How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

When we talk about the liver, we usually focus on its role in detoxification. Your liver performs about 200 very important functions. These impact hormones, cholesterol, bile production, protein synthesis, blood purification, and more.

When your liver is working efficiently, it purifies the blood, regulates metabolism, stores vitamins and minerals, and even protects you from parasites and other infections. 

But what happens when your liver isn’t working efficiently? 

And do you understand how your gut health impacts hormone health? 

It’s important to realize that the labs can still appear normal even when your liver is sluggish. A lot of people come to me saying their doctor ran their bloodwork and their liver is fine. 

So if your lab tests are normal, how do you know if you are suffering from a sluggish liver?

What Happens When The Liver Functions & Malfunctions

The liver plays a crucial role in your body. But are you aware of the symptoms of a malfunctioning liver?

Gut Health: Digestive Problems

The liver produces bile that helps to aid in digestion. But what happens when the liver is producing less bile? Or when the gallbladder is no longer doing a good job of storing bile to use when you eat? If this occurs, you may experience bloating, constipation, and loss of appetite. 

Are you tired of digestive problems controlling your life? 

Get in touch with me and together we can get to the root of the problem so that you can truly heal.

Gut Health: Blood Sugar Problems

The liver plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. So what happens when you have a sluggish liver? 

If you are suffering from a sluggish liver, then your blood sugar levels will tend to fluctuate. This may leave you feeling weak and dizzy. Nausea, vomiting, and a total lack of energy are common.

Hormonal Imbalance

Think of your liver as a filter for your hormones. When this process is not working efficiently, you may experience sleep disturbance, depression, irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, and fibroids.

Skin Related Issues

When clients come to me with any kind of skin problem, one of the first things to come to mind is the liver. This is because it plays a huge role in eliminating toxins from the body. 

One of the ways we detox is through the skin. When the liver isn’t working efficiently, toxins can come through the skin, and you may develop rashes such as psoriasis, eczema, itching skin, or even acne and moles. 


Our livers take a beating regularly due to the toxic world we live in. Several things in our environment expose us to toxins on a daily basis, including:

  • Air pollution
  • Toxic cosmetics and skincare products
  • Home cleaning products
  • Prescription medications
  • Herbicides and pesticides in our foods
  • Toxic cookware
  • Plastics
  • And even tap water

Aside from your liver, you can also detoxify through your skin, lungs, kidneys, and digestive tract. However, when one of those areas becomes overloaded, it can take a toll on your body.

So where does the gut-hormone connection actually come in?

How Your Liver & Gut Health Impacts Hormone Health

Clients often ask me to investigate their hormone health. To do this, I start by asking questions to determine whether the gut is playing a role in their hormonal imbalance.

In my years of practice, there have been client cases where diet and supplements alone improve the hormone imbalance. This was the case for Tanya, one of my younger clients.

She had debilitating menstrual cycles that would even land her in the hospital. The biggest change we made was upgrading her diet to include more natural and whole foods, and eliminating processed foods. Doing this cleaned up her liver. And with targeted supplements, we even repaired her gut lining. 

Are you seeing how your gut health impacts hormone health? Contact me so that you can finally get back to the life God intended for you to be living. 

Understanding The Phases Of Detoxification

Your liver goes through more than one phase of detoxification. That’s why it’s important to know what you need for proper detoxification to take place. 

If you feel the temptation to grab a detox in a box, you might want to reconsider to avoid wasting your money. Unfortunately, the juice cleanse trends don’t offer true detoxification benefits, because they don’t have everything needed to truly allow you to detox. 

Phase One

During the first phase of detoxification, your liver makes the toxins more water-soluble using oxygen. Then your liver uses enzymes to burn up the toxins. This allows toxins to more easily expel through the liver and kidneys. This process stirs things up and causes the liver to produce more toxins. It sounds like we’re taking a step backward here, but it is a necessary step in the process.

Phase Two

In the second phase of detoxification, the oxidized chemicals combine with specific amino acids and organic acids. Then, they excrete through bile or urine.

There are six different pathways in phase two that are responsible for different substances, like estrogen, heavy metals, thyroid hormones, nicotine, bacterial toxins, caffeine, and more.

Other Detoxification Methods & Issues

Not all clients have it as easy as Tanya. When working with my clients, I use advanced hormone testing that looks at the pathways rather than just the hormone alone. This testing also looks at organic acids as well as methylation pathways. 

