3 Stage Framework to Reclaim Your Health

3 Stage Framework to Reclaim Your Health

I want to be transparent with you…

I struggle with consistency.

A lot of people comment or send me messages with some of the following questions:

How are you so consistent with your health?
Do you ever slip up?
How do you have the time to do it all?

Can I let you in on a little secret? It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

I struggle sometimes and am not consistent.

Yes, even health coaches like myself struggle!

Here’s the thing… Believe it or not, it’s not about perfection; it’s about showing up everyday. Because consistency is the key and maintaining it is very difficult, I developed the 3 stage framework to reclaim your health.

Excuses Busy Professionals Use to NOT Invest in Their Health

When I talk about investing in your health, I’m not just talking about hiring a health and wellness coach like myself. I’m talking about investing in the right foods, the right workout programs or gyms, and in yourself.

Here are the top excuses busy professionals use to not invest in their health:

  1. They don’t have the time. No one has more than 24 hours in a day. If you cannot fit it all in 24 hours, it means you need to reassess what’s important and manage time accordingly.
  2. They can’t give up their will or desire for certain foods. Don’t want to give up pastas, cheeses, alcohol, and other junk foods? Giving up these foods does not equate to giving up on life.
  3. They don’t have the money. We find the money to support what is important to us. Are you willing to stand in line for the new iPhone, order a daily latte at Starbucks, or purchase a new TV because your old one broke? That indicates to me that you’re willing to trade your health for something that will only grant temporary satisfaction.

Difference Between Excuses and Reasons

An excuse is never a reason for doing or not doing something, but a reason may appear to be an excuse. When I work with my clients, I do not accept their excuses. People oftentimes confuse excuses for reasons, so I want to be real clear on the difference.

Excuses are explanations that justify or defend reasoning. They do not hold any strength when tested.

Conversely, a reason is a cause for a decision.

See the difference?

EXCUSE: I don’t have time to commit to my health. I’m too busy with work, taking care of the kids, and am just exhausted at the end of the day.

REASON: Right now, I am prioritizing taking care of my sick mother; consequently, I can only commit to a maximum of 30-minutes a day to focus on my health – exercise, mediation, etc. Once my mother heals, I’ll be able to commit more time.

3 Stage Framework to Reclaim Your Health

I usually hear excuses from individuals who do not have a framework or a ladder to climb out of their pit of negativity. This is why I developed my 3 stage framework to reclaim your health. Although every client has their own unique needs, we use this framework to develop a custom plan for each client and see incredible results because of it.

P.S. If you’re ready to work with me, I can help you. Schedule a discovery session with me to navigate through your journey.

So what are these three stages?

  1. Eat for YOUR body, not someone else’s body. Learn the foods and combinations that serve your unique body, and focus on that instead of what someone else tells you is good for them.
  2. Uncover hidden stressors. We all know stress is bad for us. Until we understand what the source of our stress is, we cannot deal with it.
  3. Master your mindset. Use the most powerful machine on the planet – your brain – to manage your body and your life the way you want it to work out.

Let’s dive into the details!

Framework to Reclaim Your Health

Stage 1: Eat for YOUR Body

The first stage in the 3 stages to reclaim your health framework is to decide to eat for your body. Figure out which foods work right for your body – not your neighbor’s, sister’s, or the TV infomercial guru’s body. When you fuel yourself with the right foods, it functions more efficiently and gives you freedom from cravings. Then, you know you are fueling up your body with the right foods.

I teach a simple method based on your own personal metabolic type that you can use long-term. Counting calories, macros, or weighing your food isn’t sustainable or realistic for busy professionals like yourself. This simple method helps you understand how to balance your plate appropriately so you…

Feel satisfied
Stabilize your moods
Have no cravings
Don’t feel like you’re crashing after meals

When you experience that freedom, it means you’ve balanced your blood sugars well (which balances your weight and metabolism).

There are Alternative Foods for Any Food

Before I became a health consultant and coach, I was a junk food junkie… Bread, cheese, pizza, fries… You name it. I craved it!

But these were the exact things that were keeping me sick.

If you’re struggling to give up foods that are harmful to your body, I totally get it. Now that I’ve been doing this for so long, I don’t have any cravings and have even found replacement foods.

Thankfully, there are now alternatives for everything. You can still have your pasta and tacos; you just have to find the right alternatives that work for your body.

Stage 2: Uncover Hidden Stressors

The second stage in the 3 stages to reclaim your health framework is to uncover your hidden stressors. When I start working with you as a client, I use functional lab tests to evaluate your hormones, immune health, digestion, and detoxification systems. We then discover underlying imbalances preventing you from looking and feeling your best.

Rather watch a 7 minute video with the same information….

These tests allow us to peel back the layers and reveal the root cause of your disease. You’ll understand the why behind certain symptoms – which is much more important than the what.

I recently worked with a couple who were both in their 70s; the husband recently texted me that he feels better than when he was 30! That’s the transformation you can experience when you uncover hidden stressors. You can experience victory in your health journey!

It all starts by tuning into what your body is signalling to you.

Stage 3: Master Your Mindset

The third and final stage in the 3 stages to reclaim your health is to master your mindset. Learn how to honor your body’s needs so it will honor you back. When you master your mindset, you create peace with your past so you can move forward in joy and happiness.

Shifting the way you think about your health and your future is one of the most important things you can do to achieve and maintain health and happiness.

Remember, short-term solutions do not produce long-term results. Shifting your mindset is a long-term solution.

Building a strong foundation from a whole body perspective will give you the total transformation you’ve been longing for in your mind and body.

When I was a hospital consultant, I travelled all around the world – flying every Monday and Friday. It would have been so easy to let my circumstances take over my health journey. And for a while, it did! I felt like I never had enough time and worked myself into illness.

It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset and prioritized my health that I saw consistent change and a move in the direction I wanted to be. Even though I was flying, working 60 hours a week, writing my book, and working on my health and wellness journey, I decided that “I” was “my priority.”

I scheduled and planned everything – including staying in hotels where my room included a kitchen so I could cook my own meals. This choice enabled me to have consistency.

Consistent Routines

Who else lives by their calendar? Following a routine forces you to be consistent, so schedule your routine on your calendar and follow it. If you do not follow it, it will lead to a slippery slope where you begin to create a mistrust in yourself (and eventually self-sabotage).

Health is Your Greatest Asset

What would having your health do for you?

You don’t have to be sick before you die. It’s your choice to reclaim your health – your greatest asset. Learn how to take care of yourself with my 3 stage framework. Then clean out some of the excuses you’re using now to take action. Those excuses are lies that only make you feel good temporarily.

When your health is in line, you’re going to be successful in every area of your life.

Ready to reclaim your health? I help busy professionals recover hormone health and balance weight and metabolism so they can shine with confidence and energy needed for success. Let’s chat to protect your greatest asset!