… It’s not always mental and emotional stress that is the driver behind disease; there may be physical stressors too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you don’t have emotional stress, you aren’t stressed.  

Any kind of stress leads to a state of dysfunction and will eventually cause disease. When the body is in a weakened state and is left unchecked, treating symptoms only leads to a worsened disease state. Symptoms may be far removed from the actual stressors. The problem is, the stressors are still extreme if you never address those when working to heal your body. This is why so many people end up on this endless cycle of trial and error. 

There are different types of stress you can experience:  

  • Mental and emotional stress 
  • Physical or biochemical stress 
  • Chemical and functional stress 

Mental and Emotional Stress 

Mental and emotional stress includes fear, worry, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, lack of purpose, and bad attitude. It’s stress that we create or our environment pressures us into.  

Physical or Biochemical Stress 

Physical or biochemical stress comes from physical trauma that accumulates over time and can manifest any time or any place. These are physical traumas in the body. Examples include fractures, muscle injury or weakness, nerve compression, repetitive injuries, intense and prolonged exercise, poor posture, and accidents. 

Chemical and Functional Stress 

There is also chemical and functional stress. These are often hidden stressors that may require further investigation and often appear with hormone imbalance, allergies, autoimmunity, inflammatory foods, gut pathogens or infections, pesticides, prescription meds, sleep deprivation, radiation, alcohol use, and blood sugar dysregulation. 

Resolving Stressors and Symptoms 

Symptoms simply signal that something is wrong. No symptom is normal. Symptoms may go away or decrease with surgeries and medication, but they often come back with a vengeance. When you do not address the underlying cause of disease and these stressors remain unresolved, they’ll cascade into other areas of the body causing serious dysfunction and lead to further disease and more symptoms.  

This is why so many times one disease process leads to another and another and another.  

Reframing Your Definition of Health 

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of health. It’s up to you to reframe and decide what health looks like to you.  

Is it… 

Playing with the kids or grandkids?  

Having more energy and drive to get your job done (and maybe even get a raise)?  

Getting rid of excess weight that won’t seem to come off?  

Being able to eat without experiencing gas, bloating, pain?  

Living without chronic pain? 

As you decide what being healthy looks like to you, engrain these 7 facts about your health: 

  1. The body can usually heal itself when given the opportunity to do so. 
  2. Natural therapies assist the body in building health and have worked on thousands of others just like you. 
  3. You must fill the gap and get out of the cycle of trial and error. 
  4. There are general health building skills that can outperform specific treatments and medical therapies every time, especially when it comes to chronic health conditions. 
  5. The right person can help you understand which labs and natural protocols are proven to help you resolve your chaos. 
  6. All you need is a simple step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. 
  7. You could do it alone but hiring a mentor is more effective and efficient when it comes to your time, money, and stress levels 

When you identify healing opportunities in the body, you will improve your everyday function. When the body returns to this improved state of function, disease states are often removed and health is restored. Symptoms disappear. Complaints are often permanently resolved. If you need support, I’m here to help you reclaim your health.  

Case Study: Stopping the Cycle of Trial and Error with Thyroid Issues 

I’ll leave you with a client example so you can see how I help individuals just like you stop the health cycle of trial and error in its tracks.  

Tina is a thyroid client. She was experiencing weight gain, low energy, fatigue, cold hands and feet, dry skin, hair loss, brain fog, poor sleep, muscle aches, constipation, swelling ankles, and depression. 

Standard medicine gave her a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Her test revealed a low thyroid output. Her doctors prescribed medications to bring the patient back into range. They monitored results and titrated the dosage accordingly.  

But her symptoms kept coming back. And then new ones appeared every time. They repeated the dose lowering process over and over. This is an old paradigm that needs to stop. 

Standard diagnoses are based on a cluster of symptoms. The disease process is called hypothyroidism. Yes, they did confirm the diagnosis by running tests. Hypothyroidism is typically considered an idiopathic diagnosis (i.e. it has an unknown origin of cause). 

When we accept the term idiopathic, this leads to treating “test results” – not the person.  

It also means that autoimmune conditions are typically not considered when addressing a patient with thyroid concerns. Here’s the problem… There could be dysfunction in any area in the body that leads to thyroid dysfunction.  

  1. Iodine or tyrosine deficiencies or underlying autoimmune conditions 
  2. Hypothalamus or pituitary dysfunction – which may involve the immune system, chemicals, and/or hormones  
  3. A congested liver can cause binding and conversion issues 
  4. Some clients even have gut dysfunction – which leads to thyroid dysfunction 

Guess what?  