Methylation Pathways

It’s fairly common to see problems with methylation pathways. They are responsible for detoxifying estrogen, dopamine, histamine, and heavy metals. However, when methylation is slow, we can increase certain types of B vitamins to strengthen the pathway.


Sulfation also plays a role in the detoxification of neurotransmitters, thyroid hormones, and excess bile acids. It’s important to realize that over-the-counter anti-inflammatories negatively impact this pathway. We can, however, support this pathway with sulfur-rich foods and supplements. 


When it comes to estrogen, detoxification pathway blockage can lead to estrogen excess. This can result in fibrous tissue in your uterus or breast, thyroid nodules, heavy menstrual cycles, miscarriages, infertility, hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, and fatigue. 

Too many times, women have come to me after their doctors dismissed some of these as normal hormonal symptoms. That’s exactly what happened to Tanya. But when we completely assessed the situation, we were able to naturally balance her hormones and do away with her unwelcome symptoms – by addressing the root. 

My Gut Hormone Connection

My own challenges spurred my interest in the gut hormone connection. As a child, I developed constipation issues. At the age of 12, I was put on birth control. This was followed by me dealing with fungal and candida infections for many years. I never made the connection between my symptoms and birth control. But by the time I was in my late teens, I received my IBS diagnosis.

In my mid-twenties, I lost my menstrual cycle for about three years. 

Then at 27, I was diagnosed with perimenopause. 

But even with the bioidentical hormones, my digestive symptoms never seemed to completely correct themselves. In fact, some of my symptoms even got worse. The cravings, weight gain, and inflammation in my body were still part of my daily life.

To be honest, I did feel slightly better. But I could tell the prescriptions were simply covering up my symptoms, just like birth control did for so long. 

Turns out, I was being over-prescribed hormones. Under the guidance of a functional medicine doctor, I stopped taking those prescriptions. Instead, my new doctor was helping me to support my liver and detox my body in a way no one ever had. The funny thing is, I was suddenly feeling better than I had in years. 

What I Learned From My Journey

Being a practitioner myself at the time, I took advantage of my resources. I started running the advanced assessments and labs that I use with my clients today. While looking at my digestive system, it was revealed that I had parasites. 

So I started strategically working on those areas. By implementing a healthy lifestyle and a very specific supplement protocol, I brought my body back into balance. I was able to heal my IBS symptoms and rid myself of parasites. 

The best part is, after years of struggling with hormone imbalance, from my first cycle at 11 through the age of 30, I was finally able to balance my hormones. 

And I did it naturally with food and supplements!

Heal Your Entire Body & Your Gut Health (The Liver, Gut, & Hormones) Will Follow

When you’re looking to heal or stop symptoms, it’s important to address the entire body. The problem you are aware of may not be the actual problem after all. Instead, it may be the result of a problem in another area.

It’s important to remember that the entire body is connected. One area can greatly impact another. And it’s understandable if you’re not sure how it’s all connected or not understanding how to do the detective work on your own. 

Putting the puzzle pieces together took me a lifetime and lots of training to accomplish. But that doesn’t mean you should continue in your cycle of trial and error. It’s time to hire someone with experience. I can help you get to the root of your health issues so you can make a bigger impact in this world. Reach out today to start your own healing journey.

Case Study: The Correlation Between Gut Health and Fertility

Case Study: The Correlation Between Gut Health and Fertility

Women across the world are becoming more open about infertility, miscarriages, pregnancy, and birth.

But one thing that isn’t often discussed is the correlation between gut health and fertility.

Today, I’m honored to share with you a very special client case. Becky came to me malnourished, with digestive issues. She was on antacids for an 8-year digestive issue. During her 2-year struggle to conceive, she entered perimenopause – the phase a woman goes through right before entering her menopausal years.

A woman goes through no cycles or irregular cycles for about one year prior to entering into menopause. When a woman’s cycle stops for one year, medical professionals consider them menopausal.

While this was the case for Becky, she was young and wanted another baby. Instead of giving up, she came to me to evaluate her body and hormones. Unfortunately, her hormones were extremely depleted.

But there is power in nutrition and the right healing protocols.

Case Study: Becky’s Gut Health And Fertility

There is also a very strong connection with gut health and fertility – one that I know very well from my own hormone and gut battles.

And you can see that she was dealing with both gut and hormone issues, according to her symptoms.

Symptoms That Indicated Her Fertility Issues

Becky’s main symptoms were indigestion and difficulty gaining weight. She was fatigued. She had no menstrual cycle. Her biggest wish was that she would be healthy enough to get pregnant.

If you looked at her hormones, you could see that she was in menopausal range. When we did cycle mapping, she didn’t have any rise in her female sex hormones – estrogen or progesterone. Those two hormones are both vital to make a baby and maintain pregnancy.

Hesitancy Before We Got To A Solution

Even with her symptoms and my experience helping women heal their gut health (and usually supporting their fertility), Becky still experienced some hesitancy.

First, she was nervous about the financial investment to heal her body. There’s nothing I can say to make you feel at ease except for offering testimonials. You need to decide if you are worth the risk. Are you willing to risk some money to find a long-term solution?

Next, she had a feeling of doubt. Would this really work for her and help her reach her goal of getting pregnant?

Finally, she wanted results fast – overnight fast. The results weren’t coming in quick enough to meet her unrealistic expectations. She got nervous and began to question the process. Health is not a linear process. There are ups and downs along the healing journey. We can not rush healing. When we attempt to create overnight results, we add unnecessary stress on the body – slowing down the healing even more. Thankfully, Becky learned to rely on the process, reduce her stress and trust her body more.


What We Did To Solve Her Infertility

Like I previously mentioned, healing doesn’t happen overnight. There are many things that we went through to determine the problem and find a solution so she could experience healing.

Proper Nutrition & Supplementation

First, we focused on nutrition. Your body craves nutrients in order to have balanced gut health.

When Becky’s hormone test came back at the beginning, we knew her hormones were struggling. With proper nutrition and supplementation, we worked to wake up glands that produce hormones in the body. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands are key players in fertility (in addition to the ovaries).

Stress Reduction

Next, we worked to reduce her stress levels with meditation, stress reduction techniques, and breathing exercises. This beautiful lady tried to get pregnant month after month only to fail. By the time she reached me, she was super discouraged, worried, and stressed. And that’s the worst combination for the body if you want to get pregnant.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “the risk of depression, anxiety, and distress is high for infertile patients.” Moreover, “25% to 60% of infertile individuals report psychiatric symptoms and that their levels of anxiety and depression are significantly higher than in fertile controls.”

Stress is one component to infertility. So Becky worked to reduce stress. Even if this didn’t move the needle in her journey to get pregnant again, it put her in a healthier place with her heart, mental health, etc.

Toxin Removal

While working to reduce her stress levels, we started a protocol to reduce toxins in her body and her environment. When the gut is overloaded with toxins, it impacts the entire body. Read here how to reduce your toxic load.


Next, we began to fuel her body with movement – the right type of movement for the goals she had in mind.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to an exercise plan. If you want to discover the right steps to take for your healing journey, schedule a discovery call today.


Finally, I gave her a little hope.

You may know someone like Becky. They’ve tried everything to get well. Maybe, they’ve even been told that nothing can be done. By the time many of my clients connect with me, they have a similar story to Becky. They are left with no hope. Nothing else could be done – or so they are told.

I believe in my clients and my number one goal is to help them reach their heart’s desire – whether that’s to avoid disease or get pregnant.
And I will stand beside them until they have the tools they need to succeed.

After we made a dent in her healing journey, I will never forget the phone call I received when she told me she had her first cycle. We were both ecstatic. What a miracle!
When we give the body what it needs, it gives us what we want in return.

And that’s exactly what happened with Becky. Her next cycle was 6 weeks later. While that’s not perfect, it was an amazing start.

Two cycles in a row. Another miracle!

Becky continued supporting her hypothalamus and pituitary glands for a few months. She then decided that she was going to work with her doctor to go through traditional fertility treatments to seal the deal.


Get All The Tools To Heal Your Gut Health and Fertility

She had all the tools she needed for me to stay in health while she was pregnant.

My work was done.

I love hearing about the ending, so I asked her to contact me as soon has she had any news about a pregnancy.

Then, I received a message from her that she was four months pregnant!

These are the moments I would not trade for anything in the world. There is so much freedom in living a life of health.

While I cannot promise that everyone will live disease and symptom free, my goal is to make sure my clients have everything they need to be as close to that as possible.

Miracles do happen.

Do you believe that one conversation can change a person’s life?

Becky would answer yes! What about you?

Schedule a free discovery call with me to determine your starting point to reach your health goals.