In all these cases, the symptoms are the same.  

The symptoms are not the problem. They are the result of the problem.  

Our Solution 

The best news is we only took 3 steps to solve Tina’s problem: 

  1. Assess underlying conditions though functional lab tests to look for healing opportunities and malfunctions in the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous systems  
  2. Customize a plan based on nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, toxin removal, and supplements specific to her needs 
  3. Remove mental emotional roadblocks to success 

And that’s what a success story looks like.  

The end result? Tina is symptom free, medication free, has more energy to enjoy her family, got rid of brain fog and fatigue, increased productivity, and even received a promotion. She now: 

  • Sleeps through the night without sleeping pills 
  • Confidently walks the halls because she is losing the excess weight 
  • Moves around more freely because she doesn’t have muscle aches, pain, or swollen ankles anymore 
  • Enjoys her life more now that the dark cloud has lifted from above her head  

That’s the difference in addressing the cause, instead of accepting that a pill is the answer for a specific disease process.  

This is what it looks like to get off the cycle of trial and error.  

Tina said she would have invested in herself years ago if she realized it would have brought her this much freedom.  

You can have this same freedom. Learn how I help professionals just like you and Tina reclaim their health victoriously. 


How to Overcome Your Emotional Pain And Physical Suffering

How to Overcome Your Emotional Pain And Physical Suffering

Many people live with pain for so long that it seems like there’s no relief. It doesn’t have to be! There’s hope to overcome your emotional pain and physical suffering by focusing on wellness within.

What if you could overcome pain and suffering?

What could you accomplish with that kind of freedom?

I want to talk to you about some ways to help you overcome pain and suffering so you can live a less limited life. If you’re ready to get started, then I have a question for you…

Have you ever considered how your emotions impact your physical health?

Emotions Impact Physical Health

Did you know that 3 out of 4 hospitalizations are actually caused by stress-related illness? I’m not only talking about the temporary stresses we encounter on a day-to-day basis. When stress is uncontrolled for an extended period of time, we eventually enter into an exhausted state.

In fact, chronic stress is a factor in 5 leading causes of death in the United States including:

Stress-related illness is a trillion-dollar epidemic, and it continues to grow as chronic stress becomes more common.

We might not be able to see emotional pain and suffering, but its impact on our physical health is real. Start taking your emotional wellbeing as seriously as your physical wellbeing!

Sources of Emotional Pain and Physical Suffering

Many times, we get stuck in painful patterns. Emotional patterns can cause us to store pain in our body.

For this reason, I often ask my clients about their stress levels. Many of their stressors revolve around similar emotional themes – fear, worry, and anxiety. People experience…

  • Job-related stress
  • Worry for their children
  • Financial anxieties
  • Overwhelming anxiety with little things going wrong
  • Relationship stress

Do any of these resonate with you?

While many of us experience strong emotions around these aspects of our life, these emotions don’t have to cause stress. In fact, you can avoid stress by managing your emotional health.

Choose to Change Your Energy

Your body is vibrating energy, whether it’s your glow, passion, knowledge, or skills. It is an expression of your inner experience. The energy from within is invisible and constantly changes form.

Since our bodies are designed this way, it means our pain isn’t permanent! Everything is energy, and energy can change form.

And you can change your energy to overcome pain and suffering.

How to Overcome Your Emotional Pain and Physical Suffering

Very few people understand that our character traits can be hidden causes of stress. We are often the ones that perpetuate our painful patterns. Let’s talk about a few common patterns that you may be experiencing and how to overcome them.

Rather watch a video with the same information….

What would you accomplish if you weren't overwhelmed with STRESS 🤯 PAIN 😫 ANXIETY 😟…?Unconventional advice to to help you release it 💜

Posted by Chelsie Ward on Thursday, May 7, 2020

1. Acknowledge Your Resistance to Feel

One of the biggest sources of pain and suffering I see with my clients is resistance.

It’s common to resist things you don’t like or want to stop. If something is causing you pain, it’s instinctual to resist it. But when you resist pain, you’re unable to release it or relieve it.

We often have a false understanding that certain emotions are “bad,” so we have a tendency to push them down to avoid feeling them. The truth is, emotions aren’t good or bad. We are the ones that attach meaning to them.

When we constantly meditate on how to get rid of our pain, we resist our emotions. This keeps us stuck in a cycle. We must acknowledge it and allow it to come up in order to heal.