What Lights You Up? How To Add Positivity To Your Mindset

What Lights You Up? How To Add Positivity To Your Mindset

This phrase – what lights you up? – has come up over and over by many of my mentors. So many times that I began to pay attention.

I hope you pay close attention when you start to see patterns like this in your life.

The interesting thing is, these mentors have no affiliation with one another.

But the question was the same.

I know that life and healing has a deep spiritual component. And it’s very important to me. This is what I mean when I say pay attention to what’s going on around you. There’s always a deeper meaning. The daily things you do in life impact your health.

So what does the question what lights you up actually mean?

The Power of The Mind

The mind has immense power over one’s health.

For example, if I meet someone who is chronically fatigued, I can almost bet they hate their daily job. There’s something at work that exhausts them. Maybe that’s true for you.

When I started my own health journey, it all started with mindset. And I never realized it until many years later. I remember listening to recordings and teachings to drive a positive, can-do attitude into my life. It became such a part of me that no matter how sick I was, people began to comment on how positive my attitude was. What they didn’t know is that I worked on it every day of my life.

And I’m absolutely certain this impacted my level of healing and my ability to get better and better with time. I believed it… Even before I could see it.

One moment really stands out when thinking about how my positivity impacted my health… I was standing in a hospital on a very cold winter day. Everyone around me had sniffles and coughs – except for me. I made the comment that I never get sick. A man standing in the group looked at me, rolling his eyes, and said, “you can’t say that!”

The truth is, I can believe anything I want.

That conversation took place almost 10 years ago. I wasn’t sick then and haven’t been sick since. Will that day ever come? Let’s hope not!

My point is… The beliefs I hold have a lot to do with the state of health that I’m in.

“What Lights You Up?”

What lights you up? I used to preach that message for a long time until I got so caught up in what needed to take place from a nutrition, exercise, and lab test perspective. Unfortunately, I almost pushed the mindset work to the side.

While I was preaching a message that I believed in, I wasn’t preaching the whole picture.

So when my mentors began to ask me what lights me up again, I sat back to recall the amazing conversations I was having with my clients. Those that went a little deeper. Those that dug into the reasons they were sitting in front of me. The trauma, the victim mindset, the beliefs that they weren’t good enough…

What I recalled was conversations with these people about their childhood, the things their life had brought them through, and how they were overcoming adversity that was driving illness in their bodies.

Those were the things that drove me.

I’ve always been determined, driven, career-oriented, and passionate about health.

I began to check all those boxes in my own life…

  • Start my own business
  • Make my own schedule
  • Teach others how to heal their bodies naturally

And while doing this work was extremely rewarding, there was something missing on the inside of my imbalanced life.

I’ll go back to the example I gave about my chronically fatigued clients… I was becoming exhausted in the work, but part of that was because I wasn’t doing and focusing on what I loved the most.

My gift to this world is to love everyone I come in contact with and encourage them to live and be their best selves. My desire is to take someone from a place of chaos and show them how they can experience freedom – whether that be their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being.

Willingness To Commit To The Work

As I began to watch my most successful clients, I realized they all had one thing in common… Their willingness to commit to the work.

Willingness to commit to the work has more to do with your mind than anything else. If you’re willing to execute, then you will be successful with consistency. The decision to win and succeed all starts in the mind.

Some people like to say success is 10% execution and 90% managing your mind and emotions.

As humans, we’re often resistant to change and have a difficult time doing the work when we’re uncertain how to manage that part of our mind.

The people I see struggle the most are the ones who can’t get their head in the game. They’re trying to force physical transformation in the body. They say things like…

  • I’m eating all the right foods.
  • I’ve removed gluten, dairy, and sugar.
  • What else am I supposed to eat?
  • I’m walking everyday.
  • I’ve been going to the gym.
  • I’m saying my affirmations.
  • I’m doing detox baths.
  • And I’ve completely cut out wine.
  • I’m taking my supplements.
  • And I’m not getting well.

Can you see their mind? It’s like a spiderweb of emotions. Even reading this can cause stress!

And right before the needle begins to move, they give up. They bring back the wine and cheese before dinner, dessert on the weekends, decide that exercise is too taxing… And before they know it, they’re back living their old lifestyle.

The worst part of this is they gain all their weight back. They’re completely depressed and have spent a lot of money to gain nothing in return.

2 Types of People

When asking the question what lights you up, there are 2 types of responses I hear.

Mind Master

The first person chooses to learn the art of mastering their mind. They enjoy the journey by:

  • Learning new recipes that are fun and delicious
  • Choosing fun activities they can do with their children and family brings them closer together
  • Turning off their to-do list instead of wishing they were somewhere else during their yoga class
  • Looking at affirmations and self-help books as a way to encourage themselves on a daily basis

Duty Checker

The second person feels like everything is a duty. They have to knock of the following duties:

  • Exercise
  • Eat special foods
  • Attend family gatherings as its an inconvenience

And they certainly will not give up the biggest stressors in their lives to take time to nurture themselves and heal. And this is the reason they give up.

Now that you see the difference, you must choose.

All those years ago, I had to choose too.

So I’m going to ask you to do the same thing now. I’m also going to let you know that it’s more than diet and exercise. And if you’re stalled in your weight or any other symptom, then your problem may not be diet and exercise alone. That’s why trying to do this on your own isn’t working. That’s why hiring an expert like myself is very important. The program I’ve built is the exact thing I was missing all those years when I was so sick; I created it with you in mind.

How To Add Positivity To Your Mindset

Here’s a few steps you can take to get your mind right and add positivity to your mindset before you start working on everything else.

Envision The Life You Desire

First, I want you to understand that everything you want in life is already available to you.

You are living the exact life you’ve created in your mind.

If you can think about something, you can have it. I pull up old journals from years ago all the time, and it’s amazing what I read. I’m living almost the exact life I journaled. And it hasn’t taken that long! While I don’t reflect on those things every day, I simply believe I can have them once upon a time. Then I trust that with my aligned action, those things will come to pass.

It’s not about a feeling. You just have to move forward with certainty – realizing that the journey is the destination. There is no endpoint. You will always be learning and growing and progressing. That’s the way you were created. When you stop growing, you die.

To live the life you desire, you must master self discipline.

Your daily practices either set you up for success or failure. Not only do you need to fuel your body, but you need to fuel your mind, your passion, and your creativity.

Pray, journal, and express gratitude. Write down or talk about your daily wins. This will help you step into that next version of yourself. Think about who you are at the next level and who you want to be. Tune in so you can figure out how to take action toward that.

Clear out anything that isn’t supporting you at your highest level. You must align your heart with the person you want to become and focus on that more than anything else.

If there’s something on your to-do list that is going to take you further in your life and health than anything else, then wake up and do that first.

Take Inspired Action

People ask me what’s the best food to eat for breakfast? What is the best exercise?

While there is some science around that…

Yes, eating protein instead of carbs for breakfast is going to help you sustain blood sugar…

Yes, weightlifting is going to help increase your metabolism and burn the most fat…

I really want you to begin to tune into your body’s needs.

One of the things that gets us in the most trouble is that we look for a logical explanation for everything before we take action. And maybe there’s no logical explanation. This is what I mean by taking inspired action.

There is so much possibility when you stop aligning your life with what everyone else is doing. You are doing what works for you.

Master Your Mind And Emotions So You Can Add Positivity

When you make a decision to do something big in your life, chaos is going to happen.

You’re going to…

  • Feel like you don’t have the money to start the program
  • Think about all the other things that are more important
  • Worry that it may not work for you
  • Decide that you can’t give up the foods you love


When you do this, you begin to emotionally vote on your success or failure.

If you’ve decided to put your health first no matter what, then you’ve made the decision and you need to go for it.

When you go back and forth on a decision you’ve already made about anything in your life, you are putting yourself in a place of overwhelm and resistance. It shows up in the form of confusion, fear, and anxiety. It will ultimately lead to your failure.

I want to remind you that you are more than a physical body.

You are more than the nutrition you consume, more than the exercises you perform, and believe it or not, more than the thoughts you think.

You are more than enough.

Ready To Set Yourself Up For Long Term Success?

If you want success in your life and health, you have to make the decision to keep your eye on the big picture. Set yourself up for long-term success. Do what’s sustainable and what helps you grow.

Make a decision to do it now!

Stop sitting on the fence. When you sit in a place of indecision, it only makes your problem bigger. Sometimes, you’re going to make bad decisions, but a bad decision is fixable. No decision keeps you stuck.

Use this as an encouragement to push through the resistance and move forward to help you get on track so that you can truly live the life you are designed to live. And if you need my help, I will happily have a conversation with you to see if we are a good fit.

In the meantime, what lights you up? Leave a comment below.