2. Let Go of the Emotions You’re Holding Onto

Once you’ve acknowledged your pain, it’s time to let the attached emotions go.

Another common reason people get stuck in painful patterns is because they are unable to let go of certain emotions like:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Resentment
  • Guilt
  • Shame

These feelings come up when we judge our pain instead of letting it go. If you find that you’re holding onto emotions, I encourage you to ask yourself why that might be. For example, many of us were taught to quickly forgive and move on. But sometimes we rush this process because that’s what is “expected”. It’s not always easy to forgive if we are still hurting!

Allow Yourself To Let Go

If you find yourself holding onto emotions, it might be because you haven’t allowed yourself to fully work through those painful emotions. Give yourself a break, and show yourself some compassion.

It’s important to forgive and let go. Allow yourself to feel your emotions first so you can truly let go.

3. Be Honest With Your Emotional Dishonesty

Emotional dishonesty is another area that keeps us stuck in a cycle of pain. This happens when we are not true to ourselves. In other words, we say or do things misaligned with our true feelings.

  • Are you saying “yes” when you really mean “no”?
  • Are you following your inner guidance?

Doing things out of guilt or obligation leads to frustration. This can tie into the patterns of pain we already discussed.

Set Healthy Boundaries

When we are afraid to be upfront with other people, we dishonor ourselves in the process. Emotional honesty isn’t possible with others until you become radically honest with yourself. Set some healthy boundaries to stay on the path of emotional honesty.

4. Recognize How You’re Misinterpreting Others

Patterns of pain can also be reinforced when we misinterpret what other people say or do. This is one area I’ve struggled with personally, and many of my clients face too.

When people say things to us or look at us a certain way, we may take it completely out of context and give it a meaning it doesn’t deserve.

For example, imagine you walk into a meeting and someone has an unkind look on their face or someone cancels your meeting at the last minute.

Sometimes the first thing that crosses our mind is the most negative possible reason for the behavior… What did I do? Did I say something wrong?

Avoid Taking Others’ Actions To Heart

If you have negative thoughts about yourself around others’ behavior, I want you to remember this: another person’s actions often have nothing to do with you. They usually have everything to do with a conflict that person is experiencing in their own life, unrelated to you.

Don’t take what others say and do personally. When we do, it causes us a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering in the long run.

The following are a few common painful patterns, but it is not a complete list. This is only a small piece of the work I do with my clients. We go through several different items like these to see what may be underlying some of the pain they are experiencing in their life.

Get To The Root Of Physical Pain

Patterns of pain aren’t the same for everyone. Most people have one or even a few problems that cause them to get stuck. Many times the root of our physical pain stems from our inability to handle emotions appropriately.

Take Authority Over Your Emotions

Before the age of eight, we are conditioned to think, believe, and behave in certain ways based on the things we’ve learned. The problem is that while we’re absorbing all this information that teaches us to respond in a certain way, we become more likely to respond automatically rather than thoughtfully.

Are your responses based on the responses of other people instead of your own inner guidance?

Before you respond to an emotional situation, pause. Remind yourself that you have authority over your emotions, and you are in the driver’s seat.

Inter-Generational Negativity

Many of the character traits we’ve developed in response to problems we face are passed on from generation to generation.

Personally, I’ve had to work through breaking this cycle in my own life by boundary-setting on a regular basis. I look back at my parents and grandparents and I see the same character traits in them that I carry. I looked at it as a curse for a long time. But one day, I realized that I could do something about it.

If I can, you can too! It’s your choice to break the cycle that is causing you pain and suffering in your life.

If this resonates with you, I would love to connect to hear more about your story.

Start Overcoming Your Pain And Suffering

The best way I found to overcome pain and suffering, is through activities that help release some of these negative patterns. Anyone can do this with a professional like myself who understands the appropriate techniques.

I’m grateful for my personal experience walking through this type of work. And it’s some of the most rewarding work I currently do with my clients outside of their physical healing.

Without the emotional healing work, physical pain will often manifest itself again. That’s why I take a holistic approach to health.

I help people go from chaos to freedom so they can live in peace and make a bigger impact in the world. I’ve helped many busy professionals overcome pain and suffering by guiding them in…

  • Managing emotional stress
  • Recovering hormone health
  • Balancing weight and metabolism
  • And so much more.

Working with a professional on these things will give you the energy you need to succeed and shine with confidence. If you’re ready to start living a happy, healthy, and whole life, fill out a discovery form here so I can help you customize a program that meets your unique needs.